Eddie Lacy’s girlfriend Jasmine Roussell

Eddie Lacy's girlfriend Jasmine Roussell - Facebook

Eddie Lacy’s girlfriend Jasmine Roussell is alleged by a woman who wrote into balleralert.com to have “stolen him away” from her. You gotta’ love that. It ain’t like this woman is getting some kind of revenge on Jasmine by alerting a website that she stole him away. What’s she’s really doing is making herself seem a fraction more important for all of five minutes before she goes back to faceless anonymity. But she did help…

James Jones’ wife Tamika Jones

James Jones' wife Tamika Jones- Instagram

James Jones’ wife Tamika Jones was a freshman at San Jose State when they met after a mutual friend introduced them. As Tamika tells it in a short interview, they started out as friends and grew into a couple in 2002. She told Inside The Huddle that he’ll eat “any food” after the game, but if it’s a night game he’ll eat breakfast sausage. She told the interviewer “believe it or not” after telling him…

Randall Cobb’s girlfriend Aiyda Ghahramani

Randall Cobb’s girlfriend Aiyda Ghahramani is a gorgeous woman working for a law firm specializing in intellectual property law. Her profile at the company states that she is not a member of the DC Bar, but that she’s “supervised by members of the DC Bar.” She focuses on “litigation and rendering opinions on patentability,” which is a fancy way of saying she looks at a bunch of papers and statements related to who owns rights…

Jarret Bush’s Wife Lucimara Silva

Jarrett Bush's wife Lucimara Silva - Twitter

Who doesn’t love it when an Olympic athlete gets hitched to a professional football player? I think something about the prospect of making genetically-buffed super-children appeals to me in this regard. Jarret Bush’s wife Lucimara Silva is just such a person. Her sport is the heptathlon– one of the most badass all-around sports in the world. Just as a reminder, the heptathlon consists of 100M hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 M sprint, long jump,…

Davante Adams’ Girlfriend Devanne Villarreal

Davanta Adams' girlfriend Devanne Villarreal - Instagram

Davante Adams’ girlfriend Devanne Villareal is a beautiful young college graduate who met Mr. Adams in college. I can definitely understand why Davante would want to hang on to this one. She is so classy looking, and she’s got a great energy about her in all her photos. She was also seen on draft day sitting with Davante in his home with his family. When he was drafted, they kissed and hugged and were happy….

Aaron Rodgers girlfriend Olivia Munn

Aaron Rodgers girlfriend Olivia Munn

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend Olivia Munn has achieved the unthinkable. Olivia has managed to become queen of the mountain that is all of Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriends, a list which includes actress Jessica Szohr, model Julie Henderson and singer Hilary Scott. When news of Rodgers and Olivia Munn dating first surfaced, we thought it seemed too good to be true. Whether intentionally planted by a publicist, or really just a well informed insider, the initial reports turned out to be…

Julius Peppers’ girlfriend Claudia Sampedro

Julius Peppers' girlfriend Claudia Sampedro - Facebook

Julius Peppers’ girlfriend Claudia Sampedro broke the internet today. After a tumultuous offseason seeing himself released from the Chicago Bears, Peppers had to have needed a break. The new Green Bay Packer set off on what is clearly an amazing Mexican vacation made an appearance on Sampedro’s well followed Instagram account (510,000 and counting) and the sports blogosphere immediately ran to talk about it. Sampedro is a self described “glamour model, Actress, Musician, Supermodel,” based…

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