New York Giants Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Hakeem Nicks girlfriend Ariel Meredith



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UPDATE 07/14/2014: One gigantic diamond ring later, and Hakeem Nicks girlfriend Ariel Meredith is technically no longer his girlfriend. The new Colts wide receiver dropped to one knee and proposed to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. In a happy ending, the bombshell said yes.

While no official wedding date has been set, a couple that's never been afraid of the flashbulbs of the paparazzi, we're sure to know more details before things go down. With a stacked team in Indy and hopeful postseason plans, Hak would be wise to wait until the spring to lock things down.. Until then.....

Hakeem Nicks has had a tough couple years on the field. Despite an injury plagued stretch, life off the gridiron is going well for the Giants receiver. For proof, please consult the pictures of Hakeem Nicks' girlfriend Ariel Meredith to the right.

Ariel Meredith is a 28 year old model, who has appeared in four Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, in 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2014. She began modeling in part time capacity in 1998 while in school before turning to full time in 2005. Ariel and Hakeem were first seen at the 2013 SI Swimsuit 50th Anniversary kick off event in February, and have reportedly been dating since late 2012.

Geographically, the relationship makes sense. Hakeem Nicks has been in New York since the Giants drafted him in 2009, and Meredith moved to the modeling capital of America in 2005. Unfortunately, Nicks is a free agent and the chances he returns to the Giants seem slimmer by the day. With the cross town Jets in need of offensive weapons, Ariel Meredith may be the motivating factor to keep him in New York. Hell, with millions of dollars and being able to come home to her - it would be enough to keep me in town too. Congrats Hak!


Osi Umenyiora's girlfriend Leila Lopes



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UPDATE: 02/19/2013: Osi Umenyiora is now set to marry the former Miss Universe, after getting engaged recently while at dinner in Atlanta. Umenyiora and Lopes are set to marry in 2014, though no further information is currently available.
Congratulations to the happy couple.

Osi Umenyiora may be putting together an all-time resume. While the volume of significant other's doesn't rival fellow New York athletes like Jeter or Sanchez, the top caliber quality of girlfriends may surpass them both. Osi Umenyiora was previously in a relationship with Victoria's Secret Model Selita Ebanks

One may think it'd be impossible to top himself, but it appears he has. In a report first published by The New York Post on November 29, it appears that Osi Umenyiora's girlfriend is now Leila Lopes, who also happens to be the reigning Miss Universe. The couple was reportedly seen "hiding out," in the back of a steakhouse which was hosting a farewell party for Lopes' Miss Universe title which is about to expire. The Post also has a source saying, “Insiders are hoping she sticks around New York until after the playoffs, to keep his good luck coming,”

Lopes, who entered the competition representing Angola, won the competition at age 25 over runner up Miss Ukraine Olesya Stefanko. She's been in New York repeatedly the last few months, and the Post reveals this isn't her first brush with a famous New Yorker. The Post notes that Lopes was previously the subject of Russell Simmons affection in the summer of 2012 when they reported Simmons laying heavy game on Lopes. Simmons did not attend her farewell to Miss Universe party, but did reportedly send her flowers.

In a battle of Osi vs. Russel, I gotta go with Russel. I feel like even though Osi could destroy him physically, Russel has more clout than any of us could ever imagine.


Michael Strahan's girlfriend Nicole Murphy



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It's not a normal practice for to cover retired athletes. In fairness, there have certainly been some exceptions to this rule, and in the case of Michael Strahan, we're willing to make an exception again. It's not every day after all that a retired athlete replaces a legend like Regis Philbin on his daily morning talk show.

Yes, you read that right. Michael Strahan, he of New York Giants, and cancelled Fox sitcom Brothers, fame is now taking over the daily hosting duties on a permanent full-time basis on Live with Regis and Kelly. The announcement was speculated for days in advance of the official announcement, most heavily backed when Strahan put his Hermosa Beach townhouse in California on the market.

Strahan is quite confident that this gig will work out long term, since you know, things in television and entertainment last forever. Strahan has uprooted his fiancee and family, and will all be making the trip back to New York, a city which he obviously knows well from his entire career with the Giants. Michael Strahan is twice divorced, having been previously married in 1996 to Wanda Hutchins, and in 1999 to Jean Muggli. The divorce with Hutchins was relatively tame with settlement and child support terms for the couple's daughter and son being agreed to by all parties and moving on. The split with Muggli was much more challenging, evidenced by multiple lawsuits, claims for child support, and alimony payments, etc. All terms were ultimately settled in 2007 with Strahan losing more than half his net worth to Muggli, and also paying $18K in monthly child support for their twin daughters.

At this point, you might presume that a nasty divorce costing him more than $15MM, $18K a month till the twins are 18, and the loss of his $3.6MM mansion would turn Strahan off to tying the knot. Youwould be wrong.

Michael Strahan is engaged to Nicole Murphy. If that name rings a bell to you, it's because Nicole Murphy is the ex wife of comedy God Eddie Murphy, as well as a woman who knows a thing or two about her rights in a divorce settlement. While Nicole Murphy was married to Eddie, the couple had five children, though it's not entirely clear how many are going to be making the cross country move to New York City.

For those wondering, Nicole Murphy is an accomplished personality in her own right. Her Twitter bio reads, Mother - International Model Model - Designer - Fitness Addict - TV Personality. She Tweets that she is in the works to launch her own skin care product line, which would be another feather in the ol' Twitter cap. Now, truthfully, her IMDB profile is a little thin, but still... that bio is pretty impressive, huh?

So pretty soon, Michael Strahan's wife will be Nicole Murphy (who is also Eddie Murphy's ex wife), huh? Michael, after getting run through the ringer in the last divorce, we certainly hope that you and your legal team understand what you're getting yourself into this time. Prenup dude. PRE. NUP. Not many more Regis-type jobs laying around out there for you to rebuild your fortune if this marriage falls apart, too.