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Dez Bryant's Girlfriends Brianna & Ilyne



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If there's one thing social media teaches athletes, it's that life can get tangly and complicated if you're bouncing around from woman to woman. However, we don't know if Dez Bryant's girlfriend Brianna or Dez Bryant's girlfriend Ilyne even care if Dez Bryant two-times them. The story broke about a year ago that Dez had two girlfriends (or women who considered him a boyfriend) and that they possibly weren't aware of each other. I bet you if he'd been interviewed about the two-girl twirl that he was doing he'd have said it was no big deal. Come to think of it, he sounds like even more of a jerk in that hypothetical version.

Ilyne is the mother of Dez Bryant's child as well as a girlfriend (and now possible ex-girlfriend). She apparently graduated in 2013, having known Dez for some time and seen him graduate himself. Dez attended her graduation and took her out for drinks and dinner afterwards, but he'd been out the night before with Brianna.

Little is known of the mysterious and vexing Brianna other than what one can piece together from her Twitter. She has posted pictures of herself in pole dancing class, the obligatory poolside picture in scanty swimsuit referencing wearing Jordans (Dez's favorite brand), the generic God's words tweets, and also the occasional promotional tweets about being at a club and her hosting some kind of party. I think if she did have an actual job (which is questionable) she would be considered a club promoter because there are a few promo pages that she's tacked up there. It's anyone's guess what she does other than take pictures of herself. She is probably less thick than Dez, as Mr. Bryant scored around a 16 on the Wonderlic-- a test that scores for problem-solving. If this little love triangle proved to be a problem, you can bet he didn't find the optimal solution.

08/12/14 (Updated)

Orlando Scandrick's Girlfriend Draya Michele



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UPDATE 08/12/2014: In the immortal words of Trinidad James, Pop the molly I'm sweating.

Unfortunately for Orlando Scandrick, (Orlando Scandrick's girlfriend Draya Michele) poppin the molly got him sweating a 4 game suspension. Scandrick was suspended by the NFL for four games for violating the league's substance abuse policy, and reports all point to the drug in question being MDMA, or Molly's for you cool kids out there. Scandrick was refreshingly stand up about the whole ordeal, taking responsibility, and apologizing for his mistake:

Failing a drug test is far out of my character, and although I never knowingly took a performance-enhancing drug/banned stimulant while on vacation in Mexico, I take full responsibility for what goes in my body and more importantly for the embarrassment of a failed drug test. It's my goal by issuing this statement to clear my name and more importantly to be judged by what happens to me in the future.

Under league policy, MDMA is considered a drug of abuse and would not have triggered a suspension for a first failed test. MDMA does often times contain an amphetamine which would trigger a performance enhancing failure on the test, which is apparently what happened to Scandrick.

So here's where Draya Michele enters the suspension picture. This Mexico trip in question that Scandrick cites in his statement took place with Draya Michele at his side. The internet blew up suggesting that Scandrick had the ecstasy slipped into his drink by the reality star. Draya Michele took to Twitter to refute those suggestions:

“Sources” say I drugged this man ….. People have written statements taking responsibility for their actions …. Never once blaming me. ...

I’m not to blame …. I’ve been supporting him since April when this happened. And I will continue to support him.

Scandrick didn't let those rumors persist much longer, addressing the topic later in the day telling the Dallas Morning News:

To clear up those rumors, I wasn’t persuaded nor was I drugged. I simply just made a bad choice. It was just a bad decision. I should have never done it. I didn’t do it with the intent of knowing that it would test positive. I know we get random tests but I mean, I don’t take anything to enhance my performance. I wasn’t taking anything to enhance my performance. I was notified that I had to take a test while I was out of the country. I called them and told them I would not be back and I voluntarily gave them my specimen.”

It's nice when a rumor is quickly put to bed. Here's one more rumor we can put to bed - Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick have broken up. Despite rumors of wedding bells in the near future, Michele confirmed to Style Magazine that they were officially done and added

“People are going to be who they are whether u make a complete change in front of the world or not. I did my part and have no regrets.”

Hell of a week for the pair. Wish them both the best.

Orlando Scandrick's girlfriend Draya Michele would like to make it perfectly clear that she is still with Orlando and is "damn near married." This is according to her when she was recently asked by a paparazzi who she was into now that she was single. Apparently she'd been seen at a party that Jermaine Jones was also attending, and someone thought she might be on the buying market or whatever you'd like to call it. But no, she is quite happy with Mr. Scandrick, apparently. She was accommodating enough as the paparazzi asked her how she got such a flat stomach. She told him the "Pacquiao" workout is where its at. Yeah, okay. Go on Youtube and look that up; it's about the most punishing ab routine you can find. Unless your job is looking good (as it is for Draya) or being a professional boxer (as it is for Manny Pacquiao) you won't be investing your time into that workout. You'll give up after three days, guaranteed.

Although Scandrick might do the workout. Orlando is from Torrance, California, which is one of the nicest cities in the Los Angeles area that no one knows about. I checked it out on Wikipedia, and that's where I'm heading if I decide to hit the beach. Less tourists means more smiles. Orlando posted an impressive 4.32 40-yard dash in the combine before the 2008 draft, but apparently he had "probable character problems." Now, what this means-- I have no idea, but it has been reported on multiple websites over the past few years. Some woman named Chantel Christie also made up rumors that she'd been dating Orlando while Orlando was dating Draya. This was apparently her scheme in order to get some headlines or eyes on her on some stupid websites. Anything for attention on the internet, right? Orlando had 59 tackles and 2 interceptions last year, and has a 5 year $25,000,000 contract.

09/10/14 (Updated)

Jerry Jones' Wife Gene Jones


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UPDATE: 09/10/2014: I had a feeling the story behind the photos from last month might come back to haunt Jerry Jones and wife Gene Jones. A former stripper named Jana Weckerly, from Ardmore, Okla, is accusing Jerry Jones of sexual assault. Of course Jerry is claiming that this is nothing more than a shakedown. Time will tell which is telling the truth.

Well now, Jerry Jones' wife Gene Jones may not be too happy about the recent photos that have emerged of him seemingly getting serviced by two young girls. I'm going to assume call-girls or something, but I really have no idea. They may not actually be doing anything. It may be that they're simply posing for goofy pictures for some reason, but I doubt it.


Jones' wife Gene married him in the mid 60's when he was just about to graduate from the University of Arkansas. After he graduated, he got an MBA and became a huge success in gas and oil exploration in Arkansas. He bought the Cowboys in 1989, fired a bunch of guys from the old regime, and hired Jimmy Johnson as the coach. Jerry himself became both the general manager and the owner while his Cowboys started ripping apart other teams and piling up championships in the early 90's.

Gene is pretty much only known for raising their three kids Steven, Charlotte, and Jerry Jr. and also for showing up to occasional charity and community events and things like that. Jerry's wife can't be happy about the party-going ways of her husband. Just today the photos came out, and I'm wondering why the hell Jerry let pictures be taken. Was he just drunk? He's been known to celebrate with whiskey and do/say things that he later recanted, such as when he pronounced that he'd fire Jimmy Johnson and replace him with Barry Switzer. He said "It was the whiskey talking" but then in about a year fired Johnson and replaced him with Switzer. Maybe he's going to fire Gene and replace her with two twenty-something call-girls. I don't see that happening since Jerry is 71 years old, worth $2.7 billion, and a divorce settlement at that age would probably be enough to shatter his sanity.