New Orleans Saints Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Steve Gleason's Wife Michel Gleason

Steve Gleason's wife Michel Gleason has traveled to many an exotic locale with Steve. Their recent trips include sojourns to New Zealand, a trip to Sydney Australia, and a stop off in Thailand. Steve of course brought a book about the making of The Lord of The Rings movie so that he could look for spots they used in the film while they were hiking. Their trips included a nice scenic shot of the Sydney Opera house and Michel taking a photo of Steve next to a sign for Australia's Longest Straight Road (90 miles without a turn).

Steve and wife Michel are also the proud parents of Rivers, who Michel called a "6 lb. version of Steve-O." The couple had been trying to have a baby for awhile when Steve was diagnosed with ALS. They did not meet in college, however, as Steve attended Washington State and Michel is a graduate of the University of Colorado. They currently reside in New Orleans, and Steve is doing all he can to combat his ALS. This battle was featured on a short documentary episode called A Football Life, and the episode came out in 2013.

At one point back in 2012, Steve was being filmed to document his life with ALS and his looking forward to a son, but the filmmaker, Sean Pamphilon, captured some audio of the New Orleans Saints defensive coach Gregg Williams apparently encouraging Saints players to injure opposing 49ers players in an upcoming playoffs game. The scandal was called "Bountygate." Steve was apparently peeved about the release of the tape because he said he never authorized it. I wonder what Steve's wife Michel thought about the whole thing-- probably not much. Steve himself had nothing to do with it other than the fact that he was being filmed for something else entirely.

03/20/15 (Updated)

Pierre Thomas' Girlfriend Candace Damiani

Pierre Thomas' ex-girlfriend Candace Damiani has pretty poor taste. She was originally got some z-list attention on for using the n-word on Twitter. Come on Candace, are you really that starved for attention? According to the Global Phenomz youtube channel, yes she is. Allow me to explain...

Candace is in a few videos on Youtube, and they are duller than dull. One of them is some sort of informational video where she talks about modeling and acting. It's three minutes and 4 seconds, and she says nothing at all. Her mouth is moving, there are words coming out, but all meaning is lost. While she talks about nothing, we watch her blow bubbles from a bubble bath and smoke an e-cigarette. I think we're supposed to believe this is from modeling shoots. She talks about her agent pushing her to be better, and the last thing she says is "everything's temporary." Classic.

The video of Pierre's ex-girlfriend Candace was shared by something called Global Phenomz, which I guess is some kind of agency or something. So if you go on the Global Phenomz Youtube channel, there's a few other videos uploaded with her in them. One such video is Candace sitting in a room with a guy and "interviewing" a crappy rapper that nobody cares about. Candace might even be dating the guy because he says he wants to make a sex tape with her. Vague, trite, nonsensical conversation. The rapper conveys a tale where he falls on the ground, and Candace pipes in with her only comment that "If you were with me, I would have kept walking because I've got to represent the team as best I can." I think the major problem here is that Damiani thinks she is a firecracker and someone that has a large personality, and she is in fact the opposite. Pierre Thomas probably lost interest very quickly.


Darren Sharper's Girlfriend Elizabeth Morris and Alleged Rapes

At one point, Darren Sharper's girlfriend Elizabeth Morris was also his publicist. Well, really she was his publicist but the rumor mill hypothesized that she was also his girlfriend. At the very least, hopefully she is still his publicist because he's going to need that more than a girlfriend. Sharper has been accused of multiple sexual assaults, one in October 2013 and then again in January 2014, which is being investigated by the LAPD. New Orleans PD is also investigating Sharper for an alleged sexual assault filed on Sept. 24. Sharper has been working for the NFL Network but our guess is that gig is over they have put him on leave without pay - too bad for him, because that salary would've helped him cover the $200,000 bail he posted. There aren't many other details about the alleged rapes, more as we get it.

Darren Sharper's girlfriend Elizabeth Morris began as his publicist, though the rumor mill began picking up on hints that the position may have just been cover so that the pair could date without the spotlight on them. The rumor mill also claimed several others things (including what sexual "talent" Morris may have had) but we'll stay out of that game.

During the time that he was allegedly dating Elizabeth Morris, there were also rumors that Darren Sharper's girlfriend was model Dollicia Bryan. We've covered this before, so check that out for more details.