Denver Broncos Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Demaryius Thomas' Mother Katina Smith and Grandmother Minnie Thomas



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Demaryius Thomas has quietly ascended himself into the discussion for one of the best players in the NFL. With the quiet ascension comes a limited glimpse into the history of the man. During Super Bowl media day, many more were brought into the amazing story of where he came from and what he's overcome to take the league by storm.

The Super Bowl should be the greatest moment in a young players life with the families reveling in the celebration to the final whistle. While most Broncos families will gather in New Jersey to take in the game, Demaryius Thomas' family will be watching from a cinder blood room on a tiny group television. Demaryius Thomas' mother Katina Smith and grandmother Minnie Thomas will be forced to watch their favorite wide receiver from the Federal Correctional Instituation in Tallahassee, Florida. Smith and Thomas were arrested in 1999 on federal charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, while Demaryius was only 11. Demaryius was raised by his aunt and uncle from that point forward, only visiting his mother for the first time in 2003, before going again in 2006.

Katina Smith was charged with lesser offenses, and sentenced to 20 years, though is scheduled to be released on Christmas Day 2016, Demaryius' 29th birthday. Minnie Thomas has been sentenced 40 years to life. At first Demaryius and his siblings didn't know why their mother was arrested. They knew their grandmother sold drugs, to the point that 11 year old Demaryius begged his grandmother to stop selling shortly before their arrest. It took his mother more than a decade to finally come clean about why she was arrested, and to finally apologize to him.

In an interview with the New York Post, Smith recalled that conversation:

I felt like it was time, and that it was something that he needed to know. And it was heavy on my heart. I could talk to him over the phone, and it was like he respected me and he loved me, I knew that, but at the same time, it was something missing. Like the conversations might of been short, or the visits, he was kind of isolated. So I was like, maybe I need to go ahead and tell him and his sisters what really happened so they can make their own decision how they want to deal with it.

Smith relates that Demaryius was brave enough to utter the phrase "I forgive you," following that conversation, and their relationship has continued to grow since.

A mother's work is never done, whether the son is an NFL star, or she happens to be serving 20 on federal drug charges. Demaryius Thomas' mother Katina Smith will talk to him Sunday morning before the big game. The mother and son will pray together, and allow Katina the opportunity to give some advice she's so missed out on the last 14 years. In that same New York Post interview, Smith continues:

We pray over the telephone together and I ask him if he’s nervous, and I tell him if you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up, he’s bad about that. … Make sure you keep your team encouraged, pray for them and play your best.


Pat Bowlen's wife Annabel Bowlen



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Pat Bowlen's wife Annabel Bowlen is a marvel.

After being shown sitting alongside the Broncos owner in recent months, the internet has been abuzz with the,... um,... youthfulness of Mrs. Bowlen's facial features. Some have even gone so far as to speculate that the 20-something appearance of Annabel Bowlen may not be entirely natural (to be clear, WE at are not suggesting that... never). While the rest of the internet makes jokes and writes their funny little meme's about Annabel Bowlen, we decided it was time to find out more about her.

Pat and Annabel Bowlen met in Edmonton, Canada. Pat was working as a successful attorney, while Annabel was teaching grade school students. The couple later married moving back to the United States where Pat Bowlen assumed the duties as majority owner and Chief Executive Officer. The couple has five children together, John, Patrick, Brittany, Annabel and Christianna.

Annabel Bowlen's career has run the gamut from Canadian figure skating trainer and teacher to the founder of Cherish the Children Guild. Cherish the Children worked to help raise funds for the Beacon Youth & Family Center, providing mental health services for families. The center was founded in 1969, but closed in 2011.

Pat and Annabel Bowlen will undoubtedly be seen on the Super Bowl broadcast Sunday night. We'll see if Annabel Bowlen's access to the fountain of youth remains active


Jack Del Rio's wife Linda Del Rio



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Jack Del Rio has found his name in the press a lot lately.  Between serving as interim head coach of the Denver Bronco's in John Fox's absence, as well as his interviewing with USC for their head coaching vacancy, it seems like Del Rio is everywhere.  No matter what the future holds for the coach, Jack Del Rio's wife Linda Del Rio will be along for the ride.

Jack and Linda Del Rio are devout Catholics with Jack citing Linda for helping him return to the church.  In an interview with Faith Magazine, Jack explains:

The good thing is that I had married Linda, a good Catholic girl from Lafayette, Louisiana, and we started going to Mass together.  There were times when I was beginning to question my faith and there were so many non-denominational movements on teams that I played. I even talked my wife into visiting other churches and was considering whether or not I would continue to practice Catholicism.

Jack and Linda have four children together, with one of their daughters modeling in an advertising campaign for ladies Jaguar apparel during his time as head coach in Jacksonville.  Son Luke Del Rio is currently playing football for Oklahoma State.

Jack and Linda have created charitable ties in every community they've entered.  Most notably, they established the Jack Del Rio Foundation, which serves to improve the lives of children in Northern Florida, expanding to Denver as well since his tenure with the Broncos (and presumably to the USC area in the fall).