Rodger Saffold’s Wife Asia Saffold


Rodger Saffold’s wife Asia Saffold used to live on the same street when they were children. They didn’t stay in contact for a long time, but one day the big fella’ apparently sent her a Facebook message. You know how that goes. 2014 rolls around and they marry. Before they married, however, Asia gave birth to their first child, Aaliyah. Whoever said pop culture doesn’t affect people’s taste in baby names? Their second child, a…

Chase Reynolds’ Wife Kila Reynolds


Chase Reynolds’ wife Kila Reynolds is the mother of their three children. In August of 2016, they renewed their vows to each other. That event took place a full ten years after they married. Thus, the couple married when Chase himself was only 19 years old. Kila describes herself as a “coffee snob,” and she also discloses the couple dated since high school. You’ve got your classic high school sweetheart scenario here. This couple already…

Lance Kendricks’ Wife Danielle Kendricks


Lance Kendricks’ wife Danielle Kendricks is an activist for lung cancer. If you want to pick a thing to help eradicate, lung cancer is a good thing to pick. She focuses on the subject on social media because it means something to her. Danielle also posted about another subject in April: the giant wall of sneakers Lance built up in St. Louis. Since they moved to Los Angeles, that wall no longer remains. It’s common for a…

Kenny Britt’s Wife Sabrina Britt


Kenny Britt’s wife Sabrina Britt is known for her vigilance around Kenny. In a recent episode of Hollywood and Football, she told a woman to give her husband five feet. Actually, it started with five inches and then became five feet. I have my doubts whether half the show is real at all, but that’s the magic of “reality sports television.” Pro footballers and their wives now pull double duty as actors and entertainers as well…

Alec Ogletree’s Wife Alexandra Ogletree


Alec Ogletree’s wife Alexandra Ogletree married Alec in 2015. She gave birth to their first child in August of 2016. After they had the child, the named him AJ and bought him so Rams gear. Hey, if you’re gonna be a star of Hard Knocks, you gotta have the gear.  Since she gave birth to the child, Alec called the experience “something you just can’t explain.” He is a big fan of the young AJ. Back during their wedding, They made…

Lawrence Phillips’ ex-girlfriend Kate McEwen

Lawrence Phillips' ex-girlfriend Kate McEwen

Lawrence Phillips’ ex-girlfriend Kate McEwen was an athlete at Nebraska. She was initially given an athletic scholarship for basketball, but it was later taken away because she did not play up to the school’s standards. She played a very small part in Lawrence’s life during his tenure at Nebraska. According to accounts, Kate was sleeping with Nebraska’s backup quarterback. Lawrence was told about this by a teammate, and he immediately ran to the quarterback’s apartment, climbed the…

Stedman Bailey’s girlfriend Stephanie Durrant

Stedman Bailey's girlfriend Stephy Durrant -Instagram

Stedman Bailey’s girlfriend Stephanie Durrant is the mother of their child and is on standby to him at the hospital after he was shot in the head on November 24. She and their young son, also named Stedman, have spent a huge amount of time there at the hospital holding his hand and watching him recover slowly from surgery. She said of the stay: “this is the hardest thing I ever had to deal with….

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