Kyle Rudolph’s Wife Jordan Nine Rudolph

Kyle Rudolph's Wife Jordan Nine Rudolph - Instagram

Kyle Rudolph’s wife Jordan Nine Rudolph married him February 13 of 2016 in Cabo San Lucas. It’s hard to beat Cabo for a wedding destination. I’ve seen a few pro athletes get married there. It’s a perfect place to have your honeymoon after the ceremony….

Blair Walsh’s girlfriend Sarah Chaffee

Blair Walsh's wife Sarah Chaffee

Blair Walsh’s girlfriend Sarah Chafee is a a TV news reporter in Alabama. The Twitter defense that she mounted for her husband’s field goal miss comes across as a bit empty. As a TV reporter, she would likely be precisely the person who would be nailing the local team kicker on TV for missing…

Mike Zimmer’s Wife Vikki Zimmer

Mike Zimmer Wife Vikki Zimmer

Mike Zimmer’s wife Vikki Zimmer passed away in October of 2009, when Mike was the defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals. There was a very detailed and poignant story written about Mike’s experiences shortly after losing Vikki, and it detailed how Mike was trying to…

Brian Robison’s wife Jayme Robison

Brian Robison's wife Jayme Robison - Twitter

Brian Robison’s wife Jayme Robison was at one time a professional barrel racer, which I believe we’ve run across once before on playerwives, but I can’t recall who it was. Anyway, since you probably have no idea what barrel racing is: it’s when you ride…

Everson Griffen’s wife Tiffany Brandt

Everson Griffen's wife Tiffany Brandt - twtter

Everson Griffen’s wife Tiffany Brandt married him shortly after she gave birth to their second son. I believe the nuptials occurred in early March since Everson was calling her his wife at that time. At first, I was very confused about the sequence of events…

Chad Greenway’s wife Jennifer Capista

Chad Greenway's wife Jennifer Capista- Twitter

Continuing the longstanding tradition of athletes meeting their wives in college, Chad Greenway’s wife Jennifer Capista met him at the University of Iowa. I think part of this trend comes from young women recognizing the value of an up-and-coming athlete as he’s about to go…

Teddy Bridgewater’s girlfriend Erika Cardona

Teddy Bridgewater's girlfriend Erika Cardona

Teddy Bridgewater’s girlfriend Erika Cardona was mentioned in a article about the Vikings’ loss against Miami in December prompted a number of Miami fans to tell Erika and Teddy’s mom Rose to “sit down,” but they did not comply. I love stories about friction…

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