Cam Newton’s girlfriend Hazel (Kia Proctor)

Cam Newton's girlfriend

Cam Newton’s girlfriend Shakia Proctor gave birth to a son, the couple’s first child, last month. Newton and girlfriend Kia Proctor have chosen the name Chosen, for their son. That must have been complicated to explain to the family the first time. Turns out that…

Fozzy Whittaker’s Girlfriend Jasmine Clayton

Fozzy Whittaker's Girlfriend Jasmine Clayton - Instagram

As of this writing, Fozzy Whittaker’s girlfriend Jasmine Clayton has only 58 days to go until the big day. They’re getting married in Austin, Texas. The story of their engagement is pretty awesome. I gotta’ hand it to Fozzy, he came up with a good…

Michael Oher’s Wife and Mother

Michael Oher Mother and Father

By now, the Michael Oher story has been told over and again. But when it comes to Michael Oher’s wife, the book hasn’t even begun. As you all know, Michael Oher was the inspiration behind the Michael Lewis book, The Blind Side. In the book…

Cam Newton’s son Chosen Newton

Cam Newton's son Chosen Newton - twitter

Cam Newton’s son Chosen Newton has taken the world by storm. The enigmatic quarterback has generated headlines in recent weeks. Newton’s headlines are usually reserved for his absurd and redefining-of-the-position play on the field, this is something entirely different. Cam Newton’s son seems to have…

Cortland Finnegan’s Wife Lacey Finnegan

Cortland Finnegan's Wife Lacey Finnegan -Instagram

Cortland Finnegan’s wife Lacey Finnegan is a beautiful blonde mother of their two daughters. She’s got a very pretty face– classic attractiveness at work. I’d expect nothing less from a focused performer like Mr. Finnegan. Lacey was wearing some bright golden sneakers recently while Cortland…

Derek Anderson’s Wife Mallory Anderson

- Twitter

Derek Anderson’s wife Mallory Anderson is an enchanting lady with an easy-going way about her. She’s Derek’s second wife, and they were married in 2013. Derek’s first wife was a lady named Lisa who grew up with him and another woman named Sara Jean Underwood….

Mike Tolbert’s Wife Shianette Tolbert

Mike Tolbert's wife Shianette Tolbert-Instagram

Mike Tolbert’s wife Shianette Tolbert is treated well by ‘ole Mikey. He surprised her two weeks ago during a bye week and took her on vacation to Asheville. That’s where the largest privately owned house in America stands. It’s called The Biltmore Estate, and Mike…

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