Joique Bell’s girlfriend Felicia

Joique Bell's girlfriend Felicia-Instagram

Joique Bell’s girlfriend Felicia is a Greek beauty who still prefers listening to Greek music over anything when she’s cruising in her Jeep Grand Cherokee. An interviewer for M Live followed the couple around and watched Joique visit his old college campus with his lady….

Ameer Abdullah’s girlfriend Georgia Ellenwood

Ameer Abdullah's Girlfriend Georgia Ellenwood - Instagram

Ameer Abdullah’s girlfriend Georgia Ellenwood has been called “incredibly easy on the eyes” by another sports site, and we wholeheartedly agree! She also seems to be one hell of an athlete– competing as a heptathlete at Wisconsin. I have to admit, this Canadian native does…

Nick Fairley’s Girlfriend Fatima Alhassan

Nick Fairley's Girlfriend Fatima Alhassan - Facebook

Well, we’ve since this before. Not more than two weeks ago, Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend tried to take the fall for him drunkenly slamming into parked cars. Now, Nick Fairley’s girlfriend Fatima Alhassan is trying to take the fall for him after he was stopped. He’s…

Dominic Raiola’s Wife Yvonne Raiola

Andrea Yee

Dominic Raiola’s wife Yvonne Raiola has been with him a long time, and she’s in it for the long haul. Back in 2004 when Dominic was rated the top center prospect for the NFL, Dominic and Yvonne already had a three-year old daughter. This was…

Joseph Fauria’s Girlfriend Erika Ann Hammond

Joseph Fauria's Girlfriend Erika Ann Hammond

Gentlemen, start your spray tans! This whole airing of cheating grievances is becoming a new thing. The term “spraytan” is also becoming a little catchy term for a cheating wife or girlfriend, and it was the contact name that Brennan Clay’s wife Gina D’Agostini saved…

Stephen Tulloch’s Girlfriend Vanessa Alleyne

Stephen Tulloch's girlfriend Vanessa Alleyne - High School Yearbook

Stephen Tulloch’s girlfriend Vanessa Alleyne has helps him present special charity events and generally just gives the big guy props. She’s originally from Florida and recently celebrated her 10 year high school reunion. I know this because I have seen both her high school picture…

Scott Mitchell’s Wife Kim Nifong Mitchell

Scott Mitchell's wife Kim Nifong Mitchell

Scott Mitchell’s wife Kim Nifong Mitchell is about to sit at home and watch him suffer on the television. Rather, she’ll eventually get to watch him suffer on the television, as the show may have already been pre-taped and is set to air soon. I’m…

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