Buffalo Bills Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Marquise Goodwin's wife Morgan Goodwin

Marquise Goodwin's wife Morgan Goodwin is an Atlanta native who grew up with a mom, a dad, and a stepdad in her life. The new era family provided unconditional support, which she was proud to explain in the short biography on their wedding site. She's still quite young and just finished her track and field career running for the University of Texas and graduating with a degree in public relations. She says she plans on being an actress with a backup plan of becoming a public relations professional that deals with athletes or celebrities.

I think the last part of her wedding bio is pretty funny. Morgan Goodwin says "Marquise calls me selfish, but when it comes to him, I'm not selfish at all (only sometimes...OK, maybe I am)." That's got to be one of the funniest things I've read in an "about section" of a wedding site. I want Marquise Goodwin's wife to become an actress now because she clearly has personality.

If you can see the personality coming off the page like that, it's a good thing. She's essentially saying "He said this about me, but it's totally not true. Well, only sometimes it's true. Actually, it is true."

She goes on to say:

"I love challenges and I am always on the go (Marquise hates this about me LOL)."

I'm not sure how challenges and always being on the go correlate, but then she continues:

"I can be an airhead sometimes and Marquise hates that about me too."

Okay, duly noted. She then continues:

"He also tells me that I don't listen (giggles). I can also be forgetful at times."

I'm telling you, you've got to be really charismatic if you're able to freely admit all these faults and still be lovable, as she actually states she is at the end of the bio. I believe it. There's actually a fantastic vine video (or whatever they're called) of her talking smack to Marquise and him saying under his breath "I can stand her." Check that out.

I just wanted to quickly mention that Marquise's sister, Deja, has cerebral palsy, which is a horrible and crippling disease that prohibits her from controlling any of the muscles in her body. Marquise made the statement to ESPN that "I realize that I've been blessed in my life and that I'm blessed with an opportunity to do things for myself. She lives through me, because she's never been able to do anything like that. We live vicariously through each other." That's powerful stuff.


Aaron Kromer's wife Dawn Kromer

Aaron Kromer's wife Dawn Kromer witnessed the recent incident between Aaron and his neighbor's son which landed him in cuffs. With the constant discussion taking place around spousal abuse, when I first heard the word "battery," I thought oh boy here we go again with another wife-beating incident. But this time around, that's not what happened at all,... it's a little more nuanced, I suppose.

So from what we have available to us currently, Aaron and his whole family, including his son Zachary and wife Dawn, were at the beach when they discovered some of their beach chairs had been appropriated by three kids. One of the kids was actually their neighbor. What is alleged to have happened was the neighbor took the chairs from their yard and a confrontation ensued. Anyway, Aaron and his son Zach are alleged to have approached the kids, and things reportedly unraveled from there, including a fishing pole being thrown into the ocean, and tossing the neighbor's kid to the ground. The story continues that the neighbor thrown to the ground was then punched in the face, while Kromer allegedly threatened to "kill his family" if he reported the incident to the cops. Look, people lose their cool and punches can fly (whether they're underage or not) but threaten to kill their family? Pyscho. I'm sure Aaron Kromer's wife Dawn Kromer would certainly not approve. Apparently Zachary tried to help the kid find his fishing pole after his father fled the scene.

The little I can gather about Aaron Kromer's wife Dawn Kromer's recent activities is mostly just about where she's traveled with her family and what sorts of stuff she does day-to-day. I know she was in Chicago taking a picture with her family at The Bean (the famous Chicago landmark) in late June, around the time that Aaron and Dawn attended the Chicago Bears Gala event all dressed up in a gown and a suit. Other than that, she's almost out of the hole as far as the parenting thing. Zachary is already 21 and in school, and their daughter may or may not be heading to college very soon.


LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend Steph

So there's a big old history of online quarreling b​etween LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend Steph and himself. She's the mother of his son, but that's the only connection these two seem to share at all now. So I guess I should start by reviewing some of the basics about their torn and frayed relationship and their feisty online interactions. Buckle up...

According to LeSean, the two of them got together within a week of meeting one another, but LeSean claims he "didn't know her name" when they consummated their relationship, so to speak. LeSean McCoy's girlfriend Steph also has told the entire twittosphere that LeSean "has herpes" and that his best friend has, well, had relations with her. Sorry but this is just what they've made public via their own tweets to each other and to their followers. Apparently they thought hashing these types of things out online instead of in person was a good idea.

Steph says she takes care of their son (also named LeSean) most of the time and that LeSean has very little to do with him. Their son was born in April of 2013. LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend seems to despise the elder LeSean and vice versa. At one point, LeSean was imploring his followers on twitter to call her a "bum" and lashed out at her, saying the only reason she had a life was because of their son and subsequent child support payments. Boy, these types of things get nasty. I'm sure it goes without saying that we urge all professional athletes to not talk about their relationships online. That way sites like us are forced to talk about only the delightful and nice things about them.

Steph is a striking looking lady, and she seems to be doing just fine taking care of her son, whom she talks about very often. Steph is a Pisces who loves to follow astrology and frequently posts things about her sign. She's also a Puerto Rican and very proud of her heritage. She talks about how Puerto Rico is part of the United States and thus no Puerto Ricans are immigrants because they're all citizens from birth. She seems to take major offense at the term "immigrant."