Miami Dolphins Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Richie Incognito's girlfriend Madison Yates



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Richie Incognito is a jerk.
Richie Incognito is a racist.
Richie Incognito is a bully.
Richie Incognito is a scourge on society and is threatening the American way of life as we know it.

By now we've heard it all about Richie Incognito (ok, maybe that last one is a stretch),... but let's turn to the woman once known as Richie Incognito's girlfriend, Madison Yates, who tells a different story:

“Richie was nothing but kind to me and a great friend,”

Madison Yates uttered the somewhat surprising descriptor that to Gossip Extra before finishing with: “I have not further comment.” Yates and Incognito recently split after being together for a few years. According to Gossip Extra, the two originally began dating when Incognito was playing with the Rams, and continued into his days in Miami. The couple has recently split, and while they originally reported it was due to Richie's abrasive and disagreeable personality, Yates made it clear via email to them that this was not the case. Though the two are no longer together, rumor has it that Yates continues working in Fort Lauderdale as a nightclub waitress.

It will be interesting to see how many other girlfriends come out of the works in future days to side with or against Yates. We'll keep an eye out on this one as it develops.


Jeff Ireland's wife Rachel Ireland



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Hell of a week for Miami football, huh?

Very few people know that quite as well as Miami Dolphins' GM Jeff Ireland. Shrapnel exists amid the Dolphins bullying controversy, and there are sure to be guys losing their jobs as the stories continue to trickle out. With rumors swirling that Jeff Ireland suggested that Jonathan Martin punch Richie Incognito in the face as a method of solving their issues, Ireland may very well wind up unemployed by the time this is all said and done. Fortunately, Jeff Ireland's wife Rachel Ireland will be waiting patiently to help support her husband when Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is done clearing house.

No matter what the final outcome is from the Incognito/Martin saga, Jeff and Rachel Ireland have made positive contributions throughout the Miami community. The Ireland's have been publicly acknowledged for their positive contributions to the autism community South Florida. Jeff and Rachel Ireland were married in 1995 and have four children together; their 18-year-old twin daughters, Haley and Hannah, were diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. In working with the Dan Marino foundation, the Ireland's have helped to raise nearly $2 Million towards the cause since 2011.


Could Richie Incognito's Wife Have Prevented This?



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Let's begin by saying that Richie Incognito is not married. We are asking this question in the ether, in a more general sense, but seriously,... could Richie Incognito's wife have stopped the events from happening with Jonathan Martin?

I was in a college football locker room, and while I never heard anything quite as aggressive as the voicemail that Richie Incognito left for Jonathan Martin, I heard some pretty vile things. Unfortunately, as an idiot 22, 23 and 29 year old, I would often continue regurgitating these things in forums far less appropriate than the testosterone riddled locker room. I was very lucky to have found a wife, who helped me want to grow up and in turn be a better man. I certainly don't look down on how I used to behave, but I also wouldn't do those things now.

So if Richie Incognito is married: does this all still happen? Does he maybe grow up a little bit and tone down his voicemails and behavior even 10%? If he doesn't include the N-Word, is this nearly as bad? Does the calming influence of a good woman and stable off the field life help calm him just enough to turn this whole chain of events into Incognito's professed intentions of good natured ribbing?

Let's try this on the other foot: If Jonathan Martin had a girlfriend or wife, would the events have turned out any differently? I think most people would agree that a good woman to return to every night helps put things in perspective, and either drive a solvent plan to address the situation, or diffuse the combustible feelings simmering below the surface.

Unfortunately, we won't know that answer - obviously, things have unfolded the way they have thus far, and there's also no indication that either Incognito or Martin has a significant other. There are rumblings that for a period of time, Richie Incognito's girlfriend was Carrie Bayes - who also happened to attend his contract signing press conference. All indications point to that relationship ending with no one coming in since.

There are obviously more layers to this complex, emotionally charged he said - he said battle. However, I think it's an interesting question to ask and at the very least, makes you wonder a little bit. If anything does come out regarding either Martin or Incognito, we'll be sure to let you know.