Seattle Seahawks Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Russell Wilson's girlfriend Ciara

Well, Russell Wilson's girlfriend Ciara is pretty famous. Famous enough for the internet to go insane when photographed next to the Seahawks QB at a Mariners game over the weekend. While people sought confirmation of the relationship, it became pretty clear when E! News ran with the details, saying It’s still at the beginning stages and it’s very fresh. She thinks he is a complete gentleman and has really enjoyed hanging out with him these past few weeks. It’s constant laughter and fun with them.”

Ciara was born in Austin, Texas but she never really lived in any one place for very long at all on account of her father being in the army and being stationed at various places. She apparently lived in Germany, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New York, and California when she was a kid. Eventually, she settled down in Atlanta long enough to form a group called Hearsay, which split up fairly quickly.

Ciara then managed to get signed into publishing as a songwriter, which is a pretty big deal. It basically means you sit around trying to cook up good songs all day long, and she managed to do that consistently after she met her songwriting partner Jazzy Pha, whose name I still don't know how to pronounce. They wrote a bunch of hit songs, and Ciara's debut album was number one. One of the songs I'm familiar with is "1, 2 Step," which is a pretty catchy hip hop/r&b/ pop thing featuring Missy Elliott. Russell Wilson's girlfriend Ciara did a good job. The song's production is well done, and the video features a guy in some neighborhood spraying himself with Axe deodorant and then spraying it towards Ciara to try to make her interested in him. That's kinda' funny.

Ciara has dated a bunch of different rappers including Bow Wow (formerly 'Lil Bow Wow), 50 Cent, and Future. She and Future got engaged, had a child, and then called off their wedding because Future was cheating on her during his tour. So now here she is with Mr. Wilson. I wonder if she's going to remove her tattoo of Future's name on her ring finger?


Robert Turbin's Girlfriend Devin

Robert Turbin's girlfriend Devin gave some random guy an amazing Christmas present. If you haven't heard this story yet, it really is awesome. There's a video below that documents the entire situation, but in case you'd rather read about it and hear what we have to say about it, please proceed.

Essentially, Turbin's girlfriend Devin has not been captured on camera and has not been completely identified. She's like the yeti or sasquatch of cool and generous NFL girlfriends. She ran into this guy at a Seahawks game who was wearing a Seahawks jacket, and she asked to put on his jacket so she could snap a picture of herself to send to her boyfriend. The guy asked why, and she told him her boyfriend is Robert Turbin. Turbin himself is a solid running back and looks like a bodybuilder. Seriously, have you guys seen the arms on this dude? He's a freak! Anyway, the guy said sure and that it'd be great if he could get something autographed by a player from the game. She agreed, gave him a number to call after the game was over, but his phone died. Long story short, this Devin apparently told Robert what happened, and he had the entire team sign a Seahawks helmet and shipped it to him. Absolutely awesome Christmas present.

Now, I don't know how these types of things work in the Seahawks organization. For all I know, the organization designated a time when the entire team gets together and signs dozens of helmets for gift-giving purposes. If this is the scenario (and I believe it is based on what I know about professional sports organizations) I still find this to be a great story. Think about it-- how many helmets do you think they have the team sign? I'd imagine the upper limit is 200 helmets. Okay, so you've got 200 helmets for anyone in the organization to give as presents, but that's almost nothing when you think about how many actual people work for the Seahawks. That's like 1 helmet per person, and I really don't believe they'd have the players sign 200 helmets anyway. Any way you slice it, this helmet is a freaking amazing gift. And it's all thanks to Robert Turbin and his awesome girlfriend Devin.


Dan Quinn's Wife Stacey Quinn

Dan Quinn's wife Stacey Quinn started a foundation with Dan called Quinn's Corps, and the purpose of the foundation is to help veterans and military families. They apparently give out free tickets, meals, parking to military families on game days, and they also donate to something called Fisher House, which is a bunch of homes in the Seattle area where veteran families can stay for free while a family member is receiving treatment. That's a nice thing to do for them. They started their program in 2004 so it's been humming along for a little over ten years.

Dan Quinn's wife Stacey Quinn has been married for about twenty years now to the fella'. In an article and interview in the National Catholic Register, Quinn mentioned how Stacey's selflessness and support helped their marriage survive so long. It is pretty hectic being married to an NFL coach, for sure. We've seen countless examples of wives sticking it out with their coach husbands through move after move after move. Actually, the framing of the question that spurred on his answer regarding Stacey is more interesting than his actual answer. It was: "You've had a good number of Catholic colleagues, right?" This leads me to believe that Stacey herself is very religious, as the Quinn's attend Mass as often as possible.

Stacey is now well aware that Dan will be coaching in his home state in front of his entire hometown of Morristown, New Jersey for the Super Bowl. She's been shy for the media, but Dan has taken up the reigns and called it an "enormous opportunity," which is about what anyone might expect a coach or player to say. Dan's wife Stacey will probably be coordinating with Quinn's Corps to get some kids some free tickets to the game.