Seattle Seahawks Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Christine Michael's Prom Date Taylor Kirkland



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Here's a nice little story. Christine Michael's prom date was Taylor Kirkland, an eighteen year-old girl with autism and scoliosis who has difficulty speaking. Michael was contacted through a college friend who knew Taylor's mom, and he is quoted as saying "yes without even thinking about it" when asked if he'd escort Taylor to her senior prom.

Taylor was actually named homecoming queen because of her determination and stick-to-itiveness. Her mother showed Taylor a picture of her date, and Taylor was very impressed. Score! Before prom night, Taylor was asked if she was going to kiss him, and Taylor said immediately "yes." I wonder if Taylor was at all confused that the hunk of man that would be accompanying her as her prom date was named Christine? I myself do not understand why parents would ever name their son that. Were they anticipating that he'd have to be tough in order to make it into the NFL, so they gave him a name that would attract bullies far and wide? I would probably take a shot at a guy named Christine if I were a 5th grader, so I'm guessing it caused problems for the running back. According to Michael's mother, she chose the name before he was born and before she knew it would be a boy. So why the hell didn't she change it afterward? Come on, Mom!

Taylor's prom date Christine registered a 43-inch vertical for his pre-draft measurables. That's pretty intense, but I guess it helps when you've got to jump over people when you're rushing. He's only actually played in 4 games and has never started, but here's to hoping that his workload picks up. I think one senior prom is enough for any professional athlete. Maybe this year he'll be a more integral part of the Seahawks offense, though I really doubt he'll take over for Marshawn Lynch, who has grabbed over 4000 yards in three seasons.


John Schneider's wife Traci Schneider



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John Schneider's wife Traci Schneider has to be a proud woman tonight.

The wife of the Seattle Seahawks General Manager has plenty to beam about. Whether it's focused mainly on their two sons, or the incredible roster John Schneider has put together, or even the ass-kicking Super Bowl victory they put on the Broncos,... Traci Schneider has plenty to smile about. John Schneider has helped to write the blueprint and architect the 2014 Super Bowl champions, and while there is plenty to marvel at, we here at PlayerWives are most amazed by the following:
- Marshawn Lynch for a 4th and a conditional pick
- Percy Harvin for one first rounder
- Hiring Pete Carroll after abysmal stints with the Jets and Patriots earlier in his coaching career
- Drafting Russell Wilson in the third round
- (our favorite) 21 of the 53 active roster players WERE UNDRAFTED FREE AGENTS.

No matter what stress and stuggles John Schneider encounters at work every day, he's seemed to overcome adversity and challenge as it arises. Similar to his efforts in the office, Scheider has done the same at home. John and Traci Schneider's older son, Ben,has been diagnosed with autism. The family has established "Ben's Fund," which helps to raise funds and awareness for families suffering from the diagnosis.

02/02/14 (Updated)

Malcolm Smith's Girlfriend? Malcolm Smith's wife?



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Malcolm Smith is having a hell of a Super Bowl,... and if there is a woman who can be called Malcolm Smith's girlfriend, you can bet she's enjoying this.

After pulling in a pick-six interception returned for a touchdown against Peyton Manning in the first half, Malcom Smith chimed in with a fumble recovery midway through the third quarter. After Seattle tacked on 7 more in the ensuing drive to push it to 36-0, the Seahawks appear to be well on their way to a Super Bowl title. With two impressive and momentum shifting turnover recoveries, Malcolm Smith may be in a heated race for MVP with teammate Percy Harvin. Considering we already know about Percy Harvin's girlfriend, we figured it was time to find out about Malcolm Smith's girlfriend or Malcolm Smith's wife.

Unfortunately, after exhausting our resources,... we're pretty sure Malcolm Smith's girlfriend doesn't exist (and we know that Malcolm Smith's wife doesn't). Smith, the Seahawks last pick in the 7th round of the 2011 draft, is probably best known as Steve Smith's brother. Before you get excited and line up your "Ice Up, Son," jokes, we should let you know that his brother is the bad Steve Smith, of former New York Giant and Philadelphia Eagle fame.

During his time at USC, Malcolm Smith was diagnosed with achalasia. Achalasia is classifies as a disorder of the esophagus, which prohibits food from progressing to the stomach. After suffering of months of weight loss from food getting stuck in the esophagus forcing Smith to throw up, he underwent surgery to help handle the disorder. While surgery did provide slight assistance, a strict diet has provided the most help.

His weight has clearly returned, and any esophageal issues are the furthest thing from his mind. Swallowing a couple Bronco turnovers are settling pretty nicely, no matter what diagnosis he may have.