Detroit Lions Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Nick Fairley's Girlfriend Fatima Alhassan

Well, we've since this before. Not more than two weeks ago, Lance Armstrong's girlfriend tried to take the fall for him drunkenly slamming into parked cars. Now, Nick Fairley's girlfriend Fatima Alhassan is trying to take the fall for him after he was stopped. He's now facing trial for drunk driving. At the time when he was stopped, Mr. Fairley took three separate field sobriety tests, and he failed each one. Fatima is claiming that he had only one drink the entire day. They were on their way to a casino in Biloxi Mississippi, and the officer who pulled them over said they traveled nearly three miles before they pulled over. According to the Detroit Free Press, the trooper claims he pursued Fairley at "speeds exceeding 105 miles per hour for nearly 3 miles before Fairley pulled over."

To anyone with common sense, it appears that someone in this little picnic is lying. I guess a sober guy could fail one field sobriety test  (though I doubt it), but the chances of failing three are nil. For a guy that weighs 191 pounds, that "one drink" must have been a helluva' pour! Did he fill up a Big Gulp with whiskey? I suppose that would qualify as one drink. Fairley also admitted that the red solo cup containing alcohol in the Cadillac he was driving was his. That's exactly what Nick Fairley's girlfriend Fatima Alhassan is now claiming. Running from cops is never a good idea, and now both Nick and Fatima look like fools-- Nick for allowing Fatima to take the blame, and Miss Alhassan for lying.

Fatima herself is a pediatric nurse at a Detroit hospital, and she went to the Little Flower School of Nursing in India. It's likely that she is originally from India. She's exceedingly attractive, if you ask me, but I don't like how bad she looks in the 'ole court of law right now.


Dominic Raiola's Wife Yvonne Raiola

Dominic Raiola's wife Yvonne Raiola has been with him a long time, and she's in it for the long haul. Back in 2004 when Dominic was rated the top center prospect for the NFL, Dominic and Yvonne already had a three-year old daughter. This was three years before Dominic had his third child along with a child with another woman named Andrea Yee. As we've seen, the old out-of-wedlock hookups always lead to massive financial penalties in the long run.

Raiola and his wife Yvonne's first child was born around 2001 and is named Taylor. She's now 13 years old and has been around since Dominic was a sophomore in college. His younger brother Donovan, who grew up in Hawaii with him, managed to bounce around the NFL from 2006 to 2011 and was on the squad of no less than ten football teams (both NFL and AFL) before calling it quits. He played in one NFL game that entire time. That kind of thing has got to get old after awhile.

Yvonne has surely put Dominic's tryst behind her. The birth of Dominic's son with Andrea Yee came two months after the birth of his third daughter with Yvonne, but this was back in 2007. Since then, Dominic has paid $14,500 per month in child support and about $2000 per month in child care. Ouch! This kind of thing happens all the time with rich athletes, and it definitely gives incentive to others to be careful in their private lives. Dominic Raiola and his wife Yvonne have lived comfortably in the township of West Bloomfield, Michigan his entire career. Last year the child support news started popping up again as he and his lawyers have tried to scale it back, since $14,500 per month does seem pretty excessive. Raiola's lawyer has said that Andrea Yee also started sending him "increasing vitriolic text messages."


Joseph Fauria's Girlfriend Erika Ann Hammond

Gentlemen, start your spray tans! This whole airing of cheating grievances is becoming a new thing. The term "spraytan" is also becoming a little catchy term for a cheating wife or girlfriend, and it was the contact name that Brennan Clay's wife Gina D'Agostini saved DeMarco Murray's phone number under so Brennan wouldn't know about them. Now, Joseph Fauria's girlfriend Erika Ann Hammond has allegedly been accused by Fauria of spraytanning him. Nobody likes a fake tan, especially pro football players.

The man allegedly accused by Joseph of cheating with Erika is Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Only a few days ago, Fauria's girlfriend Erika posted one of those cutesy-tootsy photos of them with her dog saying how thankful she is to have "these men in my life." Apparently she really meant it! The dog has nothing to do with it, I guess? Well, we don't really know the story completely, as Joseph tweeted this: "Hey (Russell Wilson) enjoy her (Erika Hammond). She had me thinking she was a loyal girlfriend. I almost feel you, (Brennan Clay)" and then he hash-tagged it with "spraytan." This really looks like he found out that she was throwing the 'ole football around with Mr. Wilson, but this story really hasn't shown itself the way Brennan Clay's did. Clay himself posted a sext exchange recently between Murray and D'Agostini, and it really looks convincing. This situation, on the other hand, could mean anything.

Joseph deleted the tweet immediately after he posted it, so maybe he didn't mean it? Or maybe he was drunk and had no idea what he was talking about? The more one thinks about it, the more curious one becomes. Anyway, the idea that NFL players are now airing all their private relationship details is pretty odd. Is the NFL going to become a social media soap opera in the future? That'd be entertaining, but it'd also be embarrassing.