Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Warren Sapp's Ex-Wife Jamiko Vaughn

Well, Warren Sapp just got fired from the NFL Network for soliciting a hooker. We mine as well tell you about Warren Sapp's ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn, who is just one of three separate women he pays or has paid substantial alimony and/or child support to. If there was an early 2000's "Shawn Kemp" award given out to NFL players, Sapp would probably get at least one. He does appear to be plainly reckless and thoughtless about a little thing called contraception, but that's his right. Maybe he just likes to spread the seed far and wide.

So Jamiko had two kids with Warren, and after his numerous affairs, she divorced him and got a total of $13,168 per month in child support for each of the kids. That means over $316,000 per year, folks. But wait, that's not all-- what else do we have for him, Bob? Aside from Warren Sapp's ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn and the gigantic payments for their two kids, Sapp also has to pay child support for a child he had with a woman named Angela Sanders that amounts to $2506 per month. And to round things out he has yet another child with a woman named Chantel Adkins whom he pays $5164 per month and a lump sump college contribution of $84,924. When totalled up, Sapp's child support works out to a staggering $34,006 per month. Now, I doubt he's still paying that much since all of these court cases were in and around the early 2000's, but to put it in perspective-- Sapp had multiple years of paying over $408,000 annually in child support. Quadruple ouch.

Warren Sapp's ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn married him at a Pro Bowl celebration in the late 90's in Hawaii, and they were married for several years while Sapp was constantly fooling around. It's no wonder after all this that Warren went bankrupt. Sorry, Warren, but these kinds of child support court cases can be easily avoided with some caution and restraint, and after having made over 82 million dollars as a player, the old "shake-my-head" response seems proportional.


Warren Sapp's Girlfriend: In Arizona Before Arrest

NFL Network personality and former NFL Defensive lineman was arrested on the morning after Super Bowl XLIX for solicitation of a prostitute. Prior to the arrest, Warren Sapp's girlfriend was actually in Arizona with the big man leading up to the game.

Plastered all over his Instagram page, Sapp and his girlfriend enjoyed what Phoenix had to offer - from great dining to courtside at the Suns game. While no name was readily apparent, he was not shy to show off his #WCW. It's unclear if his girlfriend left before the Super Bowl.

Sapp was arrested around 7am, after two women told police they were in the hotel as escorts, and went to Sapp's room. An argument about money began, and the fight is alleged to have escalated to physical in nature, with both women showing injuries consistent with a struggle. According to police reports, Sapp "admitted involvement in the act of prostitution, but denied assaulting the females."

Sapp has been previously arrested twice for domestic battery - once in 2010, with charges ultimately dropped, and another time in 2014.

Sapp was initially suspended by the NFL Network, but was fired less than 90 minutes later.


Gerald McCoy's Wife Ebony McCoy

Well, getting hit by Gerald McCoy probably feels like getting hit by a truck, but being married to him feels snazzy. Gerald McCoy's wife Ebony McCoy would surely agree. We've got a mountain of evidence to support this claim. Firstly, they've had four kids together and they're still in their mid twenties. Secondly, Gerald can't stop giving awesome presents to Ebony. Thirdly, Gerald's speech about his life with Ebony. We'll get to all that.

Gerald and wife Ebony's kids are named Marcellus, Nevaeh, Gerald, and Germany. Man, I am really digging that last one. If George Costanza were here, he'd give major props for using a word not generally associated as a person's name in the best of ways. Germany McCoy is destined for great things because her name is already great, folks. So let's move on to the second part of this three-part exposition on the marriage of Gerald and Ebony McCoy: the gifts. We all know Gerald is making some serious bank ($98 million over 7 years to be exact). Gerald gave Ebony a wrapped Bentley as an engagement present. Man, a wrapped Bentley. That is some class. Most people give socks for presents. This guy bumps it right up to Bentley levels. Okay, so there's that.

The third part of the exposition deals in the more intangible aspects of the marriage of Gerald and his wife Ebony. It revolves around his undying commitment and his way with words. Just take a look at his caption to a photo of him and his wife at the spot where they met:

"13 yrs ago when I was in the 7th grade, at this very place I met Ebony Foy. Little did I know I was meeting my best friend, mother of my children, wife and love of my life. You never know what God has in store when certain events happen. But this particular instance changed my life for ever. Today it has been a year since this beautiful woman changed my life by becoming my wife. She has been my back bone, companion, best friend and more. Who and what she is to me honestly can't be put into words. But I'll say this. I love her with all my heart and pray that we have a countless number of years together. Happy Anniversary!!"

You can't beat Gerald for a good sentimental love letter. I've also witnessed Gerald, who's gotta be 300 pounds, on a trampoline with his wife. The guy taking the video was saying "Ooh, kill'em. Ooh, ooh kill'em." So yeah, Gerald and Ebony know how to bounce on a trampoline.