Michael Floyd’s girlfriend Maddy Thomas

Michael Floyd's girlfriend Maddy Thomas

Michael Floyd’s girlfriend Maddy Thomas is a beautiful young blonde lady who’s been with Mr. Floyd ever since college. However, I’m convinced that she attended Michigan State University and not Notre Dame. Floyd was a graduate of Notre Dame. Maddy has been photographed with a bunch of her sorority friends, and they were all wearing MSU Spartans gear. It looks like she even spent a semester abroad during her college days. She spending time in…

Chandler Catanzaro’s girlfriend Anna Cate Miller

Chandler Catanzaro's girlfriend Anna Miller

Chandler Catanzaro’s girlfriend Anna Cate Miller is a blonde Ole Miss cheerleader. I immediately start wondering if she’s a natural blonde. If she isn’t, then she bleaches the hell out of her hair. My guess is she’s a dirty blonde, but who cares besides blonde fetishists like me? Anna is a pretty lady. She enjoys hiking and running. She’s recently been to Washington to do some outdoor activities, and she travels a good amount for someone who’s entrenched…

David Johnson’s girlfriend Meghan Brock

David Johnson girlfriend Meghan Brock

David Johnson’s girlfriend Meghan Brock​ has been counting down the days until she can officially say “this man is mine.” She put up a post on her Instagram recently that talked about the exact number of days until she could say as much (in case you thought I was making that up for effect). The actual engagement happened sometime very close to June 5 of 2015, as that was the date David posted the picture…

Larry Fitzgerald’s ex-girlfriend Angela Nazario

Larry Fitzgerald's girlfriend Angela Nazario - Facebook

Larry Fitzgerald’s ex-girlfriend Angela Nazario is the mother of one of his children and the holder of a restraining order against him. This restraining order is the result of an alleged domestic assault in 2008 after she visited his home with their son. Angela has since moved on from the event, and her child is now at least seven years old. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and never moved away after the restraining order was filed, so…

Jerraud Powers’ wife Leah Smith-Powers

Jerraud Powers' wife Leah Smith-Powers- Instagram

Jerraud Powers’ wife Leah Smith-Powers is the mother of two young whippersnappers and a vacationer of the lovely and high-priced Cabo San Lucas. This summer, the fam traveled down to that great Mexican getaway to soak up some scorching hot rays. One would think they’d be interested in traveling to a much more temperate climate during the summer, but that is simply not the case. You can imagine traveling in June from Arizona to Cabo….

Ryan Lindley’s Wife Lindsay Lindley

Ryan Lindley's wife Lindsay Lindley - OurWedding.com

Ryan Lindley’s wife Lindsay Lindley took one for the team by inheriting his last name. I wish his last name was simply “Lindsay,” as a Lindsay Lindsay has got to be a super rare name. “Lindsay” itself is an interesting name if you stare at it and sort of unpack it as a word, don’t you think? Anyway, enough getting sidetracked– let’s learn about our dear Lindsay. Ryan’s wife Lindsay grew up in the great…

Bruce Arians’ wife Christine Arians

Bruce Arians’ wife Christine Arians has very good reason to be proud of her husband. Bruce Arians took over as head coach for 12 games for the Indianapolis Colts after head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with cancer and had to take a long leave of absence to get treatment. Pagano then miraculously went into remission, and he reassumed his spot as head coach from Arians on Christmas Eve of 2012. Not only that, but…

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