Morgan Burnett’s Wife Nicolette Burnett

Morgan Burnett's wife Nicolette Burnett-Facebook

Morgan Burnett’s wife Nicolette Burnette gave birth to two young boys in the past few years. I know they named one of them Morgan Burnett Jr. and the other Logan. The family spends time doing chill activities like watching movies and eating at restaurants. They enjoy a nice barbecue meal and will often travel to different towns to find the tastiest. Since Morgan and Nicolette call themselves frugal people, they don’t spend a lot of…

David Bakhtiari’s Girlfriend Kerra Schroeder


David Bakhtiari’s girlfriend Kerra Shroeder is a competitive volleyball player. She stands six feet tall and was thus a helpful addition to the team at Colorado University. She suffered a severe injury senior year. That injury promptly ended her college career, but it did not end her volleyball career. Kerra is 23 years old. I deduced her age because her senior year ended in 2014. I actually watched a video of Kerra on Youtube where she talked at length…

Jordy Nelson’s wife Emily Nelson

Jordy Nelson’s wife Emily Nelson dumped him in the seventh grade. We’ve been telling people for years that Jordy and Emily have been together since 6th grade. We have claimed that their long term relationship redefines the term “high school sweethearts”. It seems that Dan LaBatard, while conducting an interview with Jordy recently, probably read our site when preparing for the interview. After Jordy told him that he and his wife began dating freshman year of high school, Dan…

Nick Perry’s Wife Audrianna Perry


Nick Perry’s wife Audrianna Perry married him on June 21, 2014. I saw some pictures of the wedding reception and bride, and they were glorious. Audrianna looked slammin’ as they say at all the best weddings. They decked the reception out in purple with huge floral arrangements. Certainly, I would call it a top-shelf experience. They even commissioned a gigantic ice sculpture that featured two kissing swans. The sculpture appeared to stand about six feet tall….

Ty Montgomery’s Girlfriend Lexie Dierker


Ty Montgomery’s girlfriend Lexie Dierker originally planned to marry him in December, 2016. However, their new wedding date is May 20, 2017. They initially planned to marry in Oklahoma, but now they will marry in Texas.  Montgomery hails from the Dallas area and the new wedding location is a half-hour away. It will serve as an excellent spot for his family to celebrate. I don’t know where Lexie comes from. The couple certainly shares the…

Haha Clinton Dix’s Girlfriend Bria Moody


Haha Clinton Dix’s girlfriend Bria Moody is a certified lash technician. Look, you can’t introduce yourself as “certified lash technician” unless you have a sense of humor. It just doesn’t work. That’s like if I introduced myself as a top-ranked northeastern masturbator. The title itself has a joke built into it. So yes- she threads people’s brows, and she does it oh so well! In my time writing about pro athletes, I have come across…

Julius Peppers’ girlfriend Claudia Sampedro

Julius Peppers' girlfriend Claudia Sampedro - Facebook

Julius Peppers’ girlfriend Claudia Sampedro maintains a heavy social media presence. She keeps her Instagram account private despite having a million followers. There is probably a good reason for this, but I can’t imagine what it is. Claudia is a cast member of Miami WAGS. Most of her Twitter activity consists of retweets from fans. She enjoys the attention and appreciates positive messages. Internet debate follows every episode of the show. It’s a hot topic in…

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