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Jovan Belcher's girlfriend Kasandra Perkins



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UPDATE: 12/04/2012: We now know some additional details on the case.
The 911 caller was actually Belcher's mother who was in town to help the couple, and could be heard on the call begging Perkins not to die. Belcher and Perkins had been in a difficult period together since the birth of their child in September, and had been receiving counseling from the Kansas City Chiefs, who were acutely aware of the problems the couple was having.

Fortunately (and yes, we recognize there's nothing fortunate about this story), Belcher and Perkins daughter, Zoey, will be taken care of by the NFLPA. Zoey will receive $108,000 a year for four years, and $48,000 annually until 18. If she goes to college, she will then get $52,000 per year.

Belcher's funeral was Wednesday, with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli giving his eulogy.

The Kansas City Chiefs family is in mourning after 25 year old linebacker Jovan Belcher is suspected of killing his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself Saturday morning.

Police have stated that a 911 call came in at 8 a.m. from a woman stating that her daughter had been shot multiple times at a home approximately 5 miles from Arrowhead Stadium. Many are now reporting that the caller in question was the mother of Jovan Belcher's girlfriend Kasandra Perkins. Belcher is reported to have driven to the Chiefs practice facility after the first incident where he sat in his car alone. Teammates saw Belcher in his car and advised head coach Romeo Crennel and GM Scott Pioli of their concern over Belcher's apparent troubled state. When Pioli and Crennel went outside to confront Belcher, he is alleged to have thanked the two before turning the gun on himself and ending his life. The Kansas City Police department has confirmed that Pioli and Crennel were outside before Belcher took his life, and both stated that they never felt threatened directly by Belcher.

Deadspin, was the first to identify the woman in question, having located a Facebook page which uploaded pictures of Belcher, Perkins, and their newborn child around Thanksgiving. That same post also linked to a WalMart baby registry for a child with a due date of 9/11/2012.

Belcher was in his fourth year in the NFL after a standout career at the University of Maine. He started 44 of the 59 games in his career, becoming a starter in his rookie campaign.

Details continue to fly on this one, and we'll keep it up to date. Thoughts are with the families of both Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins at this time.

The first shooting was reported about 8 a.m. at a home near 54th Street and Chrysler Avenue. The second shooting was reported a short time later at a Chiefs practice facility located on the Arrowhead facility.

Officials said the Chiefs player shot and killed his girlfriend and then drove to the practice facility where he shot and killed himself.
It's unknown if people were at Arrowhead or any of its surrounding facilities at the time.


Romeo Crennel's wife Rosemary Crennel



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I've always had a soft spot for Romeo.

If it wasn't for the defenses led by Romeo, the Patriots wouldn't have won the 3 out of 4 championships they did (that's right, we're counting 4 titles. They won in 07, too... Eli was IN THE GRASP. Game over). Back to Romeo; just like a few other coaches, he thought he could walk away from the Pats and Belichick and do the head coaching job on his own. From Charlie Weis and Eric Mangini, to Romeo, and Josh McDaniels no one can seem to cut it without Belichick being the leader (at first anyways). Hell McDaniels missed Bill so much he came back to be his offensive coordinator for 2012, which is a rarity to see a coach come back to the team he left.

Life as an NFL coach is short, and because of that, it's pretty likely that Romeo has one more shot to make it as a Head Coach in the league, this time with the Kansas City Chiefs. After an impressive few games taking over for Todd Haley, Romeo lost his interim tag, and was named the full-time Head Coach this offseason. Given Romeo's age and history away from Bill, the KC job should be his last chance to have any success as a NFL Head Coach.

One of the keys to how Romeo runs a team is discipline, which he learned from his father who was in the Army. While he might be strict on the field, at home he's got a much softer side according to Romeo Crennel's wife Rosemary Crennel. You probably need that side when you had to raise three daughters like Romeo did. Even though Romeo had to work the typical football coach hours he still did the best he could to be part of his kids lives as they grew up. All three of Romeo and Rosemary's kids are grown up now and are now having children of their own. With the kids grown up this leaves plenty of time for Romeo to figure out how he can get KC back into the playoffs.


Peyton Hillis' wife Amanda Brown



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UPDATE: 11/28/2011: We may have found the elusive Amanda.
A reader has pointed to a MySpace page of a 24 year old woman from Fayetteville, AR (all of which matches up with the data we've found from other articles). While the MySpace page hasn't been updated for two years (because honestly, whose MySpace page has been updated in the past two years), a lot of the information lines up here.
To be clear, we are not publishing this as fact. We have a lead and are comfortable pursuing it in the name of getting a definitive answer. If anyone can confirm, let us know.

So we've been chasing our tail on this since late September, ever since @ScottPetrak, a Browns beat writer for the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram cryptically tweeted: Sorry, single ladies. Hot rumor from #Browns locker room: RB Peyton Hillis is engaged.
Unfortunately, while we got some info, Petrak left us with no name and a Google search brought up nothing but a tangled web of baseless rumors about Hillis hitting on a former coach's wife.

Fast forward to October 24, 2011, which happened to fall on the standard NFL off day of Tuesday. Rumors began flying that Hillis was getting married in Arkansas. Huge credit to the site Illegal Shift, who called various court courthouses in Arkansas looking for evidence of a marriage license. After striking out repeatedly, they finally confirmed that Hillis and his fiancee applied for a marriage license on 10/24.

This has been a crazy 2011 for Hillis. Hillis began dating Amanda Marie Brown in January of this year, while putting the finishing touches on his insane 2010 regular season. After getting put on the Madden '11 cover, he unshockingly fell victim to the Madden curse, and 2011 has been a nightmare. The first half of the season has been a colossal disappointment due to having to sit from a myriad of injuries including a bum hamstring, strep throat and hurt feelings. Off the field, he seems to be having some success, getting engaged in September, and married just about a month later.

As for the pictures: Well, we knew you guys would ask. Thus far we've unearthed four different websites claiming to have pictures of the real Mrs. Hillis. Through just the tiniest modicum of research and integrity, we've been able to eliminate all four of the supposed Amanda Brown's. Since we love our readers (which is only partially true, because you bastards get mean), we'll pass along 2 images of women who have been touted as Mrs. Hillis with no indication of uncertainty. We want to be clear that we disproved one supposed Mrs. Hillis in literally minutes, and had some major questions raised about the other in the same simple Google search.
Our quest continues to find pictures of the real Amanda Brown (Hillis?). Any reader that can supply us pictures or a lead gets some PW Swag. (By the way, Boss, do we have any swag to give away?) Well, if you find pictures, we'll find swag. How's that for enticing?