Mike Mularkey’s Wife Betsy Mularkey


Mike Mularkey’s wife Betsy Mularkey entered the football club long ago. Mike was a player for the Vikings and Steelers in the 80’s. He transitioned to a tight ends coach in 1994. By 2001 he was an offensive coordinator, and by 2004 he was a head coach. I read an article from a Pittsburgh newspaper from 1989 about her life as a sports wife. At that time, they had just one son named Patrick, who…

Jason McCourty’s wife Melissa McCourty

Jason McCourty's wife Melissa McCourty- Instagram

Jason McCourty’s wife Melissa McCourty is the cool, fun-loving one of the two in the McCourty Twins clan. That’s not to say Devin McCourty’s girlfriend and fiance Michelle isn’t a catch, but I get a more fun and carefree vibe from Melissa. In case you’re wondering, Michelle and Melissa are not related and are not twins, though that would be the weirdest thing ever if the McCourty twins were marrying some other twins. Recently, Melissa…

Taylor Lewan’s girlfriend Reagan Agee

Taylor Lewan's girlfriend Reagan Agee

Taylor Lewan’s girlfriend Reagan Agee is all about friends and good times. She’s got some of the most social pictures I’ve seen of any player wives or girlfriends on Instagram. That is, the ratio of “with friends” pictures to “solo” pictures is so high that one must assume she feeds off the energy of others. It looks like she has a large group of very close friends, and she hangs out with all of them….

Justin Hunter’s girlfriend Aleisha Rayner​

Justin Hunter's girlfriend Aleisha Rayner​

Justin Hunter’s girlfriend Aleisha Rayner​ is a young and lovely mother of two boys, Braylon and Justin Jr. The kids are one and three years old. The couple’s been together since college, where they met at the University of Tennessee. Aleisha used to be on the track team and competed as a runner. Those days are over, but she seems to have taken to motherhood very well. The thing she’s probably not taking to so…

Rob Bironas’ wife Rachel Bradshaw

UPDATE 09/23/2014: Details from the events leading up to the fatal crash involving Rob Bironas, and things are more confusing than ever. Rob Bironas’ wife Rachel Bradshaw has told police that he said goodnight to her around 10:30 p.m. but was missing when she later went to check on him. Having no idea where her husband was, she called police to report him missing. Multiple witnesses have come forward now saying that Bironas was driving…

Jake Locker’s wife Lauren Greer

Jake Locker's wife Lauren Greer @ GoHuskies.com

Taking over a starting quarterback job is exciting, but it’s also incredibly stressful. The month of July leading into camp is particularly stressful, getting ready physically and detailed into the playbook. Just days before camp opened in July, Jake Locker’s wife Lauren Greer gave birth to a baby girl. I’m sure Jake is enjoying the life balance of NFL training camp and diapers. One thing I can safely say about Jake and Lauren’s new baby…

Eddie George’s wife Tamara “Taj” Johnson-George

Eddie George & Taj Johnson George

It’s not often that we are forced to dip into the retired player pool to come up with a post, even if said retired player is one of our favorites of all time. However, Eddie George has been in the news recently, forcing our hand, and making us come up with this post: Let’s start with the facts before the drama: Eddie George is married to Tamara Johnson-George, who is better known as Taj from…

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