Denver Broncos Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Louis Vasquez's Girlfriend Cameron Howard

Louis Vasquez's girlfriend Cameron Howard seems like a sweet young lady looking to do some modeling. She has a small portfolio on Model Mayhem and was featured in "Busted Coverage's Hottest Wags of 2015 NFL Playoffs." She does look good in a bikini. I have to say, as with most athletes, there's a lot of rumors and talk about the activities of Cameron's guy. Good old Talk-Sports.Net always has a lot of individuals and a lot of conflicting opinions.

Cameron created her modeling profile when she was 27 years old, and I'm fairly certain it was recent since Louis himself is twenty-seven. She says she's looking to get her portfolio going and a photographer for family pictures. She's taken some rather tame pictures and some fairly racy ones, and she's been photographed in the water with a swimming cap on for some reason. Her measurements, for anyone interested, are 34", 25", 34." She's 5'9" and weighs 130 pounds. Hey, I'm only telling you what she's put out there on her profile, folks. Louis Vasquez's girlfriend Cameron Howard wants to break into modeling, and I'm trying to make it happen for her.

I do find it sort of curious that the web forums featured a comment from someone who claimed to be from Louis' hometown, Corsicana. They were saying some not-so-nice things about old Lou. Some of the comments alleged that he was a "playboy with his sidekick Will" any time he would visit Corsicana, and that the person commenting had known him and his family for years. The comments went on about how Louis is allegedly a "a bad person all around." Naturally, this kind of talk can lead to some ruffled feathers. In fact, another commenter after that one claimed to be Louis Vasquez's girlfriend Cameron Howard and type out her number asking the commenter to call her. Ah, internet gossip. Breathe it in.


Julius Thomas' Girlfriend Amanda Adamson

Julius Thomas' girlfriend Amanda Adamson is one of those people who obsess on being happy every waking moment of her life. After looking over a wide selection of messages that she has posted on her Instagram, it seems her only goal in life is to be happy 100% of the time. I know that sounds unusual and perhaps a little creepy, but almost every single one of her photos or messages have something to do with appearing happy or being happy.

Here's a selection of the photo messages Julius Thomas' girlfriend Amanda Adamson has posted: "No negative thoughts," "talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. break the habit. talk about your joys," "at this stage in my life if it doesn't make me money, make me better, make me happy, i don't make time for it," "we don't appreciate negative vibes around here. move along," "positive mind, positive vibes, positive life," "focus on the good," "being happy never goes out of style." The whole presentation smacks of a kind of rigorous self-suppression, but I'm sure reducing one's entire life experience into "negative" and "positive" works fine for her.

Julius Thomas' girlfriend Amanda Adamson was formerly a collegiate basketball player for the New Mexico Lobos. She transferred to New Mexico from Syracuse in 2006 and wasn't able to play in the 2006-07 season, but she had two seasons at New Mexico from 2007-2009 as a guard. Her recap says she was "used primarily as a sixth man off the bench." Based on her Instagram profile, she would have made one hell of a cheerleader because of her extreme levels of self-enforced positivity. In fact, the ideal profession for Amanda might be some kind of pep rally specialist or someone whose meant to inject instant peppiness. If it were possible to be elated 100% of the time, Amanda would be right there as the spokesperson.

03/19/15 (Updated)

Terrance Knighton's Ex-Girlfriend Nya Lee

Terrance Knighton's ex-girlfriend Nya Lee is an attractive bald stripper. She pulls off the shaven head pretty easily, and I have to say I think she looks pretty cool in wigs too (she'll sometimes don one for fun). Trust me, she's got way more personality than most internet models/strippers. In all of her short videos and Instagram pictures, she's having a lot of fun and comes across as genuine. She also seems to have a tough streak in her based on some of her messages, but she also comes across as a sweet person.

Apparently Terrance and Nya split sometime last year, and she posted a caption on Instagram that read "I guess God doesn't want me to be boo'd up," which means she doesn't have a boyfriend. It's an interesting position for her to be in because with 320,000 followers and a seemingly healthy bankroll, some men might potentially see her as a minor celebrity. I wonder if she sees NFL players the way movie stars see other movie stars-- safe to date because they're also in the same boat? She does seem to make quite a lot of money as a celebrity stripper. I would guess it's not just an act either based on the kinds of clothes and watches she wears. There's also a video of her dancing in a huge pile of one-dollar bills at a club, which suggests that she does pull in substantial nightly gains. Being only twenty-four and ambitious, she stands a chance to do alright for herself if she manages her money wisely. It seems like that's Terrance Knighton's ex-girlfriend Nya Lee's goal.

She took a picture with Drake back in October of 2014 and said that he came to have a drink with her, though I think that was just her way of maximizing the photo opp. She's also praised a cosmetic surgeon on Instagram for his excellence in liposuction, which she says both her and her mother have gotten. Well, she does have an extreme figure.