Jacksonville Jaguars Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

03/19/15 (Updated)

Marcedes Lewis' Girlfriend Savannah Stern [UPDATE]

UPDATE 02/17/2015: After being contacted by parties in the know, we feel it necessary to correct ourselves here. Savannah Stern is not, and never was, Marcedes Lewis' girlfriend. We regret our oversight in assigning the title of girlfriend to Savannah Stern.

According to multiple reports, the custody war is ongoing, with Lewis filing for sole custody of their five month old child. When served with the legal custody filing documents, Stern is alleged to have had an outburst resulting in police arriving on the scene.

Tough sledding ahead for all parties while this plays out.

Marcedes Lewis' ex-girlfriend Savannah Stern is an adult film actress, and she's just been served with court papers by Marcedes that said he was filing for sole custody of the 5-month-old child they had together. Sometimes I wonder if professional athletes need coaches for their off-field life too.  You know, the life coaches would draw up plays and make strategies for how to deal with big life decisions like, say, having a child with a porn actor. However, I shouldn't joke about it that way because for awhile Marcedes didn't believe the child was his, and in this particular case I can't say I blame him. Usually that excuse doesn't sound reasonable at all, but if you're professionally having sex with various people for a living, it sort of legitimizes the excuse.

Anyhow, it seems there's been a DNA test or something along those lines, because Marcedes is now looking for the custody, and Marcedes Lewis' ex-girlfriend Savannah Stern apparently flipped out when he told her. She threw such a fit that neighbors called the police, and she was asked to leave the premises. This will be Marcedes' third child, and he has apparently posted a picture of himself with one of his daughters that reads "the real deadbeat is the b---- who keeps the child away from their loving father." Geez, can't we all just get along, people? Well, Savannah was born in Modesto, California in 1986 and got into the porn business back in 2005 at the age of nineteen. According to IMDB, she's been in 132 pornos, and her real name is Kristen Grinnell. Since she chose her screen name "Stern," I wonder if she's a fan of Howard Stern? Possibly a fan of the great Ukrainian concert violinist Isaac Stern? You never know, guys, she might be a really cultured lady. You can learn a lot in the 'ole porn biz.

08/30/14 (Updated)

Toby Gerhart's Wife Meredith Ayres Gerhart

If you're looking for a weird last name, here's one: Ayres Gerhart-- belonging to Toby Gerhart's wife Meredith Ayres Gerhart. Do you pronounce that eye-res? How do you even say this guy's name? Gurrrr-heart? Anyway, this lady is pretty much the bomb, as you will soon learn.

And guess what? So is Toby. He scored a 30 on the Wonderlic test (I'll remind you quickly it's a test they give to incoming football players to see how they are with problem solving). 30 is way above normal. He has the highest Wonderlic score of any running back in the NFL. His wife Meredith has got him beat though. She's getting a Phd in genetic counseling from Northwestern. That is no joke, or at least it doesn't sound like a joke to me-- who has any idea what genetic counseling is? Christian Ponder made a statement regarding the wives on the Vikings: "If there's a stereotype that everybody is a former model or a girl who was a cute waitress in college, it's not necessarily like that." Yeah, no kidding! Thanks, Meredith, now all the other wives feel like dum-dums.

Toby himself doesn't really do much. He had 36 carries last season for a total of 283 yards. Not exactly Dickersonesque. Toby went to Stanford just like his wife Meredith (I'm told Stanford is one of the absolute nicest campuses in the country). Meredith was also pretty much the best collegiate swimmer in the country. She was a letter winner every year and an all-academic first team in the Pac 10. This chick is awesome. She's pretty, she's smarter than you, she swims faster than you, she's got better genetics than you, but she will also counsel you and educate you on why those genetics are superior. After all, she will soon be a doctor on the subject, and we'll all just be football fans who likes to ogle hot football wives and girlfriends.


Paul Posluszny's Wife Elizabeth Posluszny

Paul Posluszny's wife Elizabeth Posluszny has been rockin' and rollin' with "Paws" since they both attended Penn State. She was there to get a major in French, and he was there to get a major in Smashing Into Dudes. No, he actually did finish up a bachelor's in finance, but I don't seem him going to work for a Manhattan hedge fund any time soon.

Paul's new wife Elizabeth went on to get a master's in Education from the University of Buffalo. So she's a teacher now. The little tykes who all have crushes on her in the classroom get bummed out when they see the giant hulk she married. Posluszny's neck is in the same ballpark as Elizabeth's waist. According to Wikipedia, the couple twice postponed their honeymoon to Bora Bora. The first time was due to the NFL season starting, and the second time was because Paul went and got himself picked for the Pro Bowl. Alas, when they finally did make it down to the wonderful isle of Bora Bora (near Tahiti) they lapped up the tropical sunshine and drank Pina Coladas 'til luau time. If you're curious about the climate of their honeymoon paradise, Bora Bora's lowest average temperature all year is in July, and it is 82.6 degrees. Elizabeth went and got herself a tan.

Earning a Pro Bowl spot for Paul was a hard-fought battle. He's been in the league since 2007, and this was his first trip to the Bowl. His wife Elizabeth, though slightly put off at having to postpone Bora Bora time, was amply proud of Paul after his 3 sacks and 162 tackles. If you think about it, does it strike you as a little odd that they'd pick Bora Bora as a destination when they already live in Jacksonville? I've been to Jacksonville, and although it gets lower than 82, it's got a pretty solid climate.