Kyle Van Noy’s Wife Marissa Van Noy

Kyle Van Noy's wife Maris Van Noy - Instagram

Kyle Van Noy’s wife Marissa Van Noy is a beautiful model who married Kyle in 2014. She received fairly significant attention from the internet around the time they married. Local BYU news reported on the marriage because there’s not much else to talk about locally. The other reason it appeared newsworthy is because she won Miss Utah a few years back. I watched a video on Youtube of Kyle and Marissa playing foosball before their wedding….

Trey Flowers’ Girlfriend: A PlayerWives Recommendation

Meri Manziel

Trey Flowers has entered the discussion for best player on the Patriots defense. And with that territory comes questions about Trey Flowers’ girlfriend. Short answer: If there is one, he sure as hell isn’t talking about it. So with that in mind, we’ll do what we’ve done before, and we’ll play matchmaker for the rising star. Trey Flowers’ girlfriend needs to be someone who understands the pressures of running into people on a constant basis….

Chris Long’s Wife Megan Long

Chris Long's wife Megan Long -Instagram

Chris Long’s wife Megan Long gave birth to their first child in March of 2016. The child is named Waylon, just like the character on The Simpsons. Hopefully little Waylon won’t grow up to work for an evil nuclear power dude. No one likes a bad guy’s assistant. Earlier in 2016, the family headed out to Aspen for some quality rest and relaxation. While lil’ Waylon is not featured in the post, it’s unclear if the kiddo made…

Chris Hogan’s Wife Ashley Boccio


Chris Hogan’s wife Ashley Boccio has a great life with their two giant dogs. They formerly lived outside of Buffalo. They now take up residence somewhere outside Foxboro since Chris joined the Pats in March. In September of 2015, Chris and Ashley traveled to London for Vacation. Chris documents their time together on social media fairly rigorously. Last year, Chris addressed Ashley directly on social media and thanked her for dealing with his career choice. He…

Who is Dion Lewis’ Girlfriend?

Kelly Brabants

Dion Lewis’ girlfriend is a flat out mystery. The guy is gaining cult hero status in Boston and parts North, so it’s inevitable that questions about his relationship status begin. But Lewis goes to the Belichick school of social media philosophy and rarely utters a word that could generate anything concrete.  We did our research and we really don’t know much outside random message board suggestions. So here goes. We think Dion Lewis’ girlfriend should…

Malcolm Mitchell’s Girlfriend Georgia Pirkle


Malcolm Mitchell’s girlfriend Georgia Pirkle is actually a Georgia native. I am fairly certain the couple met at Georgia. I know she attended the school because she poses with people at the college stadium in about a dozen photos. In February 2015, Malcolm and Georgia visited New York City on vacation. This picture was the first she posted on social media of the couple together. Georgia’s mother is of Asian descent, and her father is from…

Logan Ryan’s Girlfriend Ashley Bragg


Logan Ryan’s girlfriend Ashley Bragg just accepted his marriage proposal back in June of 2016. She gave birth to their daughter, Avery, about a year before. The proposal took place at a baby photo shoot they commissioned. Logan posted a photo of Avery with cake all over her from that day. Both Logan and Ashley attended Rutgers and adopted their first dog during school. Apparently Ashley is the one who instilled a great love of dogs in…

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