Arizona Cardinals Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Ryan Lindley's Wife Lindsay Lindley

Ryan Lindley's wife Lindsay Lindley took one for the team by inheriting his last name. I wish his last name was simply "Lindsay," as a Lindsay Lindsay has got to be a super rare name. "Lindsay" itself is an interesting name if you stare at it and sort of unpack it as a word, don't you think? Anyway, enough getting sidetracked-- let's learn about our dear Lindsay.

Ryan's wife Lindsay grew up in the great city of New York, NY, and she was apparently a talented dancer, having started at the young age of four. She decided to give up dancing when she was 14, and she turned to track & field. She may have sensed it was an opportunity for a scholarship (which it turned out to be). I'm not sure how many schools give out dancing scholarships, but it can't be many. She turned herself into a track star and earned a full scholarship to the awesome UCLA. Man, that's amazing. I imagine she must have been crushing people in high school to earn that. She attended the school, got a degree in political science, and now she's a behavioral health technician at a children's group home, which I think means she administers medicine to kids without families and keeps them in line. So she's definitely got a big heart.

The story of Ryan and his wife Lindsay meeting happened at a College Christian group winter retreat while they were both attending different colleges. They met, stars appeared in their eyes, and they got hyped up about each other and talked some shop in the name 'o the Lord. "You dig Christianity? Me too!" Ryan talked with her on the phone for awhile, then invited her to San Diego to spend the weekend. Long story short, they dated for two years before Lindley popped the question on a mountain top.


Bruce Arians' Wife Christine Arians

Bruce Arians' wife Christine Arians has very good reason to be proud of her husband. Bruce Arians took over as head coach for 12 games for the Indianapolis Colts after head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with cancer and had to take a long leave of absence to get treatment. Pagano then miraculously went into remission, and he reassumed his spot as head coach from Arians on Christmas Eve of 2012. Not only that, but Bruce himself survived prostate cancer! That's pretty awesome if you ask me. Those are some tough coaches. Well, now Bruce is head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, and his wife is proud as can be. Though I do sort of wish they'd change the name of their stadium to anything but the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Bruce's wife Christine has been with him for quite a long time, as they had two kids in 1978 and 1980. Their son born in 1978 is named Jake, and he actually made it to the NFL and played briefly as a placekicker in 2001. Any time a coach's son makes it into the NFL, he's got to consider that a bonus right? It's hard as hell to make it to the NFL in any capacity.

Both Bruce and wife Christine recently held their second golf fundraiser, called the Georgia Celebrity Golf Classic at Reynolds Foundation. This was to support the Arians Foundation, started by Bruce and Christine in order to raise money to help kids who have suffered from child abuse. Christine herself was a lawyer for many years, and she was a special advocate to help kids who'd been through tough times. So you can see that Christine is a good person and helps Bruce himself be a better man. Bruce said he was thrilled to have the annual golf competition and to spread the message.


Frostee Rucker's Wife Danielle Rucker

Not much is known about Frostee Rucker's wife Danielle Rucker other than they were married this year in Gilbert, Arizona and that she's been dating him for a good four years or so. Formerly Danielle McGraw, she apparently worked at a place called Stanley's Pub back in Cincinnati when he was on the Bengals. Now, there's a world of spiteful talk out there on the internet forums about this relationship, and we're going to ignore all of it because it all wreaks of hearsay. Suffice to say that big Ruck and Danielle are living a happy life in beautiful Arizona. Now let's take a look at what we do know about Danielle...

Piecing together information about Frostee's wife Danielle from that fountain of saved internet artifacts, Pinterest, we can see that she's paid some attention to Frostee in looking for ideas for a man cave for him. All of the obvious pictures and links are there-- humongous flat screen televisions, huge leather couches, alcohol, and one man cave that Danielle commented on had a stripper pole. She said "Who says women aren't allowed in a man cave?" Danielle is also a religious person, with emphasis on faith and prayer for her husband.

Frostee's wife Danielle also has "baby fever" on her mind, as she has labelled a section of her interests that way. I have no idea if Frostee shares the enthusiasm for a kid, but Danielle is most decidedly geared up to be a house wife. She has spent a lot of time scouting out ideas for home furnishing and even houses to live in. She's also keenly aware of Frostee's payscale, as she's bookmarked some ultra high end estates as the types of places to look out for if not own outright. From our perspective, this marriage looks like it's running just fine.