Cincinnati Bengals Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Marvin Lewis' Wife Peggy Lewis

Marvin Lewis' wife Peggy Lewis has been with the old tiger for quite some time, and after more than eleven years in Cincinatti, she's become quite comfortable there. The two have been together since the early 1980's, when Lewis was a linebacker coach for Idaho State from 1981-1984. They then packed up and moved to the LA area where Lewis was assistant coach at Long Beach State until 1986.

Marvin's wife Peggy was thankful to Bill Cowher in 1992 for pulling Marvin out of the college ranks and onto the big stage, where he took over as linebacker coach in 1992 following coaching internships at Kansas City and San Francisco. I wonder if it gets boring being a linebacker coach. All of your efforts are devoted to coaching just the linebackers. I mean, Marvin had been a coach for more than ten years, and he's got to be a linebacker coach for four more years on the Steelers before he gets hired as defensive coordinator for the Ravens in 1996. Marvin and wife Peggy lived in Baltimore for six seasons until the big jump to Cincinatti, where they've been ever since.

Their two kids, Whitney and Marcus, are 28 and 23 years old and undoubtedly Bengals fans, and there's a lot to like about the Bengals in the years since Marvin has taken over at the helm. In the past five years, they've reached the playoffs four times, though they have never actually won a game in the postseason. That's gotta be something that frustrates Marvin, as he's pulled out 90 wins over his long NFL career. Still, the Bengals hadn't made the playoffs in consecutive season since 1982, and Marvin has a lot to do with that. He was given a contract extension that covers this season, and I'm pretty curious if he'll stick around if the Bengals make the playoffs and lose in the first round again. His wife Peggy hasn't had to move with him in quite some time.

09/16/14 (Updated)

Devon Still's Girlfriend Asha

Devon Still's girlfriend Asha will soon be Mrs. Asha Still. The two got engaged this year and posted a picture of Asha with her engagement ring, all smiles. Devon was cut from the Cincinatti Bengals squad earlier for missing practices and some mini-camp because of the situation with his daughter, but the Bengals organization rehired him to play on the practice squad and therefore not have to travel in order for him to focus on and help pay for her treatments.

Devon's four year-old daughter Leah has cancer, and she is fighting through chemo treatment and trying to beat it. Any way you slice it, the situation is sad and scary. Asha is clearly doing everything she can to support Devon and Leah. They, along with the Cincinatti Bengals, have set up a campaign to raise money for pediatric cancer research. It's hard to imagine how frightening it must be to have a child with stage IV neuroblastoma cancer. Devon's daughter Leah is the child of he and his former girlfriend Channing Smythe, who is also doing everything she can to help and support Leah.

Asha is a hairstylist and is very happy to be engaged to Devon, who has got all kinds of things to work toward right now. He has made the statement before that everything he was doing on the field was to help Leah. It was cool of the Bengals organization to rehire him onto the practice squad. It's a touchy situation to have to let go of a player because he's missing practices to try and attend to his sick daughter. In fact, the Bengals ensured that the NFL health insurance would help shoulder the burden of her treatments, which he's said might go as high as $1,000,000. He's actually on the active roster. Other players must surely understand the intent here, and it's hard to have any resentment. Best wishes for Devon, Asha, and Leah.


Vontaze Burfict's Girlfriend Brandie LaBomme

Last year, Vontaze Burfict's girlfriend Brandie LaBomme accompanied him to a Meels-On-Wheels delivery. I feel like Brandie definitely encouraged it too. Delivering meals to elderly folks is pretty cool if you're a millionaire athlete because you're taking the time out of your day to go and do something genuinely caring and helpful. Would they have done it without the cameras on them? Who cares-- they rule.

So Vontaze's girlfriend Brandie is basically a really young girl who just recently graduated from Arizona State. She's been with Vontaze since January 9, 2011. That's the official date she has locked in on her facebook account. Other than that, she's just a young hot chick who occasionally takes really nice pictures of herself. Seems pretty cool to me. Of course, when really hot curvy women do anything normal, it seems elevated to "cool" status in the eyes of regular schmoes.

Vontaze himself is a beast, as you can imagine. I would not want this guy mad at me on the field or off. He was a Pro-Bowling linebacker last year with-- count'em-- 115 tackles, 3 sacks, and even a touchdown thrown in to boot. I imagine being a 6'1" 250 pound heat-seeking missile allows you to have a teddy bear's personality because everyone is just going to be afraid of you anyway. That's probably how girlfriend Brandie sees it. Brandie actually graduated in September of 2012 with a double major. We won't venture to guess what the subjects are, but Arizona State is not known for its rigor in physics and mathematics. She was recently vacationing in Paris and took a whole bunch of snapshots of the Eiffel Tower, as everyone seems to do when they're standing next to it for the first time. No one seems to understand that there's more pictures of the Eiffel readily available on the internet than there are pictures of cats-- and 90% of them look better than the ones you snap on your phone.