Buffalo Bills Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend Steph

So there's a big old history of online quarreling b​etween LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend Steph and himself. She's the mother of his son, but that's the only connection these two seem to share at all now. So I guess I should start by reviewing some of the basics about their torn and frayed relationship and their feisty online interactions. Buckle up...

According to LeSean, the two of them got together within a week of meeting one another, but LeSean claims he "didn't know her name" when they consummated their relationship, so to speak. LeSean McCoy's girlfriend Steph also has told the entire twittosphere that LeSean "has herpes" and that his best friend has, well, had relations with her. Sorry but this is just what they've made public via their own tweets to each other and to their followers. Apparently they thought hashing these types of things out online instead of in person was a good idea.

Steph says she takes care of their son (also named LeSean) most of the time and that LeSean has very little to do with him. Their son was born in April of 2013. LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend seems to despise the elder LeSean and vice versa. At one point, LeSean was imploring his followers on twitter to call her a "bum" and lashed out at her, saying the only reason she had a life was because of their son and subsequent child support payments. Boy, these types of things get nasty. I'm sure it goes without saying that we urge all professional athletes to not talk about their relationships online. That way sites like us are forced to talk about only the delightful and nice things about them.

Steph is a striking looking lady, and she seems to be doing just fine taking care of her son, whom she talks about very often. Steph is a Pisces who loves to follow astrology and frequently posts things about her sign. She's also a Puerto Rican and very proud of her heritage. She talks about how Puerto Rico is part of the United States and thus no Puerto Ricans are immigrants because they're all citizens from birth. She seems to take major offense at the term "immigrant."


Doug Marrone's Wife Helen Marrone

Doug Marrone's wife Helen Marrone matched his rigid requirements for a mate, which he wrote down on a bar napkin and passed around a large group that he'd been hanging out with. Doug apparently was in the habit of writing out his strategies for how to coach players, and I guess finding a future wife was no different-- just write out the requirements and send it along. So one of the girls in the group at the bar recommended a friend she knew, and that was Helen.

Helen had just graduated Boston College, and the girl at the bar who recommended her was her roommate from school. Helen was on her way to becoming a lawyer in Memphis, but they agreed to meet in her hometown of Nashville for a first date. Doug was on his way down to Atlanta to take a coaching job at Georgia Tech. And so it was that Helen Connelly, now Doug's wife, became Helen Marrone. It's that easy, single people. Write down your requirements and pass them around a table of people drinking beer, and all your hopes for a suitable soulmate shall be answered.

In fact, Doug's wife Helen was roommates with none other than Colleen O'Brien, wife of Bill O'Brien, the head coach of the Houston Texans. Both Bill and Doug ended up as coaches at Georgia Tech, and everybody's still good friends to this day. They go on camping trips and boating outings and that kind of stuff. Helen is actually the daughter of a well-respected head coach of Middle Tennessee State named Boots Donnelly. The guy was actually inducted into the college football hall of fame last year. So basically all of these people have been involved with coaching in some way for a long time. These are coaching folks, and Helen and Doug are planted solidly in their comfort zone.


Fred Jackson's Wife Danielle Jackson

Fred Jackson's wife Danielle Jackson currently holds the record for most pictures uploaded of children. This is a lady who likes to take pictures of her kids. She and Fred have four of them, and it's clear she's very much into the being-a-mother thing. It also looks like she's free and clear of any baby mama drama from Fred. No alimony or child support on the side.

Fred himself is looking like a nice pickup in fantasy football land. I'm not sure if all the teams have already been decided (since I myself do not partake in the rabbit hole that is fantasy football) but I do know that Fred and CJ Spiller combine for a powerful and run-centric offense. Fred's wife Danielle seems to really be digging life with her little ones while Fred pounds the turf. She's also really happy about the contract extension he's signed. It's going to keep him on the Bills for another couple years and pay some hefty diaper fees since they've just popped out a new kid. Danielle took a picture of Fred with the kids hanging out reading the contract extension just before he signed it.

Since Fred's the oldest running back in the NFL, he'll be considering upping his television game pretty soon. He already has The Fred Jackson Show, a local Buffalo football program. I've watched some of it. It's pretty low-key but Fred does a decent job of hosting it. He doesn't have the slick late night polish of someone like Jimmy Kimmel, but the show serves it's purpose: which is to give the Buffalo football fans some extra stuff to watch and think about. I kind of wonder if wife Danielle has appeared on the show. I really doubt it, but I bet she's been in the audience before. Fred may be working up to an ESPN analyst gig.