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Gerald McCoy's Wife Ebony McCoy



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Well, getting hit by Gerald McCoy probably feels like getting hit by a truck, but being married to him feels snazzy. Gerald McCoy's wife Ebony McCoy would surely agree. We've got a mountain of evidence to support this claim. Firstly, they've had four kids together and they're still in their mid twenties. Secondly, Gerald can't stop giving awesome presents to Ebony. Thirdly, Gerald's speech about his life with Ebony. We'll get to all that.

Gerald and wife Ebony's kids are named Marcellus, Nevaeh, Gerald, and Germany. Man, I am really digging that last one. If George Costanza were here, he'd give major props for using a word not generally associated as a person's name in the best of ways. Germany McCoy is destined for great things because her name is already great, folks. So let's move on to the second part of this three-part exposition on the marriage of Gerald and Ebony McCoy: the gifts. We all know Gerald is making some serious bank ($98 million over 7 years to be exact). Gerald gave Ebony a wrapped Bentley as an engagement present. Man, a wrapped Bentley. That is some class. Most people give socks for presents. This guy bumps it right up to Bentley levels. Okay, so there's that.

The third part of the exposition deals in the more intangible aspects of the marriage of Gerald and his wife Ebony. It revolves around his undying commitment and his way with words. Just take a look at his caption to a photo of him and his wife at the spot where they met:

"13 yrs ago when I was in the 7th grade, at this very place I met Ebony Foy. Little did I know I was meeting my best friend, mother of my children, wife and love of my life. You never know what God has in store when certain events happen. But this particular instance changed my life for ever. Today it has been a year since this beautiful woman changed my life by becoming my wife. She has been my back bone, companion, best friend and more. Who and what she is to me honestly can't be put into words. But I'll say this. I love her with all my heart and pray that we have a countless number of years together. Happy Anniversary!!"

You can't beat Gerald for a good sentimental love letter. I've also witnessed Gerald, who's gotta be 300 pounds, on a trampoline with his wife. The guy taking the video was saying "Ooh, kill'em. Ooh, ooh kill'em." So yeah, Gerald and Ebony know how to bounce on a trampoline.

01/09/15 (Updated)

Mike Evans' girlfriend Ashli Dotson


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UPDATE 01/09/2015: Mike Evans is off the market folks. Actually so is Mike Evans' girlfriend turned finance Ashli Dotson.

After an amazing rookie campaign, despite a less than amazing quarterback delivering him the ball, Evans dropped to one knee and proposed to Ashli right around her 21st birthday. According to TMZ, Evans slid a Tiffany Soleste ring onto her finger, with "a cushion modified brilliant diamond encircled by a double row of bead-set diamonds."

Congratulations to the couple, and also to Mike who should definitely have a better QB throwing the ball in Tampa Bay next season.

By now, many of us have seen the rough footage of Mike Evans fight outside a club in the months leading up to the 2014 NFL draft. When reading up on the details to the fight, TMZ put Mike Evans' girlfriend Ashli Dotson right in the middle of their investigative efforts, when it came to the night in question.

NFL Rookie Mike Evans -- INSANE NIGHTCLUB BRAWL ... Throws Punches at Bouncers
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The person who shot the video told TMZ the fight went down on a weekend in August, but Mike's agent told the site that the fight took place in March, before the NFL draft.

The Gossip site settled their internal confusion over the timing of the fight pointing back to an Instagram picture from Mike Evans' girlfriend Ashli Dotson in March. In the photo, Ashley sent out a picture which shows the couple each wearing the same outfits from fight night. Not impossible they lined up outfits a second time,... but let's be honest - he just signed in the NFL. He has new clothes (Oh and PS - Mike Evans turned 21 yesterday).

Ashli Dotson is a college student still living in College Station, attending Texas A&M. Originally from Houston, Ashley officially declared herself in a relationship with Mike as of February, 2014, though there are pictures of them before that date. Mike has a daughter MacKenzie from a prior relationship, whom he struggled to see regularly during his playing days at A&M, being two and a half hours away. No word on how difficult this will be 6+ hours away in Tampa Bay now. Hopefully, his girlfriend Ashli Dotson will be around to help provide some stability to the 21 year old. The video above shows a kid who still has some growing up to do.

No word on any disciplinary action from the NFL



Mike Glennon's girlfriend Jess Wetherill



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The new starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers brings a whole new feel to the Bucs offense. And with the new feel to the Bucs offense, Mike Glennon's girlfriend Jess Wetherill brings a whole new feel to the Wives & Girlfriends section at Raymond James Stadium.

Glennon and Wetherill met while attending NC State, where Mike Glennon took over for a thus far successful NFL QB, Russell Wilson (before Wilson transferred to Wisconsin). Wetherill, who originally hails from Raleigh, NC, has since made the move to Tampa to be with Glennon.

There's not a whole lot known about Jess Wetherill, but Glennon isn't afraid to let the world know about her, often times publicly showing her off (justifiably so), with pictures on Twitter (like most 24 year olds do). Sports Illustrated recounts a story where Mike attempted to do a Jersey Turnpike while dancing at a bar, only to have him hip check Jess to the ground where she explained, "I hit my head and got a concussion."

Beyond that, not a whole lot more is known. We will admit to being fans of her Twitter bio, "its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring" Yup, we buy it.