Pittsburgh Steelers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Antonio Brown's Girlfriend Shameika Brailsford



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Welcome to another addition of Extraordinary Dramas and the Babys of Mamas! Antonio Brown's girlfriend Shameika Brailsford has finally emerged victorious in the battle of the monthly support payments (and if they're in court fighting over child support you can rest assured that this is now Antonio Brown's ex-girlfriend Shameika Brailsford). After signing a $42 million deal for five years, Brown can more than afford the new terms. He was slapped on the wrist by a judge recently and ordered to pay 6000 bones to Shameika. He's been accused of keeping the kids from her and generally just ignoring her and payments. This kind of thing happens all the time in baby mama land. While Shameika does not hold the power of the molly wop (the much-feared pimp slap that required full backhanded power) she does hold power of attorney.

Apparently Shameika was arrested when she was nineteen, as her mugshot is available with a quick Google image search. Mary Ellis Bunim should cast her on the next Bad Girls Club. Any time I hear baby mama drama, I think there may be a possibility for an Ellis Bunim casting in the lady's future. Antonio Brown has indeed agreed to paying $5000 per month to ex-girlfriend Shameika so that she can provide for her three kids and live whatever lifestyle it is she lives. That's a pretty solid monthly paycheck. If Shameika lived in a nice apartment in an average city-- say, $2000 per month-- and it cost an extra $1500 to buy food and clothes for her kids, then that's still a leftover$1500 for Shameika, which I bet she doesn't save at all. I also doubt that she works. Sorry, Shameika. On the plus side, she does have a cool name.

Antonio himself is a two-time Pro Bowler who won't have any trouble with his job; he's really found his groove with the Steelers. He was one yard short of 1500 receiving yards last season, and he averaged 93.7 yards per game and had 8 touchdowns. That right there is value. Let's hope his ex-girlfriend Shameika is getting full value out of his paychecks.


Bill Cowher's Girlfriend Queen V



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Bill Cowher's girlfriend Queen V is really named Veronica, but nobody knows her last name. She's also the frontwoman in a rock band also called Queen V. Bill is a widower; his wife Kaye died of skin cancer in 2010. So we're happy to see him out and about with his new rocker girlfriend.

You may remember Queen V from a photo featuring Hines Ward, Ward's girlfriend Lyndsey Georgalas, and Bill Cowher. The photo is pretty funny, and I encourage you to check it out. Ward, Georgalas, and Cowher are all smiling and looking like they're having a great time, and Queen V looks like she wants to have nothing to do with that great time. "God, Bill, why can't we go hang out with my rocker friends! Sports are lame, and Lyndsey Georgalas is a bimbo blow-up doll." These are not her actual words, mind you. Let's be clear about that.

I've listened to Queen V's jams. They're okay, but they're pretty generic. They're very much in the vain of late 80's hair metal. I think the live show might be sort of fun because there's a good energy level, but the music itself sounds dated. Queen V's bio reads:

"Queen V, the band, started in 1996 when she met producer Phil Schmoll. She settled on the name Queen V because in ’96, rap was replacing rock in the minds and hearts of young music fans. The name, to her, raises the stakes, and makes a statement about how scorching female-fronted rock can be."

The project is nearly 20 years old. She did tour with Twisted Sister in 2003, but you can start to get an idea of what the music is like from the information I'm giving you here-- it's very late 80's hair metal. Anyway, Bill Cowher's girlfriend Queen V managed to rope him into appearing in a music video wearing eyeliner. Yes, Bill Cowher wears eyeliner in a music video. Just google it.


Cam Thomas' girlfriend Adrienne


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Cam Thomas' girlfriend Adrienne wants the judicial system to know that Cam Thomas gave her herpes.

Cam Thomas wants the world to know that he absolutely did not.

Now that we've gotten the attention grabbers out of the way, let's rewind a bit. Cam Thomas's ex-girlfriend Adrienne filed suit against the Steelers D-Lineman alleging that he gave her herpes, and that he is the only person capable of giving them to her.

After the two began dating in 2010, the plaintiff noticed "puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh" and sores on his genitalia, both of which Thomas allegedly explained away either football or zipper related issues. Adrienne initially tested negative for herpes in 2010, but later tested positive for the disease in early 2012.

Thomas' lawyers responded by calling Adrienne a bitter, telling TMZ Sports, "She's angry, vindictive and mean because he has another woman, and a baby in his life." According to Thomas' lawyers timeline, Adrienne tested positive five months after the couple split up, and it's impossible to prove him as the source.

Seeking unspecified damages, Adrienne is suing for sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud through intentional concealment and negligence.