Dustin Hopkins’ wife Gabrielle Hopkins


Dustin Hopkins’ wife Gabrielle Hopkins was a former cheerleader at FSU. I’ll give you one guess where Gabrielle met Dustin. If you said Florida State, you win the grand prize of getting to hear a bit more about her. If you said anything else I…

DeSean Jackson’s girlfriend Kayla Phillips

DeSean Jacksons girlfriend Kayla Phillips

DeSean Jackson’s girlfriend Kayla Phillips is another beautiful, cool hot lady. I say¬†another¬†because the man has a history of hanging with desirable women. Any man who claims this isn’t a badge to wear proudly is putting on airs. I mean, if you date both Natalia…

Jordan Reed’s girlfriend Danielle Newsome

Jordan Reed's girlfriend Danielle Newsome - Twitter

Jordan Reed’s girlfriend Danielle Newsome grew up in the one, the only Anchorage, Alaska! That in itself is pretty special. I’ve been to Anchorage to compete in an academic challenge when I was in high school, and I remember how weird it was since it’s…

Scot McCoughlan’s wife Jessica McCoughlan

Scot McCoughlan's wife Jessica McCoughlan

Okay so let me explain what has happened here with Scot McCoughlan’s wife Jessica McCoughlan. At first, I didn’t really even understand what had happened, but it’s pretty simple. Jessica responded to a tweet made by an ESPN reporter named Dianna Marie Russini made about…

Dashon Goldson’s girlfriend Ashley North

Dashon Goldson's girlfriend Ashley North

Dashon Goldson’s girlfriend Ashley North is another one of the ladies on E! Channel’s show “WAGS,” and she had a little breakdown recently after Dashon apparently got cold feet about their marriage. They’ve been together for about 11 years and have a daughter named Charly….

Ryan Kerrigan’s Girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki

Ryan Kerrigan's girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki - Twitter

Welcome back to the world of World’s Best Genetically Engineered Sports Couples! Ryan Kerrigan’s girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki is all kinds of awesome. We are talking about a tennis powerhouse now. She spent 67 straight weeks ranked the #1 tennis player in the world. That is…

Jay Gruden’s Wife Sherry Gruden

Jay Gruden's wife Sherry Gruden -

Jay Gruden’s wife Sherry Gruden is now a proud grandmother. Her son recently had a child, and she’s shown him off on her facebook account. Her husband Jay became the Washington Redskins head coach earlier this year, so the two have toured the nation’s capital…

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