Dallas Cowboys Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Troy Aikman's Girlfriend Tracy Ripsin



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He may not have introduced her publicly, but Troy Aikman's girlfriend Tracy Ripsin has been identified by, you know, internet people. It had apparently been a mystery who the woman was that was spotted with the Big Aik on several occasions, but a tip from someone revealed to bustedcoverage that the lovely lady is Miss Ripsin, and she's a model. She gets photographed in various layers of snazzy clothes for a living.

Troy's girlfriend Tracy works with the Centro Models Agency, and she's apparently been on the cover of a Wedding magazine-- the kind that has women wearing big wedding gowns and stuff. I have a feeling that as long as humans are still around and wearing clothes, there'll always be a need for models. That's assuming we don't create really good looking robots to do the job for them. So Tracy is 5'10" and wears a size 2 dress. Her measurements are 24/34/35, and she's got green eyes. That's what we can gather from her portfolio stat sheet thing that the agency provides. Tracy is also from Dallas, so it seems Troy has decided to keep his dating within the convenience of the Dallas community.

Troy has been dating his girlfriend Tracy for "almost a year" according to a brief interview with her, as his marriage in 2000 and subsequent divorce in 2011 to publicist Rhonda Worthey is miles in the background by now. The interview with her was pretty boring, but she did say she admired Troy's knack for public speaking and his drive for physical fitness. Well, the two seem to go hand in hand, don't they? I mean, if you're going to speak publicly, you mine as well look good. Troy himself is 48 years old and has two kids, so you can imagine there might be a few people rolling their eyes when they see young Tracy on his arm. I'm sure she's charming, and she is very likely a Cowboys fan, so you know Troy is going to go up to bat for her based on her love of America's Team. Troy is also a friend of John Madden and his wife Virginia, and he stops in to see them every time he's in the bay area (as can be seen on his Twitter account).


Michael Irvin's Wife Sandy Harrell Irvin


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Michael Irvin's Wife Sandy Harrell Irvin was recently brought up by Michael in order to relate a story. Michael was weighing in about a Cleveland Browns receiver named Josh Gordon who apparently is having some drug addiction issues. Cris Carter had said that the team needs to cut Gordon in order for him to learn that he must seek help and break the addiction, but Michael Irvin said that was the very same advice Carter gave to his wife Sandy when Irvin had been struggling with addiction.

Irvin's exact words were: "Even though I love Cris to death… I don’t know what year it was, we were in the Pro Bowl. He said to my wife — he said to my wife — you know, Michael would never come out of this problem until you leave him." That's a bold thing to say to a man's wife, but like Michael, I understand why he said it. Apparently there was more than just a few toots of cocaine happening back then.

According to 1996 police reports when Irvin was arrested for cocaine, he was found "lying on the floor covered in cocaine with multiple strippers performing sexual acts upon him." Well, that does indeed sound like a party, but I doubt Michael Irvin's wife Sandy was having much fun when she heard about it. There was also another accusation by a lying cheerleader named Nina Shahravan that Irvin had sexually assaulted her, but she completely recanted the statements and ended up doing jail time for lying. Michael Irvin definitely did nothing of the sort. He seems like a good-hearted fellow.

Michael Irvin's wife Sandy did not leave him when he was having his troubles with substance abuse, and Irvin is happy about that. They have been married since 1990, and Michael and Sandy have four kids, Chelsea, Michael, Elijah, and Myesha (from a former girlfriend).


DeMarco Murray's girlfriend Heidi Mueller



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DeMarco Murray's girlfriend Heidi Mueller is no stranger to the spotlight.

Mueller is an actress, who starred in the soap opera, Passions has spent her twenties between the midday and evening news. After taking a break from the biz, she took up with the NFL's leading rusher in 2012. After more than a year together, Murray's girlfriend gave birth to the couple's first child, Savannah June Murray, on June 20, 2013.

Being used to the public eye likely makes it easier to embrace the life associated with dating a professional athlete. And Mueller makes no secret of her love and support for her boyfriend on Twitter and Instagtam. Hell, her bio alone spells it out, Former Kay Bennett on NBC's Passions.. I love Jesus, my family, my love Demarco & my baby girl Savanna! ❤️ Go Cowboys!

In a cursory and admittedly not-even-a-little-bit scientific review of her tweeting pattern, her 10 most recent Tweets are comprised of seven tweets about DeMarco, two tweets about Savannah (or at least about watching Doc McStuffins), and one about living through an intense earthquake. That's a woman that loves her family. Nothing but respect from us.

Heidi Mueller has dated in the public eye before, having spent two years with the far cooler Lawrence brother, Matthew Lawrence (and anyone that challenges that assertion is a dummy who doesn't respect the cultural impact of Boy Meets World). The two were engaged, but called it off in 2006.