Baltimore Ravens Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Justin Forsett's Wife Angela Forsett

Justin Forsett's wife Angela Forsett has a higher vertical leap than he does. On the relative sports scale, she's a better athlete-- having all but secured a spot on the Olympic Volleyball team before unexpectedly becoming pregnant. She'd be training very hard for the team, and, well, I guess they decided they had to keep it.

And keep it they did. That little Olympic Dream Crusher is now known as Judah, and he's about 21 months old. Justin's wife Angela posted a video recently of his son recognizing his dad on television during a game, and he started yelling to him on the screen to try and get his attention. The clip is pretty cute, and it helps to make up for, you know, dashed Olympic Volleyball ambitions. Angela is now busy taking care of little Judah, and she has no time to be flying through the air reigning down killer spikes on lesser opponents. Justin made a statement a few years back about how Angela's vertical leap was four inches higher than his (something crazy like 36 inches), and that she could dunk a tennis ball.

Justin' wife Angela was also surprised to receive a special 1-year anniversary gift from Justin. It was a full song and music video about their relationship. The song was arranged in a semi-modern R&B style, and Justin's singing was passable, though I have to say his lyric writing left a bit to be desired, and the music itself came off as bland, but it doesn't matter. It was a very sweet and thoughtful gesture. I watched about half of the video, and it shows what a classy guy Angela managed to find for herself. I mean, the video and song are more than decent if you consider that Justin has to spend almost all of his time playing professional football.

05/18/13 (Updated)

Jacoby Jones girlfriend Kimberly Harris

After a 50+ yard touchdown and a 109 yard Super Bowl record kickoff return touchdown, Jacoby Jones has become a household name in a matter of hours tonight. Before tonight, the 6 year pro spent time with the Houston Texans before coming to the Baltimore Ravens. And until destroying NFL playoff records, he was essentially known in those two cities, and extremely deep fantasy leagues across the county.

However, after his instant success, people have to be wondering, who is Jacoby Jones' girlfriend? After a little sleuthing,... we're still not sure [UPDATE 02/18/2013 - We have now verified that Jacoby Jones girlfriend is Kimberly Harris, and has been with him for at least a couple years.]. We do know that Jacoby Jones has a son born in late summer, 2012, who he talks with via FaceTime or Skype on a nightly basis. After an interview with the New Orleans Times Picayune, we know that the couple has been together for a long time, and is committed to making the relationship work with their son. Jacoby Jones mother, Emily Jones, told the Times Picayune that she had the headphones ready for the infant to wear at the Super Bowl as Jacoby Jones mother, girlfriend, and son will be in attendance.

After his performance tonight, Jacoby has a real shot at standing on the podium holding up MVP hardware. We'll see if Jacoby Jones girlfriend is on stage with him celebrating. Stay tuned.

04/11/13 (Updated)

Bernard Pollard's wife Meghan Pollard

Full disclosure before we begin. I am a Patriot's fan, and I might be biased,... but I hate Bernard Pollard.

The dude is a curse. I was there in Foxboro that fateful day in 2008 when Pollard took out Brady's knee while he was playing in Kansas City. I joked the next season that Pollard was a curse when he was the closest guy to Welker on the play when he tore his ACL while Pollard was in Houston. The joke took a more serious tone in the 2011 AFC Championship game when he hobbled Rob Gronkowski by destroying his ankle, and likely destroyed the Patriots Super Bowl chances that year. And of course, we all saw when he knocked Steven Ridley out cold before he hit the ground a year later in the AFC Championship game. Since the rest of the country hates the Patriots, they probably love Bernard Pollard, right?

So I'm biased. And writing a factually based post, without commentary on the Patriot Assassin will prove difficult, but you're probably here for Bernard Pollard's wife Meghan Pollard, and not the rantings of a lunatic Pats fan. Bernard and Meghan Pollard have two children together, son Jaylen and daughter Alonna. The family runs Pollard's Helpin Hands Foundation, which focuses on providing meals for children in urban areas (primarily focused in the cities he's played in).

Pollard is a self professed Christian who believes strictly in the biblical definition of marriage. Pollard caused some unease in early November, after declaring his views on gay marriage, and took to Twitter to reaffirm his position. He posted the letter seen on the right to his Twitter account explaining his biblical view on marriage, which was signed by a number of his teammates. I wonder if this created any commotion in the Ravens locker room in light of the strong public views proclaimed by teammate, Brendon Ayanbadejo, in support of gay marriage.