Troy Vincent’s wife Tommi Vincent

Troy Vincent's wife Tommi Vincent

Troy Vincent’s wife Tommi Vincent is the proud mother of two sons who both play football and will both probably play for college. One of those sons already has major offers from a bunch of big name schools, and the other one is a big fella’ in 7th grade headed the same direction. So when she was asked recently if she was concerned for the health and well-being of her kids playing football, she said…

Why Shannon Eastin’s husband will dominate every fantasy league he enters

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All four of the guys on this site play fantasy football (some much, much better than others). In what’s become the 21st century version of a bench press competition, fantasy football has become the best way to prove your dominance over your friends, co-workers and random strangers on the internet. Because of the soul crushing pain associated with fantasy losses, we seek out every possibly drop of knowledge, and insider info we can possibly find….

DeMaurice Smith’s wife Karen Padgett Smith

DeMaurice met Karen in between semesters while attending the University of Virginia law school and were married in 1993. The couple has two children together, Alex and Elizabeth. In 2007, Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer, though in an interview with USA Today in 2010, De Smith stated that: “”She’s fine now. Perfect health. We’re blessed. She’s a fighter. You watch someone who goes through that as stoically as she did, knowing that her mother…