Green Bay Packers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jarret Bush's Wife Lucimara Silva

Who doesn't love it when an Olympic athlete gets hitched to a professional football player? I think something about the prospect of making genetically-buffed super-children appeals to me in this regard. Jarret Bush's wife Lucimara Silva is just such a person. Her sport is the heptathlon-- one of the most badass all-around sports in the world.

Just as a reminder, the heptathlon consists of 100M hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 M sprint, long jump, javelin throw, and the 800 M sprint. I mean, is this not the coolest sport in track and field? Is this woman not a goddess? She competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and her biggest victory came at the South American Championships in 2007, which she won. She only came in 17th in Beijing, but apparently she performed better than any other South American in Olympic history! She topped a 25 year-old record and became the best South American heptathlon competitor ever. I mean, I guess that means South America kind of sucks at the heptathlon, but it also means Jarret Bush's wife is a beast at the heptathlon. Being a beast at the heptathlon means you could show up at pretty much any track and field event, have someone ask you what you want to compete in, and you could just say "doesn't matter, you choose," and you'd probably win whatever event they chose.

I guess it should be mentioned that Jarrett Bush got arrested and tossed in the tank for a night after some sort of "disorderly conduct while under the influence," but I say who cares? People, including myself, get drunk and get into scuffles. The cops only took him in because he wouldn't leave the bar. So I'm thinking some jerk started something with him, he got into a little scrape, and then when the cops said "go home," he probably though there's no reason for me to leave because I didn't do anything wrong. They're lucky Jarrett Bush's wife Lucimara Silva wasn't there with a javelin!


Davante Adams' Girlfriend Devanne Villarreal

Davante Adams' girlfriend Devanne Villareal is a beautiful young college graduate who met Mr. Adams in college. I can definitely understand why Davante would want to hang on to this one. She is so classy looking, and she's got a great energy about her in all her photos. She was also seen on draft day sitting with Davante in his home with his family. When he was drafted, they kissed and hugged and were happy. Ah, draft day-- a glorious time for young men and women.

Well, Davante Adams girlfriend Devanne Villareal did not give up her college work when Davante was drafted. Come to think of it, I don't think anyone in the world would expect something like that to happen since they're not married. She finished up at Fresno State and is now an esthetician (which Davante misspelled on his Instagram). It's a pretty weird word so you can't blame the guy. Anyway, at least now Devanne can busy herself with making people look good while Davante is pumping iron and catching passes and stuff. On the post that Davante put up celebrating Devanne's graduation, one of the comments said something to the effect of "she ain't a gold digger u lucky." I would tend to agree with our less than articulate peanut gallery. She really does not seem like the type. She seems very sweet, and one of the pictures features her laughing hysterically and Davante commenting on how wacky she is. Blissful moments broadcast for all.

Devanne calls herself a "Mexican white girl" on her own Instagram, and she's always smiling and sending out good vibes. I think I've got a little crush on Miss Villarreal myself. The average salary of an esthetician in Fresno is $37,000, but I have a feeling even if Davante Adams' girlfriend Devanne Villarreal wasn't with him, she'd be content.

03/20/15 (Updated)

Is Aaron Rodgers girlfriend Olivia Munn?

Chalk this one up to making total sense.

When we first started reading rumors that Aaron Rodgers girlfriend is Olivia Munn, we thought it seemed too good to be true. The guy who is pretty much always the coolest guy in the room in Rodgers should be hooking up with the coolest chick in the room too. Who fits that bill better than Olivia Munn?

Reports from multiple sources (appears to be first reported by US Weekly) allege that the Packers QB and actress have been seeing each other for a little while. They were recently seen in public, dining with a group of friends at Nobu Malibu, where the two were acting the part of a couple with plenty of moments of "coupley" behavior including the occasional kiss. Obviously the details are a little thin, but it;s something to talk about.

The Packers QB and actress were recently seen presenting an award together at the Country Music Awards in April. Rodgers has previously been linked to actress Jessica Szohr, model Julie Henderson and singer Hilary Scott. Munn certainly climbs to the top of the notoriety list.