Sam Acho’s wife Ngozo Acho

Sam Acho's wife Ngozo Acho- Facebook

Sam Acho’s wife Ngozo Acho married him in March of 2014, and when he was asked about it, he seemed elated. Both Sam and Ngozo are Nigerian, though Sam’s parents moved to America right before he was born. Apparently Sam grew up traveling to Nigeria…

Kevin White’s girlfriend Roxy Gbor

Kevin White's girlfriend Roxy Gbor-Twitter

Kevin White’s girlfriend Roxy Gbor has been with him for about two years, and she wrote him a note on a post recently that detailed how in love she is with him with waxings like, “A lifetime more to go but I have a feeling…

Jimmy Clausen’s Girlfriend Jess Gysin

Jimmy Clausen's Girlfriend Jess Gysin - Instagram

Jimmy Clausen’s girlfriend Jess Gysin seems like the all-around American Dream Girl to me. She’s a pro volleyball player, she’s lighthearted, fun, and she’s beautiful. What I like about these types of girls is that they are not trophy wives, and they are also not…

Martellus Bennett’s Wife Siggi Bennett

Martellus Bennett's wife Siggi Bennett - Instagram

Martellus Bennett’s wife Siggi Bennett had something in common with Mr. Bennett right off the bat: she digs Usher. I mean, if you’re gonna’ start a relationship with somebody and you both already like groovin’ to some Usher slow jamz, you are on the right…

Shea McClellin’s Wife Sam McClellin

Shea McClellin's wife Samantha McClellin

Shea McClellin’s wife Sam McClellin took a very simple and direct path to marriage. She met Shea in fifth grade at elementary school, started dating him sophomore year of high school, and that was that. They dated for around eight years and then got married….

Marc Trestman’s Wife Cindy Trestman

Marc Trestman's Wife Cindy Trestman -

Marc Trestman’s wife Cindy Trestman was called “the best father in my family” by Marc. I found the statement a little confusing, but what he was trying to say was that he hasn’t been around his kids and family as much as he’d like to…

Jay Cutler’s Wife Kristin Cavallari Cutler

Jay Cutler's wife Kristen Cutler - Instagram

Jay Cutler’s wife Kristin Cutler was formerly Kristin Cavallari, a scripted-reality television star on both Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills. Cutler is a quarterback and 126 million-dollar man who generally just has a cloud follow him and his reputation around. First…

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