Arizona Cardinals Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

09/19/14 (Updated)

Jonathan Dwyer's wife Kayla Dwyer



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UPDATE 09/19/2014: Details have started to emerge in the incident involving multiple injuries to Jonathan Dwyer's wife Kayla Dwyer.

According to official court documents, Jonathan is alleged to have head butted his wife in the face, breaking her nose in the process. The incident took place as Jonathan "attempted to kiss her and remove her clothing." After telling him to stop without success, Kayla Dwyer allegedly bit his lip, which caused the headbutt.

Kayla Dwyer left the home, but returned after he texted a picture with a knife and threatened to kill himself. The report continues that "She said he had threatened to kill himself in front of her and their child if she alerted the police to the assault."

The following day the couple fought again, where Dwyer is alleged to have punched her in the face. As the argument ensued, Dwyer picked up a shoe and threw it at their 17 month old child, hitting him in the stomach. When trying to call police, Dwyer took her phone and threw it out the second story window of their home.

Dwyer has admitted to two arguments, including details such as being bit on the lip, punching walls, and texting the suicidal photo with a knife. He denies all physical assault caused by him.

The Cardinals running back has been placed on the Non-Football Injury list for the remainder of the season. No court date has been set yet.

According to multiple reports, Jonathan Dwyer's wife Kayla Dwyer was the victim of domestic violence in two separate incidents, ultimately leading to the running back's arrest.

According to police reports, Dwyer allegedly assaulted his wife Kayla at their home on July 21, only to return and do the same on July 22. Police list two victims in the assaults, his 27 year old wife and their 18 month old child. The assaults have reportedly led to multiple broken bones, though unclear which, and who suffered the breaks.

Kayla Dwyer left the state of Arizona with their son shortly after the altercations.

Interestingly, a police report was not filed for nearly two months, until September 11, 2014. It could be inferred that with all the media swirling around the domestic violence incidents involving Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, a victim may have potentially felt empowered to report her own suffering.

Jonathan Dwyer has been interviewed by police, but denies any physical assault. He is currently being booked on 6 charges, including assault, aggravated assault causing a fracture, aggravated assault involving a minor, criminal damage and preventing the use of phone in an emergency. The Cardinals have deactivated Dwyer and banned him from team facilities and all functions while the process plays out.

Jonathan and Kayla Dwyer were married September, 2012 and have one child, Jonathan Dwyer Jr. Dwyer once talked about his family saying,

Those two people are my motivation every day to do what I’ve got to do. They make me wake up every day and go work my butt off.

We will withhold commentary until the facts come out and a resolution is found. And when they do, we anticipate having plenty to say.


Larry Fitzgerald's girlfriend Brooke Stewart



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You ever find yourself feeling bad for a professional athlete?

I suppose 'bad' is relative, as it can't be all terrible to be a multi-millionaire celebrity in peak physical condition in the prime of your life. But still, Larry Fitzgerald is a transcendent talent stuck with terrible quarterbacks and a revolving door of coaches, coordinators and teammates. Fortunately, has some level of calm off the field thanks in large part to Larry Fitzgerald's girlfriend Brooke Stewart.

Actually, let's backtrack that for a second. We do not have confirmation that Larry and Brooke are dating, but have found a number of items linking the two, including a Pittsburgh radio host going on air with this information. The best indication we've ever found about Larry Fitzgerald's girlfriend is that he began dating Brooke while attending Pitt where she played basketball. Brooke does follow both Larry Fitzgerald Sr and Jr on Twitter, retweeting a message sent following the passing of Larry Jr's mother.

Brooke Stewart is a VIP Server at Pure Night Club in Las Vegas, and was in the running for the title of SpyOnVegas' Sexiest Server. In her biography, Brooke recounts her funniest story from working in Vegas:

Just moved to Vegas, started working at Pure. First table of the night was celebrating a birthday, the head of the table asked me really nicely for party favors. I frantically went around the club looking for New Years Eve's novelty party favors. Came back with novelty party favors, the look on the guys face was confused. When I asked what's wrong, he replied this is not the party favors I was looking for. Unfortunately had to have him removed from the club and I learned really fast what that was.

There were rumors, which have been all but debunked, that Fitz got married this offseason. We'll keep an eye on the left ring finger to see if anything shows up. Until then, let's file this one under,.... maybe.

01/29/13 (Updated)

Todd Heap's wife Ashley Heap



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Todd and Ashley began dating in high schol and were married shortly before the Todd's rookie training camp in 2001. Together, they have three children, daughter Brooklyn born in 2002, and twin sons Preston and Kyle born in 2006. The two are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and plan on embarking on a senior mission once all of their children are adults.

When Heap arrived to his rookie training camp, HBO cameras picked up him getting some sage advice by outspoken veteran, Tony Siragusa:
"Listen, man, lemme give you some advice. Your wife is very good-looking. Very beautiful wife, very nice. Do not bring her around here."
Looks like Heap took The Goose's advice as the two are still together.