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Manti Te'o's REAL girlfriend Alexandra del Pilar



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You find out that the girlfriend you never met, but whose death you milked to help your Heisman campaign isn't a real human being. What do you do?
You go find someone more real than the chick that Catfished you, and begin dating her.

That's exactly the case when it comes to the new, real woman, claiming the title of Manti Te'o's girlfriend Alexande del Pilar. In the wake of the incredibly convoluted, confusing saga that is Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend Lennay Kekua word has sprung today that Manti Te'o moved on relatively quickly, and has been dating a new girl for months. Alexandra del Pilar is the lucky woman to replace the ghost of a woman Te'o never met, and is currently a student at St. Mary's College in South Bend, Indiana (Hey, did you know that Notre Dame is in South Bend???). Fascinatingly enough, it would appear that Manti Te'o actually met this woman, based on photographic evidence. What's truly shocking here is that he hasn't been screaming about it all over the world when this one in fact actually appears real. Probably not a good enough story to sink his media hooks in....

TMZ is reporting that the couple has been together for a couple months though have recently broken up (gee, I wonder what could have sparked that??). Reports suggest that del Pilar actually attended the BCS Title game where Te'o got absolutely exposed on the field (which was a truly delicious appetizer to him being exposed off the field 2 weeks later). You know, we should probably watch it, or his father might blacklist us like he did Honolulu Star Advisor after publishing a picture of Te'o getting crushed on the field by Alabama's Eddie Lacy. Because you know,... reporting the real news and photographic evidence to support real news is the real enemy of the Te'o family.

So this is where things get interesting. Does Te'o sack up, tell everyone a story that meshes with the timelines and facts that have been reported thus far,... or does he continue his trail of misdirection, confusion, and outright lies, even after the truth has been exposed (and before you sanctimonious Touchdown Jesus fans come screaming at us, remember that whether Te'o was the victim or not, he continued the lie publicly, in the press, for more than a month after receiving the alleged phone call revealing the truth on December 6th).

Despite the harsh tone of this post, we like Te'o. Maybe he was the victim, maybe he wasn't. That's not germane to this topic. Right now, we know that Manti Te'o was REALLY dating Alexandra del Pilar within the past month. Anything beyond that,... well there are a lot of opinions, facts and rumors for you to sort through. One final legitimate question - How do you think del Pilar felt hearing Te'o refer to Kekua as the true love of his life even after finding out the truth?


Manti Te'o's girlfriend Lennay Kekua



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UPDATE: 01/16/2013: Manti Teo's girlfriend Lennay Kekua - HOAX
The headlines have been unavoidable over the past couple hours in the wake of Deadspin's incredible post detailing the facts, myths, questions, and lies surrounding the relationship of Manti Te'o and girlfriend Lennay Kekua. We're not going to step on Deadspin's toes with all the details, because they earned this story, your click, and for that matter a click on one of their ads. They seriously earned it from all of us.

Through Deadspin's efforts, they were able to ultimately conclude that Lennay Kekua did not exist. In their expose, Deadspin unraveled the story by determining a myriad of parties involved in the deception. Among the individuals highlighted was a woman named Uilani Rae Kekua, whose online presence has mysteriously disappeared in recent days. had our own run in with the individual posing as Uilani Rae Kekua after receiving the following emails in rapid fire succession in the late hours of December 6, 2012:
11:02 PM, EST:
Please, on behalf of our family... Take down the page of our sister Lennay Lekua*. We ask that you please respect our privacy as we still mourn the loss of our sister. We trust that you understand. Thank you & God bless! If you have any further concerns or questions please e-mail @
*Our first sign that this may not be legit came at the misspelling of her own last name. Our eyebrows continued to raise at the email received minutes later:
11:17 PM, EST
Please take this page about Lennay down. Our family has already requested for the media to please respect our privacy and the memory of our Lennay. Please remove this page ASAP, thank you. -Kekua Family

Urgent requests to handle changes have come to us in the past, but rarely increasingly agitated emails within 20 minutes of the prior. Minutes later, we received a third email from her, which was an exact copy and paste version of the first email noted above. Our site requires a contact form to be filled out as well as a simple math problem to verify that you are a human being and not a spambot. The individual posing as Uilani had to enter the system three times, and fill out the form to submit these contact forms. It's very possible that the heat from Deadspin was getting strong, or the idea that the story of Lennay Kekua was about to get even bigger during the Heisman campaign and the perpetrators behind the hoax got scared.

All emailed responses to went unreturned.

At the time of the emails this post was one of the first results on all search engines for the term "Lennay Kekua," which was the term this individual searched to arrive at our site. The emails in question came to us from an AT&T wireless device in Los Angeles, though further efforts to verify the emails have come up short, and no further information could be obtained.

More information will become available as this insane story continues to build.

For our frequent readers many of you know we try and introduce you to the wives and girlfriend's of athletes with as much of a humorous flair as possible. We don't take ourselves too seriously at this site but sometimes the situation dictates a more serious tone be taken; and when talking about the Manti Te'o's girlfriend Lennay Kekua and his grandmother, Annette Santiago, the tone is as respectful and serious as we can get.

For those not familiar with Manti Te'o, get familiar with him. Te'o is the stud, and I mean STUD, linebacker for Notre Dame who has vaulted himself into Heisman discussions. The Hawaiian native picked Notre Dame over about thirty other schools with one of the key factors being Charlie Weiss, the head coach at the time. Weiss agreed that Manti could take time off from school and the Fighting Irish program to fulfill a Mormon mission if Manti so chose. With Manti leading the team and Notre Dame currently sniffing around a national title (the first time this has happened in who knows how many years). It's very rare that a defensive player gets mentioned as a legit Heisman candidate, I can think of Ndamukong Suh, Tyrann Mathieu and Charlie Woodson as three, but Manti is deep in the discussions this year.

What makes Manti's year even more impressive is the personal turmoil he has had to deal with. On September 11th Manti received the news that his grandmother, Annette Santiago, had passed away. 6 hours later Manti's girlfriend, Lennay Kekua lost her battle with Leukemia. Yet through all of this, Manti did not miss a practice or a game. Now some might hear that and think that Manti put football ahead of his personal life, but in this case, those people would be wrong.

As Lennay started to lose her battle with Leukemia she asked for two things from Manti. One she wanted white roses when she passed away, and two, Manti could not miss anything football related. The way to honor Lennay's life would be for Manti to play on. And play on he did, turning in two games that thrust ND into the national championship picture but also Manti into the Heisman race.

And it should go as no surprise to anyone that Lennay had flowers at her funeral; white roses.

As more details of this story are revealed, we will note that the pictures above were found across various social media sites established and linked to either Lennay Kekua, or as memorials to Lennay Kekua.


Norv Turner's wife Nancy Turner and daughter Stephanie Turner



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When I started this post it was only going to be about Norv Turner's wife of many years, Nancy Turner. Let's be honest, most NFL coaches are in their 50's and 60's and so are their wives,... and because of this, I think everyone would agree that most of the NFL coaches' wives' post can be a tad on the boring side. The internet isn't crawling with info and pictures on the couples despite how solid a family they are or how charitable they may be in the community. Norv and Nancy are no exception to this, as they seem like a great couple too. This post, however, we've been luck enough to unearth some bonus info for you...

Norv had a tough childhood that shaped who he is now. Norv and his siblings were raised by a single mother who also battled MS throughout his childhood. This forced Norv to become the man of the family at a very young age. Because of this, Norv and Nancy do a lot of charity work for MS in memory of his mother. The couple also do work with other foundations like "Touchdown For Hunger" which helps feed those less fortunate. Hell after all the info I got on Norv I almost overlooked the fact he is one of the worst coaches in the league and I have no clue how he wasn't fired 3 years ago. Maybe it is the fact that by all accounts he is a great guy and it's tough for the owner of the San Diego Chargers to get rid of a nice guy.

As I mentioned at the start this is a two part post. The reason for that? Norv's daughter Stephanie. That is the fun part of this job, starting a story with one angle and then having it take you somewhere totally unexpected. Stephanie is the hidden gem of the Turner family. As you can tell by the pictures she's an incredibly hot (dare I say smoking hot??) woman. She also seems to not be your typical spoiled daughter of someone famous. First Stephanie is an actress. Nothing major to her credit but some might remember her playing Tanya Murphy the pop star in the movie Mother-in-Law. I can't say that I do but I'm sure someone reading this will remember her from that role. Stephanie also ran a website called After getting sick of the media bending facts and basically having to answer to no one (more than likely talking about her dad) Stephanie created the site to present an alternative view of events and call out media members for their mistakes. The concept of the site is fantastic, I mean couldn't you you run a site like this based just on all the stupid crap the TV people at ESPN say? Doesn't appear that the site gets updated continuously but regardless I'm impressed that a site like this comes from the daughter of an NFL coach.