James White’s Girlfriend Diana Civi


James White’s girlfriend Diana Civi is a lovely young college graduate who attended Wisconsin-Madison along with James. Now, she lives with him around Boston. I don’t know exactly where they posted up but it’s probably a nice town between Boston and Foxboro (or Rhode Island. Half the team lives there). It always struck me as inconvenient that the Patriots play so far away from Boston proper. They own a small dog named Ace Boogie whom…

Jacoby Brissett’s girlfriend Sloan Young


Jacoby Brissett’s girlfriend Sloan Young is his daily inspiration.  His words.  Not ours. Since arriving in New England, and taking on the Patriot Way, Brissett’s social media has gone dark.  In light of going dark, we assumed that Brissett was single.  In haste, we actually initially recommended that Jacoby Brissett begin dating Aly Raisman (assuming either party was interested).   Welp.  We were wrong.  It happens. Many an astute reader pointed out that we were wrong….

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Girlfriend Summer

Jimmy Garoppolo's girlfriend Summer - TerezOwens

So let’s talk about Jimmy Garoppolo’s girlfriend. It was a hot topic of conversation after the Patriots starting QB for weeks 1-4 talked about it on WEEI.  Jimmy Garoppolo hit the airwaves to let us know his dating status once and for all: No girlfriend, single right now. … All in good time, you can’t force those things.” Single Jimmy G exists in August of 2016.  But back in January, 2016  Jimmy Garoppolo’s girlfriend Summer was…

Tyler Gaffney’s Girlfriend Kristen Louelle

Tyler Gaffney's Girlfriend Kristen Louelle   -Instagram

Tyler Gaffney’s girlfriend Kristen Louelle just had their baby in July. They named him Jax, which is a popular new name for boys and seems to be sweeping the nation. After the birth, Kristen wished Tyler a happy anniversary and said she couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate their love than by bringing home their new son. That’s a nice sentiment. She calls him “suga.” That sort of made me throw up a…

Nate Ebner’s Girlfriend Chelsey Walton

Nate Ebner and Girlfriend Chelsey Walton

Nate Ebner’s girlfriend Chelsey Walton is just the kind of girl you’d expect a rugged beast like Nate to end up with. She’s gorgeous, has a dazzling smile, and will enchant you if you look at her for more than one second. Chelsey has her own health blog, where she once wrote about Nate’s training regimen. She lists her hobbies as, “nutrition, cooking, exercising and wellness”. She lists her goal in writing the blog as hoping to “motivate and…

Julian Edelman’s Girlfriend Ella Rose

Julian Edelman's Girlfriend Ella Rose - Instagram

Just a moment, Julian! If you thought it would be easy to run off with an internationally renowned supermodel, think again! A few days ago we talked about Julian Edelman’s girlfriend Adriana Lima. Let me summarize: she’s hot, and he’s dating her. Now, it seems Julian Edelman’s ex-girlfriend Ella Rose is allegedly pregnant with his child. They’d been dating casually for two years, but they’d never made it official. According to TMZ Sports, Ella is five…

Julian Edelman’s Girlfriend Adriana Lima

Julian Edelman's girlfriend Adriana Lima  - Instagram

If you’re into exotic models as girlfriends, you can’t do much better than Julian Edelman’s girlfriend Adriana Lima. One of the first posts ever written on PlayerWives.com was about Adriana’s ex-husband Marko Jaric.  Adriana announced that she’d split with her ex-husband Marko on May 2 of 2014.  She is a mother to their two daughters Valentina and Sienna, who are both 6 and four years old, respectively. Lima is currently 34 years old, so she’s making the most…

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