Chicago Bears Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jimmy Clausen's Girlfriend Jess Gysin

Jimmy Clausen's girlfriend Jess Gysin seems like the all-around American Dream Girl to me. She's a pro volleyball player, she's lighthearted, fun, and she's beautiful. What I like about these types of girls is that they are not trophy wives, and they are also not just sit-around do-nothings. Jess is a big-time volleyballer, and every time I see a professional athlete hitched up with another professional athlete it always just kind of makes sense. Of course, it would be silly to think that all pro athletes should go out and try to find a matching pro athlete to get together with. It's just a cool combo when it happens.

And from what I can tell, Jess is a real catch. I like her snappy tweets, I like her tasteful style, and I like that she's also got another job promoting sports medicine products away from her volleyball life. This job I speak of is being a PR spokesperson for a company called HyperIce, which makes a high-brow version of those snazzy rolly thingy's one uses to stretch out on after a run or sporting event. I personally don't like using them because I prefer old-fashioned stretching, but I'm way behind the time in that department, and I they're possibly more effective and efficient than old-fashioned stretching. As a bonus, Jess also has a huge cadre of really attractive girlfriends. She goes to all kinds of events like ballgames and charity stuff with them. In other words, Jimmy Clausen's girlfriend Jess Gysin is outta' sight.

Speaking of 'ole Jimbo-- they got engaged and their wedding is set for February 15 of 2015. Clausen's girlfriend Jess Gysin will soon be Jess Clausen (which sounds almost exactly the same when you say it). Poor Jimbo's got to find himself a job. He's had some really unfortunate injuries hold him back his entire NFL career, and he'd like a shot at a number 2 slot if he can get it.


Martellus Bennett's Wife Siggi Bennett

Martellus Bennett's wife Siggi Bennett had something in common with Mr. Bennett right off the bat: she digs Usher. I mean, if you're gonna' start a relationship with somebody and you both already like groovin' to some Usher slow jamz, you are on the right path. You could even say Usher started them on their way, just like Justin Bieber (does anyone remember how Usher was like his manager at one point early on?). So anyway, Martellus and Bennett met at an afterparty and it wasn't long before the ring was put on the finger.

Martellus even describes his girlfriend Siggi in a New York Post interview from 2012. He says she is "very intelligent, outgoing, funny, stylish, and a caretaker." She sounds lovely. In case you don't know much about Martellus, he's a really interesting dude. He gave himself the nickname "The Black Unicorn." I mean that right there is pretty funny, but he goes on to describe why: "you never see black unicorns; you only see the white ones so I'm one of a kind-- that makes me special." Classic nickname giving right there. When challenged by an interviewer who said "but you're real," Martellus answered "unicorns are real too."

Martellus and wife Siggi are also the proud parents of a little girl named Austyn Jett Bennett. Very cool name indeed. Siggi is home most of her time taking care of Austyn, who is super cute and will probably grow up to share her dad's creative talents. When he's home, Martellus spends all his time with his daughter and Austyn. He also likes to draw and write poetry. I've heard some of his poetry, and it's good. Here's a little taste: skit skat skadoodle, my goldfish ate my poodle, which is kind of strange 'cuz he usually only eats noodles.


Shea McClellin's Wife Sam McClellin

Shea McClellin's wife Sam McClellin took a very simple and direct path to marriage. She met Shea in fifth grade at elementary school, started dating him sophomore year of high school, and that was that. They dated for around eight years and then got married. Their first date was to a Boise State football game. Then a few years later they both went to Boise State, and then after Shea got drafted, he proposed at the Boise State football stadium. Like I said, this trajectory was straight and easy to follow.

Well, high school sweethearts make for a stable and supportive relationship, I suppose. Shea's wife Sam recently participated in a fashion runway for the Chicago Bears organization in order to support an organization started by Bears player Jermon Bushrod that sponsors youth sports and education. Sam was also pregnant at the time of the fashion show, but that didn't stop her from showing off her "baby bump" and whatever clothes they gave her. How do they raise money at the fashion runway show? Is it just the price of admission that raises the money? Do the players bid on clothes or something? Maybe everyone just pays a bunch of money to be there and to support the organization, and the fashion show is just something to do while they're there.

Shea's wife Sam is a fan of Target, according to Facebook, and she's interested in running since she reads running blogs and fitness sites. She's got to be pretty far along with the pregnancy since her fashion runway show was in July and it's now November. I'd say around 7 months. Shea and Sam are probably expecting the baby in January. Shea got people's attention this year after a pretty substantial weight loss and bulk-up for this season. He's in the best shape of his life, and while Sam has been bulking up, Shea has been slimming down.