Tennessee Titans Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Taylor Lewan's girlfriend Reagan Agee

Taylor Lewan's girlfriend Reagan Agee is all about friends and good times. She's got some of the most social pictures I've seen of any player wives or girlfriends on Instagram. That is, the ratio of "with friends" pictures to "solo" pictures is so high that one must assume she feeds off the energy of others. It looks like she has a large group of very close friends, and she hangs out with all of them. She's very much in her college-partying phase.

I don't actually think Taylor Lewan's girlfriend Reagan Agee is still in school now though. I know she's a professional hair stylist, and I saw a picture of her cutting what I assume is her (great?) grandfather's hair (he was 93 years old). It would be pretty amazing if she had a child when her great-grandfather was still alive simply because it's rare to ever have a great-great grandfather in any family. Anyway, she seems to know what she's doing with a pair of shears. She also had someone take some photos of a haircut she gave a woman, and I think she did that to create a kind of portfolio for her work. I respect the hair-cutting work because I used to try to save money and give myself haircuts, and it never works well.

Taylor Lewan's girlfriend looks fantastic in her stylish partywear and everyday ensembles. Reagan's Instagram feed really is an endless stream of hanging out with tons of people and smiling for the camera. It's almost like she wrote the book on how to put together a slew of pictures for good memories. Looking at her get-togethers with friends conjures up good time memories for me, and I was even't there. Reagan will also flash an occasional Ronald Reagan quote, and I'm sort of thinking she was named after the guy.


Justin Hunter's girlfriend Aleisha Rayner​

Justin Hunter's girlfriend Aleisha Rayner​ is a young and lovely mother of two boys, Braylon and Justin Jr. The kids are one and three years old. The couple's been together since college, where they met at the University of Tennessee. Aleisha used to be on the track team and competed as a runner. Those days are over, but she seems to have taken to motherhood very well.

The thing she's probably not taking to so well is the fighting between Justin and some guy at a bar that happened a few days ago. It's not clear if Justin Hunter's girlfriend was at the bar at the time of the fight. Alleged details of a drunken brawl are always murky, but current reports allege that Hunter punched the guy in the face twice, was separated from him, and then sucker-punched him while the guy was spitting out blood on the sidewalk. Hey, these things happen. Now there's a bit of a debate about whether Hunter should be placed on immediate leave. Personally, I tend to show a lot of leniency with bar fight situations because alcohol and men can and do create fights. Still, gotta' keep those fists from flyin' unless you want to pay big fines and be labelled a problem.

Anyway, as far as Aleisha goes-- she's currently a real estate agent around Nashville. Her bio section doesn't really give much of a sense for Aleisha as a person, but it's professional enough: "I am very big on customer service. The customer service you will receive from me will meet all of your expectations and I will make that commitment to each and every client..."

Well, what if my expectations are to get punched in the face by Justin Hunter? I need a firm commitment that you can provide that service for me.

09/23/14 (Updated)

Rob Bironas' wife Rachel Bradshaw

UPDATE 09/23/2014: Details from the events leading up to the fatal crash involving Rob Bironas, and things are more confusing than ever.

Rob Bironas' wife Rachel Bradshaw has told police that he said goodnight to her around 10:30 p.m. but was missing when she later went to check on him. Having no idea where her husband was, she called police to report him missing.

Multiple witnesses have come forward now saying that Bironas was driving recklessly that night, and made more than one attempt to run other vehicles off the road. The Tennessean provides the following account:

Connor Fraley said he was a passenger in a vehicle driving behind Bironas' white SUV on Battery Lane when he and others in the truck noticed a burning smell coming from Bironas' vehicle.

"His window was down, and we pulled up and I said, "Hey man, just a heads up, something's burning from your exhaust. Your exhaust smells horrible, just wanted to let you know,'' Fraley recalled telling Bironas. "He looked over at me and said "I'm going to kill everybody in your (expletive) vehicle. It was so random, so bizarre I was like, "What?" And he said the exact same thing again."

The report continues that Fraley attempted to get away from Bironas, who sped after them, and attempted to sideswipe them near an overpass, missing "by a foot."

Another woman told police that Bironas tried to run her vehicle being driven by her husband off the road. After another near miss them, the couple later came upon the crash site, with Bironas' truck upside down.

There has been no indication of drugs or alcohol involved. Rachel Bradshaw told police there was no argument leading up to the bizarre series of events.

We'll keep an eye on this one as it develops.

UPDATE 09/21/2014: Former NFL kicker Rob Bironas was tragically killed in a single car accident on September 20, 2014. It does not appear that Rob Bironas' wife Rachel Bradshaw was in the vehicle at the time.

Police have confirmed that Bironas was driving in Nashville when he lost control of his SUV around 11 pm. The vehicle crashed into several trees before flipping and landing upside down. Bironas was pronounced dead after being transported to nearby Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Bironas' twitter revealed the passing by saying:

It's w/ heavy hearts that we confirm the passing RB # 2 We appreciate your respect for the family's privacy and your prayers at this time.”

Condolences to Rob Bironas' wife Rachel Bradshaw and the entire family.

UPDATE 07/01/2014: Congratulations to Rob Bironas' wife Rachel Bironas, who wed the former NFL kicker on June 28th in Nashville. We can only imagine that Rachel Bradshaw's father Terry Bradshaw was beaming as his daughter took the plunge with a professional football player.

Even though the NFL kicker was cut from the Titans this year, Rob Bironas’ girlfriend Rachel Bradshaw still wants to walk down the aisle with him. And her father is ok with it too.

The Dallas-area native is used to football players. That’s because her father, Terry Bradshaw, is a football Hall of Famer and a household name. But Rachel Bradshaw didn’t grow up wanting to be a football player, she wanted to be a singer. So in 2006, just out of high school, Rachel Bradshaw moved from the comfort of her Texas home to Nashville. In the Music City, she attended Belmont University where she began taking music seriously. And now this year, she’s doing her first major tour and releasing her debut album. The 25-year-old Rachel Bradshaw only learned last December that she was picked to join Josh Turner’s tour as his opening act starting in January.

Next on her to-do list is the wedding planned for June 28th. Rob Bironas went the traditional route and asked Terry Bradshaw for his blessing. Apparently the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback legend who earned four gold rings in the 1970s went easy on Rob Bironas.

“The truth is,” Rob Bironas told tmz.com, “I knew I was going to marry Rachel when I first met her. It was a waiting game. I bought her ring six months earlier and had it sitting in a safe and I couldn’t wait to put it on her finger.”

But if you think Rachel Bradshaw ever thought she’d marry a football player, you’re wrong. She told vindy.com that she used to think she would rather die than marry an athlete. But then she met Rob Bironas. And to make the story even sweeter, Rob Bironas and Rachel Bradshaw’s father, get along real swell.