Indianapolis Colts Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


D'Qwell Jackson's Girlfriend Christina Weaver

D'Qwell Jackson's girlfriend Christina Weaver is one of the most impressive professionals I've seen in quite a while as far as athlete's wives and girlfriends are concerned. She is the director at a powerful lobbyist firm called The Raben Group. It seems like a pretty legit firm, and looking at it's client list reveals they've done work for Airbnb, Google, MasterCard, Time Warner Cable, Prudential, Walmart, General Electric, and tones of other companies including a lot of foundations and non-profits.

Apparently D'Qwell Jackson's girlfriend Christina Weaver was a legislative counsel to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of the Texas 18th congressional district. The information provided by The Raben Group says, "In that capacity, she handled issues before three House Judiciary Subcommittees: Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet; Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security; and Immigration Policy and Enforcement." This is pretty heavy duty stuff. Miss Weaver sounds like a dynamic woman to me. It also mentions that she worked on a piece of legislation called the "America Invents Act," which I looked up on Wikipedia. It's an act that was passed in 2011 and signed into law, and it changes the way patents are awarded from a "first-to-invent" system to a "first inventor-to-file" system. Other than that, it gets pretty complicated, and I didn't really understand the nuances of the law because there seem to be a lot of moving parts to patent law.

Suffice to say that Christina Weaver is one smart cookie. I wonder if she found D'Qwell a good criminal lawyer after he allegedly punched a pizza delivery guy. This apparently happened a few weeks ago after a parking dispute about where the delivery guy had parked. According to the victim, a Mr. Jose Bonilla-Fuentes, D'Qwell punched him, tried to choke him, and then said he was going to kill him! Whoo doggy, someone needs to quell Mr. D'Qwell. I'll be here all week, folks. D'Qwell Jackson's girlfriend Christina Weaver can probably get him out of this jam with her superior lawyering.


TY Hilton's wife Shantrell Hilton

On Sunday, November 23, TY Hilton's wife Shantrell Hilton gave birth to the couple's first child.

Hours later, TY Hilton honored his new baby girl by celebrating a touchdown by cradling the football.

According to Hilton's agent, the Colts star wideout was asleep at the team hotel when his wife Shantrell went into labor. After not being able to reach him, Shantrell sent one of his friends to bang on the door and wake him up. Hilton rushed to the hospital and arrived in time to see the birth of his new daughter.

Basking in the awesomeness of being a first time father, Hilton was aglow coming to the game against Jacksonville. Hilton told his agent, "It's the right thing to do to get her a TD."

Not much is known about the new mom, T.Y. Hilto's wife Shantrell Hilton. In fact, we've been searching for any relevant information about one of the leading receivers in the league for months and come up empty. Congratulations to the new parents.

08/13/14 (Updated)

Tony Dungy's Wife Lauren Dungy

Tony Dungy's Wife Lauren Dungy is an author of a children's book with Tony. The book is called You Can Be A Good Friend, and it's a children's book meant to explain the importance of being a good friend and how to be a good friend. They have been known to go to elementary schools and give talks to kids about these types of things.

Dungy's wife Lauren seems to be just as religious and value-oriented as Tony, and she recently posted on her facebook public figure account that she'd been inspired by her Deacon to go and speak in public more, and so Lauren spoke to over 2000 people at Union University with Tony. She's said she doesn't normally feel comfortable speaking about her faith to the public, but she saw this as a way for her to 'step "out of her comfort zone" for the lord.' This kind of talk always gives me the willies a little, but fair enough. She's really a lovely lady that enjoys helping people. Lauren's also recently taken part in programs to support mothers such as MOPS (Mothers for Preschoolers) and iMom (some other motherly-type deal). Lauren and Tony have adopted children, and they have 7 sons and daughters. Lauren and Tony experienced the pain of losing a son back in 2005 when her son James was found dead, having killed himself.

Tony himself is known as a pious, scholarly type and has a gentle, reasonable demeanor, which made his comments about Michael Sam all the more jolting for a lot of people. He basically said he wouldn't have drafted Michael Sam because it would have been too difficult and too distracting to have to deal with his sexuality and the teams' responses to his sexuality. It's been speculated that it may have been a way to enliven his professor-like reputation as a sports broadcaster, but that seems to be a residual effect in hindsight. The way he framed his response was somewhat callous and insensitive to the gay and lesbian community, as it was an opportunity for Dungy to support Sam's introduction into the league instead of brush him off. The incident has rightly been contrasted with the re-introduction of Michael Vick by ESPN sportswriter Jason Whitlock, who has said that although he respects Dungy, he's shown a kind of moral inconsistency when compared to his staunch support of Vick. Though his wife Lauren will always support him, I wonder if and Tony and his wife Lauren privately share feelings of disdain for homosexuals in professional sports because their lord (a.k.a. their religious organization) does.