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05/01/13 (Updated)

Why Shannon Eastin's husband will dominate every fantasy league he enters

All four of the guys on this site play fantasy football (some much, much better than others). In what's become the 21st century version of a bench press competition, fantasy football has become the best way to prove your dominance over your friends, co-workers and random strangers on the internet. Because of the soul crushing pain associated with fantasy losses, we seek out every possibly drop of knowledge, and insider info we can possibly find.

So let's think about this for a minute. Who would have more insider information that they could actually tell you without violating team trust? Who can monitor trends, formations, defenses and patterns? Who knows more about the game? Coaches? Sure,... but good luck getting blood from those stones. Owners? Those who aren't shooting audition tapes with their girlfriends might know, but who knows any owners anyways? Players? They're not going to tell you anything, other than to make sure you draft them. So who does that leave?

An NFL referee would do the trick.

And in this case, the guy in the best position to gain this information would be Shannon Eastin's husband or Shannon Eastin's boyfriend. Shannon Eastin is the first female referee in NFL history breaking the league gender barrier. She's been afforded this opportunity as a replacement official due to an ongoing labor dispute resulting in the NFL locking out officials since June. Shannon Eastin is an active referee in the Mid Eastern Athletic Conference, and will be assigned to Thursday night's preseason game between the Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers. Seriously though, how cool would it be to be Shannon Eastin's boyfriend or husband? Say nothing about the fantasy advice, I mean any bar room debate over NFL rules would be settled immediately and with relative impunity. That's worth it right there!

Now for the million dollar question you've all been waiting for: Who is Shanon Eastin married to? Who is Shannon Eastin dating? Honestly,... we have no clue, and we can't even find out if she is married. As a new face to the NFL landscape, it's not entirely shocking that there's not more information out there about her, but we were taken aback by just how little personal information exists. Should Eastin work in a regular season game, it's likely more information will come out, and we'll be there with it when it happens...

09/11/14 (Updated)

Roger Goodell's wife Jane Skinner

UPDATE 09/2014: Can't you imagine Roger Goodell's wife Jane Skinner feeling the journalist urge at the breakfast table?

The biggest story to hit the NFL in years has put Roger Goodell right in the crosshairs. After retiring from her job as a Fox News broadcaster in 2010, you know Goodell's wife wants an exclusive interview. In the wake of the Ray Rice fiasco, Goodell has sat for one major interview, which flopped in the court of public opinion. You know Jane Skinner just leers across the table at him thinking "you saw the tape, didn't you?"

I'm just spitballin' here, but play this out. Let's pretend Goodell is on the brink of being fired - he chooses one person for a sit down interview, and elects his wife to perform it. While Goodell is sent home for a while, this could relaunch Skinner's career. It's a brilliant move!

I'll take a 5% finders fee on this idea. Thanks, Commish.

Roger Goodell is married to former Fox News broadcaster, Jane Skinner. In 2010, Jane announced on air that she was retiring from broadcasting, citing a desire to be closer to her family. The Goodell/Skinner power duo has twin daughters, and resides in Westchester, NY.

Jane Skinner has worked at multiple television stations as a general reporter across the country including stops in St. Louis, Milwaukee, Portland, ME and New York City. She ultimately finished her career as the host of Happening Now, a midday talk show on Fox News.


DeMaurice Smith's wife Karen Padgett Smith

DeMaurice met Karen in between semesters while attending the University of Virginia law school and were married in 1993. The couple has two children together, Alex and Elizabeth.

In 2007, Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer, though in an interview with USA Today in 2010, De Smith stated that: ""She's fine now. Perfect health. We're blessed. She's a fighter. You watch someone who goes through that as stoically as she did, knowing that her mother passed away but being a mother throughout it and supporting her kids, she was stronger than all of us — combined."