New England Patriots Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jamie Collins' Girlfriend D Casandra



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Internet forums are a total crapshoot in that the information you get from them might be helpful, or it might be totally bogus or unfounded, but it likely will lie somewhere in between. Jamie Collins' girlfriend Casandra is one such curious case where the internet doesn't know anything at all about her, but they still have nothing but nastiness to dole out at her. The forums that you'll find with a quick search will lead you to a string of comments dating back a few years with all kinds of garbage, but from our angle Miss Casandra looks like she's having a nice time in her life, and she recently had a child.

Little Jamie Jr. (as Collins calls him) was born on April 16 of 2014, and Casandra has been very busy with him and his photographs ever since. She's taken a selfie with the young fella', the two of them wearing snow hats and smiling. In another photo, a very skinny Casandra is seen at the beach, and she's called "the devil" by Jamie-- probably because her first name may start with a "Dev" like Devon or something. I've seen that before as a nickname adapted from a first name starting like that. The picture is a far cry from another one that Collins posted on his Instagram of Casandra showing her belly and Jamie saying that he was excited for the imminent arrival of his "brand new man and different aspect." Jamie Collins' girlfriend went to SMU (University of Southern Mississippi) alongside Jamie. I have no hard evidence, but I suspect that the one piece of information that the internet forums got right about their relationship is that they've known each other since high school, and so their attendance to SMU was not how they originally met and got together. Now Jamie frequently posts pictures of their baby boy (and seriously - the kid is cute man. No way around it)

01/27/15 (Updated)

Sebastian Vollmer's Girlfriend Lindsay Force



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Sebastian Vollmer's girlfriend Lindsay Force has been his fiance for at least four months, as she was described as such in September of 2014. She takes part in all of the the official Patriots activities for player wives and girlfriends, and she's been known to hop into a fashion show and paint some nails. Yes, the player wives and girlfriends paint people's nails as (I guess) a kind of PR thing. I wonder if that's annoying to get a call from the offices of the team being like, "Hey Lindsay, it's that time of the year again. We need you down here tomorrow to paint strangers' nails." It sounds, you know, like a bother, but if you don't have anything better to do I guess it wouldn't be so bad.

There's also the help that Lindsay has been giving Sebastian with his English. He has said that any time he made a grammatical or syntactical error, she instantly corrects him. In this case, it would be her that would be annoying. It's all part of assimilating from a big German to a big Patriot. Sebastian Vollmer's girlfriend Lindsay Force was photographed with other Patriot wives and girlfriends visiting the Boston Children's Hospital to help put some smiles on some otherwise frowning faces. In attendance in the "pep rally" was the lovely Lexi Solder, wife of Nate Solder. Knowing her, she probably organized the whole thing. This was back about a year ago, and so Lindsay has been with Sebastian for at least a full year. It brought smiles to the kids and included balloons with Patriots logos on them. Who doesn't like a balloon with a Patriots logo?

All in all, Sebastian Vollmer's girlfriend Lindsay Force seems like a nice girl. Taking part in the activities as a girlfriend is basically the same as being a wife, since it signifies the couple has been in a relationship for awhile and is serious.

01/29/15 (Updated)

Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend Bibi Jones



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UPDATE 01/28/2015: It's been nearly four years since we looked into Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend Bibi Jones, only to determine that she definitely wasn't his girlfriend.

And while four years ago, we ascertained that he was a rich, single dude, having the time of his life, we decided to look again for the mystery woman who could now claim the title of Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend.

Like Big Foot, the Lochness Monster, or the Chupacabra, Gronk's girlfriend is one of two things: Either amazing at hiding, or not a real thing. In 2015, with a lovable lunk who also happens to be adept at maintaining a social media profile, we'd probably know if there was someone deserving of a relationship title. Color us jaded that the fun-loving superstar is serious with anyone.

And in our eyes? Have fun while you can, Gronk. There's plenty of time to settle down later.

UPDATE 10/24/2011: So after the latest non-troversey, Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski has apologized to Patriots team owner Robert Kraft. According to Gronk on the Toucher & Rich radio show, "I wasn't asked to apologize to anyone. I just saw Mr. Kraft in the hallway. We had a brief discussion and that's all it was."
So not exactly sure why he's apologizing for taking a picture, but he did all the same. The next time Gronk meets a porn star (and there definitely will be a next time for that kid), I'm willing to wager we won't see evidence of it on Twitter.

Let us set the record straight. We don't actually believe they're dating, but we needed a title for this post.
Hell, Bibi Jones goes on the Howard Stern show to beg people to sleep with her, claiming she'll sleep with almost anyone.
However, to be clear, Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots is spending his bye week hanging out with porn star, Bibi Jones, and neither one seems to want to hide it.
The pictures on the right were posted by Bibi Jones twitter account, @xxxBiBiJones. Each picture's caption is the tweet she sent.
Last week, Gronk was photographed playing twister with Playboy models. Step aside, Tom Brady,... a new idol walks the Patriots locker room.