Hue Jackson’s Wife Michelle Jackson


Hue Jackson’s wife Michelle Jackson is the mother of their three daughters. They¬†named the kids Jordyn, Baylee, and Haydyn. You noticed they spelled each name uniquely. Those are just the times we live in, folks. Go ahead and spell the names differently! Because it doesn’t bother me! Also, Hue and his family¬†didn’t really want to leave Cincinnati. Uprooting your kids for a new coaching job is always tough. You will basically never see Hue Jackson’s…

Robert Griffin’s Girlfriend Grete Sadeiko

Robert Griffin's Girlfriend Grete Sadeiko- Instagram

Boy oh boy, here’s one that made me chuckle. Robert Griffin’s girlfriend Grete Sadeiko is a college track athlete that met him on social media. We told you about his wife Rebecca last year. She was allegedly blindsided by this whole thing. In January of 2016, Robert met Grete online. Then they met up in real life, and Rebecca found out about it in April. They apparently separated, but says Rebecca was hoping they…

Lebron Creeps Jordan Poyer’s Girlfriend Rachel Bush

Jordan Poyer's Girlfriend Rachel Bush- Instagram @rachelbush

This trend of the mega-butt temptress shows no signs of slowing down thanks to professional direct-messengers like LeBron James. Jordan Poyer’s girlfriend Rachel Bush recently received a message from ‘Bronny, and it went a little something like this (are you ready?): “Hey what’s up!” Seriously, that’s your opening line, King? I mean, I guess you don’t necessarily have to stand out and be creative when you’re the King, but come on. We all know you’re…

Joe Thomas’ wife Annie Thomas

Joe Thomas' wife Annie Thomas

Joe Thomas’ wife Annie Thomas married him back in 2007 after about six months of being engaged. They’re still doing all the same stuff now that they were doing back then. This guy’s still only 30 years old, and they were married when they were both 23. He’s still blocking dudes, and she’s still coaching girls basketball. They were married in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve been there, and I love it. There…

Jim Brown’s Wife Monique Brown

Jim Brown’s wife Monique Brown was apparently threatened with murder by Brown in 1999, but she later recanted the statement. Mr. Brown has a long history of allegations and disturbances centered around violence towards women. The debate whether the NFL should reconsider its relationship with Jim Brown has been brought up recently after the Ray Rice incident. Considering that he’s one of the greatest pro athletes ever and that he’s an old man now, I’d…

Josh Gordon’s Girlfriend Jenna Shea

Josh Gordon's Girlfriend Jenna Shea

Josh Gordon’s girlfriend she is not. Josh Gordon’s call girl or Josh Gordon’s escort Jenna Shea used his recent media exposure for getting suspended as an opportunity to raise her media profile. Though “raise” is a relative term as it applies to the internet. I’m not here to sit on a high horse and say I’m morally superior to anyone. I’m just pointing out the facts. Jenna is a high-end call girl and escort. I’m…

Ben Tate’s Girlfriend Tasha Malek

Ben Tate's girlfriend Tasha Malek - Twitter

Ben Tate’s girlfriend Tasha Malek is the mother of Ben’s child and an expert selfie-taker. Tasha attended the University of Alabama and graduated in 2008, and it’s believed that the two met through college connections. Tasha is also known for a few other things in the trashcan department: one is being a cast member whom was kicked off the show “Bad Girls Club,” which is a Mary Ellis-Bunim show (the creator of The Real World)….

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