New York Giants Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

01/31/15 (Updated)

Shaun O'Hara's Wife Amy O'Hara


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Shaun O'Hara's wife Amy O'Hara was married to him on the tiny island of Anguilla, east of Puerto Rico. These types of weddings are generally pretty cool since the hot weather instills a more laid back vibe than you'd get in a stuffy, churchy affair. In general, outdoor weddings are pretty snazzy. I've seen the wedding photos from 2009 and it looks like it was a really lovely ceremony. Amy looks like she was having a great time. Of course, all the Giants were there, sweating in their thin white shirts.

A year before the wedding, Amy surprised Shaun with a surprise birthday party at a place called Retreat in New York City. According to Yelp, the place closed down a few years back, but I'm sure it was yet another good time. There's a picture of Shaun kind of cradling Amy at the party, and it makes you think that as far as protection goes for girlfriends, you can't do much better than an NFL center. Mr. O'Hara is a large fellow-- around 6'3" and over 300 pounds. In attendance at Shaun's birthday party was teammate and buddy Eli Manning with his wife Abby. Abby looks strikingly similar to Amy. In fact, I think a lot of people would have trouble telling them apart if they just met them. The two ladies were present while Shaun got to blow out his candles on a cake with a picture of some football player wearing number 43 (not Shaun's number). It was probably an inside joke of some sort. Anyway, Amy looks like she was having a ball.

Amy was a nurse when she met Shaun in 2004. He had some kind of leg infection and was sent to the hospital to have surgery, and Amy was one of the ladies who was taking care of him. I'm pretty sure she's not a nurse any more, and I don't really blame her as it's a tough job.


Prince Amukamara's Wife Pilar Davis Amukamara



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So you might have heard by now that Prince Amukamara was a virgin until his wedding night. Well, Prince Amukamara's wife Pilar Davis Amukamara has deflowered the young man. The story that rolled out soon after involved Prince's teammate Antrel Rolle basically saying the team is happy for him and that he has a bit more swagger in his step now. I find the comments on some of these articles pretty funny. One such comment reads "chances that Pilar was a virgin before marrying the Prince= zero." Another one reads, "I lost it a decade ago, still zero swagger."

The swagger patrol is on the loose! So let's talk about Prince Amukamara's lovely wife Pilar. She first met Prince at a nightclub, and Prince told some of his friends he was with that he was into her. He didn't really know what to do, but they eventually got to talking, and Prince told her he was a manager at GAP. Man, this is so weird to me. It's like reverso-world, where he is purposefully trying to avoid using his easy-lay ticket (being an NFL player) and instead trying to appear to be an average schlub. So she gives him her email address (because he thought asking for her number was too forward). Only after that does she learn he plays for the Giants. Incidentally, Prince did not and has never consumed any alcohol.

Flash forward to now, and Prince's wife Pilar got a pretty amazing marriage proposal. The two were at a Jabbawockeez show, which is essentially a really hip dance performance by a bunch of dudes in masks. So Pilar gets picked out of the crowd to go on stage and get danced to or whatever, and after she's up there for awhile, Prince dawns a Jabbawockeez mask (unbeknownst to Pilar) and joins the dancing crew. He then approaches Pilar while she's sitting on stage, takes a knee, pulls out the ring, rips his mask off and proposes to her. That's pretty slick, man.

09/16/14 (Updated)

Eli Manning's Wife Abby Manning


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Abby Manning, the wife of Eli Manning, has married one of the bigger names in the league, but she does seem to keep an air of humility. With the responsibilities of motherhood, women tend to cut out the unnecessary stuff. This is a fairly storied relationship, and Abby is a big name in the world of professional sports wives. Let's delve deeper in a classy and restrained lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous style, shall we?

Firstly, the big news for Eli Manning and wife Abby Manning came last year with the arrival of their second daughter, who they've named Lucy. I wonder if Eli was secretly pissed that he missed the train for having a son a second time. Sure, sure-- he acts all fulfilled, but you've gotta' know he wants an heir to the quarterbacking throne of greatness.

Abby has decorated their 3000 square foot condo in Hoboken with all kinds of goodies. By the way, I live a few miles from Hoboken just across the Hudson, and it's turned into one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the NYC area. For starters, the place is one of those Bill Gatesy-type joints. Everything's automated and controlled with a touch of a button. Speakers hidden in bookshelves, thermostats that sense who's in the room and adjust accordingly, courtesans of the night that fall from chutes when the wife and kids are away. No, that last one is untrue.

Apparently Eli's wife, the former Abby McGrew, is a devoted philanthropist whose many gifts have included money for St. Vincent's hospital to build a "holistic birthing center," often referred to as a "dome of pain" by the layperson. Abby and Eli have been together since college, so of course they make sizable contributions to the University of Mississippi. Giving money to any institution of learning in Mississippi automatically makes you a saint. Mississippi native John Grisham needs to include Eli and Abby in a football related courtroom bestseller just for that.