Oakland Raiders Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

10/12/14 (Updated)

Bo Jackson's wife Linda Jackson

Bo Jackson has done A LOT during his lifetime and through it al has been Bo Jackson's wife Linda Jackson. He was a two time state champion sprinter in high school, Heisman winner in college, played two sports professionally and most recently, added big time charity organizer to his resume.

Ever before Bo Jackson met his wife Linda, he began garnering national attention as a high school senior in Alabama. He mashed 20 home runs in 25 games and ran for over 1000 yards. It’s probably obvious that Jackson was pretty fast, but in case you were uncertain we should also mention he twice was state champion in the 100 meters. He stayed local for college, choosing to take his talents to Auburn. This was a fateful decision for Jackson, and not for reasons apparent at first.

It was at Auburn during his junior year that Bo met his future wife Linda. She was in grad school at the time. Early on in their relationship, they had a defining moment – pregnancy. Linda admitted at first she was not certain Bo would stick around, but he showed great character by settling down and ultimately marrying her in 1987. They have three children – Garret, Nicholas and Morgan. Linda went on to get her masters in counseling psychology from Auburn and reportedly works at a local hospital.

Jackson’s story is one with a tragic ending. He exploded on the scene as one of the first major two sport athletes, and was the first to be an All-Star in two different sports. He dazzled the nation in the 1989 MLB All Star game and punished defenses (specifically Brian Bosworth) in the NFL. He was also helped Nike establish themselves as a premier sports company with the “Bo Knows” ad campaign. In only his 4th year, Jackson suffered a horrible hip injury during the playoffs, which eventually left him needing a hip replacement. This injury ended his football career and all but finished life in baseball as well. What it didn’t stop him from doing was a 300 mile charity bike ride in 2012. Jackson created Bo Bikes Bama to support victims of the tornado that badly damaged areas in Alabama.

02/23/12 (Updated)

Jason Campbell's fiance Jenny Montes

Everyone can agree that destination weddings are a tremendous undertaking for traveling guests. Book and pay for the travel, accommodations, taking time off from work,... the list is never ending. Now imagine how pissed you'd be if you got to the nupitials only to find out that the couple delayed the wedding!

Former Raiders QB Jason Campbell was scheduled to marry Jenny Montes in her native country of the Domincan Republic this weekend. Jason and Jenny have been dating on and off for the past five years before setting a February wedding date.
VIBE Vixen is reporting that Jason called off the wedding just hours before kickoff, though Bay area Comcast SportsNet reporter Kate Longsworth(@KLongworthCSN) said via twitter:

Spoke w/ #JasonCampbell re: some 'wedding rumors' he denied leaving his fiancé at the alter, saying it's not in his character to do that

Some have speculated that the wedding was simply postponed, but there's nothing to verify that claim.

There's an interesting debate here as to whether or not Campbell, and other athlete's who have done the same thing are really doing the right or wrong thing in this instance. Richard Jefferson was famously rumored to have left his fiancee just hours before his wedding, and took his reasoning for doing so to the public via The Howard Stern Show (he also cleared the air that he and his fiancee had split days, not hours before the wedding). Jefferson argued that the divorce rate amongst professional athletes is high during their career, and crests over 80% once they retire. He cited difficult road schedules and the constant threat of infidelity from both parties as reasons he ultimately decided to walk away.
Honestly, those reasons make sense to me. Is it better to cause inconvenience for the wedding guests, but avoid entering a marriage destined for failure? Sports is a fascinating study of human and social behaviors, and the marriage debate may be at the forefront of that discussion.

While we don't know yet what really happened with Jason Campbell and his fiancee, we do know they're not married, and have yet to announce plans. We have also seen that Jenny, a former waitress, got Jason's initials tattooed on her shoulder. We also know that tattoo's are forever.
As for their relationship and wedding plans? We'll keep you posted if anything happens.

01/14/12 (Updated)

Tony LaRussa's Daughter Bianca Tai LaRussa


Tony LaRussa's daughter Bianca Tai LaRussa is an NFL cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. She broke the news on Twitter by posting "A goal and a dream come true - I'm a 2011 Raiderette! I'm so excited to rep an organization that does so much good." Mere months later, she announced, again via Twitter, that she hurt her back (3 herniated discs) and was out for the season. A few days after that she announced that she was forced to stop dancing with the Raiderettes due to degenerative disc disease and was undergoing physical therapy to combat it. No word on whether this means that she is permanently retired from the squad or just for this season.

Bianca Tai also appeared, with her father, sister and mother Elaine LaRussa, on Animal Planet's Housecat Housecalls. There's a joke in here either about Bianca being catty or a worse one about her making housecalls - but I'll avoid both. So she's clearly an animal lover. According to her Twitter profile though, she also loves... pirates.