Pittsburgh Steelers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

04/10/15 (Updated)

Will Allen's Ex-Wife Nakeyia Worley

Will Allen's ex-wife Nakeya Worley were married on February 20th of 2009 and got divorced sometime between 2012 and 2014, according to the information I've gathered around the net. They've apparently been spotted once or twice after the divorce in and around Dayton, Ohio and Tampa, Florida but it seems that they haven't been officially together for some time. They were allegedly high school sweethearts growing up in Dayton, Ohio though I don't really see how that's possible since Nakeyia attended a different high school called Chaminade Julienne, but we'll go with what was reported by the Dayton Daily News back in 2011. They probably just knew each other and dated while they attended different school. Nakeyia attended the University of Akron from 2002 to 2008 and got a bachelor's in psychology, and I guess she never tried to pursue that any further since she's apparently got a health club in the Miami area called Key Fit. Good luck trying to find it on the internet, though.

I mentioned the internet forums have said Will Allen's ex-wife Nakeyia Worley has been spotted around Dayton. That definitely makes sense since they're both from there. We should be certain not to confuse this Will Allen with the other Will Allen, who is now said to have been involved in a ponzi scheme, the Securities and Exchange Committee is saying. So let's avoid making that mistake and get back to Nakeyia. Back in 2010, Nakeyia competed in something called the NPC Dexter Jackson Classic, which is an amateur bodybuilding contest and qualifies people to move on to higher competitions, from what I understand. So for all those women that are really into fitness (like Nakeyia) you can buff up those muscles and get out there on the stage and show them off. Nowadays I think she's probably more concentrated on her business. It's still unconfirmed whether she spends more time in Florida or Dayton now.


LeVeon Bell's Girlfriend Mercedes Dollson

LeVeon Bell's girlfriend Mercedes Dollson is young and havin' fun for herself on the internet. That's where aspiring models go to further their modeldom, right? Well, people started to become more aware of Miss Dollson after her boyfriend was stopped by cops and thrown in jail for having some pot on him (boo!). What is this the 1920's? I guess he was just in the wrong state. Let's try to get to know Mercedes Dollson a little better...

LeVeon's girlfriend Mercedes seems very much like you would expect a 22 year-old model named Mercedes Dollson to be. Though she will likely not become the next Pablo Neruda (her tweets lack a certain subtlety) she always has something interesting to say. Also, her eyebrows are really impressive, and she may have the most well-crafted brows I've seen for some time. They're perfectly faded as they get closer to one another, and their curvature is flawless. They're a modern wonder, but they are indeed not CGI'd. But let's get back to some Mercedes Dollson tweets-- here's a gem: "Hey now no catfish here this be me all day every day. Weird bitchs man." I don't know what you said, exactly, but I like it, Dollson. Let's have another piece of wisdom, please: "Not everyone is loyal by your definition. What you think is okay may not be okay with someone else. That's where communications comes in." That's actually pretty helpful, especially in the fast and furious world of dating professional athletes. I think she's basically just saying make sure you and your significant other are on the same page when it comes to monogamy.

Mercedes is one of those gym-faring types that love to take pictures of their abs after a workout. There's a lot of dedication involved in achieving perfect abdom. Example: "My tummy is hella flat right now and I don't want eating to ruin it." Ah, the model's struggle. LeVeon's girlfriend Mercedes has viable worries indeed. Attaining hella' flat levels of abdominal beauty are reserved for the very few, and Mercedes Dollson is one of them.


Shouldn't Jordin Sparks Be Leveon Bell's Girlfriend?

Imagine a world where equal superstar talents always converge, and you are imagining a world where Leveon Bell's girlfriend is Jordin Sparks. Now, there's no proper way to compare a football player's talent with a singer's talent, but they are both on the top of their game, and they both seem suited for each other. So what reason do we have for saying we think Leveon and Jordin should get together? Well, it appears that Jordin was engaging in what TMZ calls "cyber flirting" on Monday night. Jordin was tweeting about how good he is, and apparently she's single. Before you say it seems a little thin and we're jumping to conclusions, let me go on...

Allow me to give you some context about Leveon Bell's hypothetical girlfriend Jordin Sparks. Jordin is the daughter of an ex-NFL player named Phillippi Sparks, and she grew up watching him, soaking in the game, and learning to appreciate it and love it. So when the young singer was asked if her dad would be happy if she dated an NFL player, her reaction said it all. She kind of clammed up and said that her dad would say he's better and would want to compete in some way. Clamming up to papa razzi questions is just what you do when they hit the nail on the head, but Jordin is primed to date an NFL player, and so tweeting about Leveon more than once is definitely sending out a signal.

Leveon's reaction to his hypothetical girlfriend Jordin was pretty funny, I thought. He used the power of the emoticon to say that he was excited and somewhat nervous that she'd appreciated the game he had on Monday night. But do pay attention to the fact that he used her actual Twitter handle, thus ensuring that she'd see the tweet. I'm telling you, folks, this meeting has got to happen sometime!