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Jim Kelly's wife Jill Kelly



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UPDATE 03/26/2014 After updates yesterday indicating that Kelly was likely scheduled for surgery to help treat a recurrence of cancer, Jim Kelly's wife Jill Kelly posted to her Facebook page that surgery was no longer the best option at this time.

At this point and time surgery is not the best option for Jim. The cancer is in areas that surgery cannot successfully eradicate. - Jill Kelly, Facebook, 03/26/2014

Doctor's have called Kelly's cancer treatable and curable, while currently working to find a solution to manage pain and discomfort. The Hall of Famer is scheduled to undergo 5 or 6 rounds of chemotherapy and reevaluate his condition after that time.

With the passing of Bills founder and owner Ralph Wilson, Tuesday March 25 was a tough day for the Buffalo Bills family.

On the same day that Wilson passed away, Jim Kelly's wife Jill Kelly reported that the Hall of Fame quarterback's cancer has returned aggressively and is starting to spread. After surgery in June, 2013 to remove cancerous cells from his jaw, the cancer has returned. Kelly will undergo surgery on his jaw again, and Kelly's wife indicated through Instagram that it is scheduled for Thursday.

The incredible range of emotions experienced not only by those battling the disease, but also by those close to the people battling the disease can be difficult to express. Jill Kelly wrote a beautiful entry to her blog recounting a beautiful story about the grace humanity can provide in the moments we may otherwise be at our worst.

Jim and Jill Kelly are parents to three children - daughters Erin and Camryn, as well as son Hunter Kelly. Hunter was diagnosed with a condition called Krabbe disease, which normally carries a life expectancy of three years. After being born in 1997, Hunter passed away in 2005, causing Kelly to focus much of his retirement career on his non-profit foundation Hunter's Hope. The foundation helps to raise awareness for the condition, while also establishing an annual Hunter's Day of Hope on February 14, both Jim and Hunter's birthday. Fighting back tears during his Hall of Fame induction speech in 2002, Jim addressed his son:

It's been written that the trademark of my career was toughness. The toughest person I ever met in my life was my hero, my soldier, my son, Hunter. I love you, buddy."

Jim Kelly's daughter, Erin Kelly, saw a couple of her Instagram pictures go viral this week, as she beautifully shared poetic pictures of her weekend with the quarterback in the hospital. On Saturday, she posted a picture watching TV in bed with her father, saying: "Watching the Syracuse game with daddy - he's my buddy! Love him so much!! #daddysgirl #prayersforjk #Kellytough," Erin shared progress Sunday saying: "So thankful that he was up for a little walk today!! God is good!!!! And He HEALS!!!! #prayersforjk #Kellytough #daddysgirl."

As trite and overused as it can be, we'll say it again. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Kelly family.


Ralph Wilson's wife Mary Wilson



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Ralph Wilson's wife Mary Wilson was at the side of her husband when he passed away on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.

News of Wilson's passing spread quickly at the NFL Owner's meeting. Roger Goddell informed all the league owners of his passing shortly before the media was told. Bills President and CEO, Russ Brandon handled much of the news delivery, informing the Buffalo News, "He passed away peacefully at his home with his beautiful wife, Mary, and his daughters by his side." He later released a statement saying, "No one loves this game more than Ralph Wilson. It's very tough. What he's' meant to the entire organization. He's our leader, our mentor our friend. How he loves his players and loved our community. Special guy. They just don't make them like Ralph Wilson."

Mary Wilson is Ralph's third wife, after the couple married in 1999. Wilson was also survived by daughters Christy Wilson Hoffman and Edith Wilson. He is predeceased by daughter Linda Bogdan, who died in 2009. The Buffalo Bills are expected to be placed in a trust, until the team can be sold as Wilson made it clear he would not be leaving the team to his family.

Ralph Wilson was 95.


Mario Williams fiancee Erin Marzouki



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UPDATE: 05/06/2013: Almost eight full months after we last updated this post, it seems a resolution has come for Mario Williams and ex-fiance Erin Marzouki. Well, sort of. Basically, both parties released statements apologizing for acting ridiculous but beyond that, nothing happened. We don't even know if the ring was returned or not.

UPDATE: 05/06/2013: Breaking up is hard to do. No question about it. And when there's a $785,000 engagement ring involved, things can often get even trickier.

That's exactly the case for Mario Williams and ex-fiancee Erin Marzouki. The couple was engaged in February, 2011 just weeks before Mario Williams signed a $100M contract with Buffalo (though only $50M guaranteed, and about half of that up front). Williams splurged for a 10-carat ring that cost him more than $785,000. Unfortunately after Marzouki broke off the engagement in January of 2012, Mario Williams was left wanting that nearly $800K ring back.

In court documents filed in Houston, TX, Mario Williams is now adamant about the return of the ring. The lawsuit alleges that Marzouki never actually intended to marry Williams, and simply used him for his fame. The charges further allege that Marzouki rang up more than $100K on an American Express credit card Williams took out in her name, as well as more than $230K in other gifts he provided her in the eleven months since their engagement.

While some may claim pettiness, others may look at the more than $1M Williams paid out to a woman he now feels never wanted to marry him, and he at the very least wants to recoup some of that money. We'll keep an eye on this one to see if Mario ever gets the ring back.

Mario William's fiance Erin Marzouki really moved the needle recently. It's amazing what comes onto the radar sometimes.

Mario Williams is clearly the biggest free agent in the 2012 class (yeah, that's right, better than Peyton), and has spent days and weeks being linked to the Buffalo Bills. After arriving in Buffalo on day one of free agency, Williams stayed overnight in the area leading to further speculation that a contract deal was imminent. On Wednesday morning, with the Buffalo area buzzing over the possibility of Williams joining their beloved Bills, one local reporter happened to bump into Super Mario at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.
Paul Peck of WIVB-TV ran into Williams and learned he was at the airport to pick up his then unnamed fiancee. The internet exploded with theories that Mario Williams brought his future wife to the Buffalo area to get her sign off before signing a contract that would put them in upstate New York for at least 6 months a year for the next 7 or more years.
When Peck pressed Williams as to whether this was a good sign for the Bills chances, Mario responded only "We'll see."

Unfortunately at time of publishing rumors are now churning (according to one of the best football blogs out there, ProFootballTalk.com) that Mario Williams and his fiancee Erin Marzouki are now leaving Buffalo tonight. There are no whispers of a contract being done, so maybe Mrs. Williams to be took a day in Buffalo and decided it wouldn't be for them. It will be interesting to see how many more times we see Mario and Erin at the airports, and when we do,... you'll hear about it here.

Mario Williams' fiancee comes to WNY: wivb.com