New England Patriots Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Rob Gronkowski's Camille Kostek

Rob Grownkowski's girlfriend Camille Kostek ‚Äčis a New England Patriots cheerleader and has apparently been dating him for not so long. But as social media shows us time and again, it's amazing what a little picture of getting an innocent ice cream cone can do, as the picture recently made the rounds on the net. That's one of the perks of dating early on versus later when both parties get comfortable-- you can ask a cheerleader/model type out to get ice cream and she'll say yes because she doesn't want to reject you, but later on there'll be no more trips to the ice cream parlor-- mark my words.

The nation weeps with the news of Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend. The men have lost their idol - single men knowing the caliber gal Rob brings home, and the spoken for men seeing what could have been. The ladies all across the globe seem to love the big galoot, and Camille Kostek is now New England lady enemy numero uno.

Camille recently starred in a curious little music video by a fellow named Jack Fiskio called "A Little More You." I suppose you could call the style of music mellow country rock. In it, Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend Camille Kostek plays the love interest of Jack Fiskio, a goobery looking little guy with gelled hair, Ray-Bans, and a crush. Here's some samply lyrics: "All day diamond eyes that are ocean blue/ trying to keep my poker face/but I'm going all in for you." Okay, well, the video features Camille essentially just lazing around with this guy (who is basically the physical opposite of Rob Gronkowski) and kind of bobbing her head and half-dancing while sitting next to him on a wicker divan.

Personally, I have a problem with the way Jack sings and the way his vocals are doubled and thickened in the production. It's meant to strengthen the vocals, but it serves to make him sound like a machine. The chorus is also sung weakly and features an annoying banjo in the mix. Anyway, Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend is lovely as can be in the video, and there's a few shots of her in a bikini at the beach. I'm very curious if the guy in the video is her cousin or something. Or was she paid well to be featured in it? Camille has also done a little bit of modelling work and posted a few shots of being photographed on her Twitter. Other than that, she's still very young and excited to be with Rob.


Julian Edelman's Regrettable Hookup with Sabrina Dudish

Julian Edleman's ex-girlfriend/nightclub hookup Sabrina Dudish faced heavy fire from the nightclub promotion and management community recently. If the reported version of the events are accurate, Dudish managed to go home with Edelman when he was over the limit, have a hook up with him, and then post a picture of herself with Edelman in the background saying something to the effect of "I just slept with Edelman no lie."

I mean, she made a mistake. She's young and silly, and she clearly regrets it now because she faced a huge backlash on the internet and from nightclub owners and promoters. It seems like if a man had done the same thing, he would have faced a similar backlash, so I don't think there is a double-standard going on. People seemed to think it was a very trashy move, and it certainly was. Sabrina was apparently "blacklisted" from Boston nightclubs after people found out about her picture. That seems pretty silly to me, but I guess Boston nightclub promoters and managers have a strong streak of self-righteousness when it comes to their sports figures. The guy that posted that was a promoter named Michael Winter. He later apologized for posting it.

She's a girl in her early 20's, folks; not a sex predator, and I'm sure Julian Edelman will survive. Many of the men that were trash-talking Dudish had some pretty mean things to say about her, but most of them will never sleep with a famous person and won't know that thrill, so Sabrina's got them there. Apparently Julian Edelman's ex-girlfriend/nightclub hookup is from Natick, Massachusetts. The only thing I equate that town with is the Natick Mall, as I used to go there on occasion to finish up Christmas shopping. Dudish has since deleted her Facebook account, her Twitter account, and her Instagram account. I guess when people take post-sex snapshots, everyone loses.


Who is Malcolm Butler's Girlfriend?

Who is Super Bowl Hero, Malcolm Butler's Girlfriend?


Honestly, through plenty of searching and media scrutiny in the past 24 hours, if there was a Mrs. Malcolm Buter, we'd know about it. The 22 year old rookie whose last interception was in November, 2013 in a Division-II game, has sealed up almost any option he wants in Boston. He has plenty of options available to him, that's for sure. Jumping the route on the short pass to Ricardo Lockette, Butler bumped him off the spot to grab one of the most physically impressive interceptions you'll see, with or without the context of the game.

Butler's story blends perfectly with the rest of the mod squad Patriots roster. An undrafted rookie free agent, Butler was one of the last men to make the 53-man roster coming out of training camp. While playing just over 200 defensive snaps all season, Butler was itching to get into the game when it counted most. According to ESPN's Mike Reiss, Butler told teammate Akeem Ayers,
"They need to put me in the game because I'm going to do my thing."

He sure did. Enjoy Disneyland