Cleveland Browns Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jim Brown's Wife Monique Brown

Jim Brown's wife Monique Brown was apparently threatened with murder by Brown in 1999, but she later recanted the statement. Mr. Brown has a long history of allegations and disturbances centered around violence towards women. The debate whether the NFL should reconsider its relationship with Jim Brown has been brought up recently after the Ray Rice incident. Considering that he's one of the greatest pro athletes ever and that he's an old man now, I'd say it's unlikely the NFL will change anything.

Jim Brown's wife Monique Brown did not know him when he was a skull-splitting force of nature in the NFL of the 1960's. He would basically run over people and get at least 5 yards every single time he touched the football.

Monique was 25 years old when her then 63 year-old husband apparently threatened to "snap her neck" in an argument they had in the Hollywood Hills. Monique also told the police Brown had smashed her car with a shovel. Monique later claimed that she was angry at Jim Brown for cheating on her and wanted to "provoke some type of response." She had told police that Brown had choked her, given her a black eye, and stood over her at one time with a metal spear.

Brown later was sentenced to a 6-month jail sentence and served less than four months at Ventura County Jail. It's anyone's guess what Jim Brown's wife Monique Brown actually thought of the prison sentence. For me, I realize that Brown is a famous NFL star and actor, but the guy seriously creeps me out. I can't understand why any intelligent woman would go anywhere near this guy except because of fame and money. He threw a woman off a balcony in 1968. Of course, she denied it afterwards because Brown seems to be able to find the women who will blame themselves for getting beat up. Seriously, you "slipped off the balcony?"

03/20/15 (Updated)

Josh Gordon's Girlfriend Jenna Shea

Josh Gordon's girlfriend she is not. Josh Gordon's call girl or Josh Gordon's escort Jenna Shea used his recent media exposure for getting suspended as an opportunity to raise her media profile. Though "raise" is a relative term as it applies to the internet. I'm not here to sit on a high horse and say I'm morally superior to anyone. I'm just pointing out the facts.

Jenna is a high-end call girl and escort. I'm not sure what else to call her because she sleeps with men for money. She's also slept with a ton of famous rappers like Fabolous and 'Lil Wayne. She's also taken it upon herself to rate their package sizes (apparently Fabolous was the winner). She's slept with James Harden after she was paid $20,000 to "hang out." She denied this in an interview on YouTube, but everyone seems so darn sure of it for some reason. Hmm, why would that be, Mr. Harden?

Jenna's picture of Josh featured him when his tattoo was unfinished, implying that it was awhile ago. But then she posted another picture of a 1st class plane ticket to Cleveland from about a week ago. She deleted the picture from her Instagram, but not before everyone screen-captured it. Well, I'm not sure if this is even bad news for Gordon compared to his year-long suspension. I mean, dang that is a long suspension for smoking some grass. I'm pretty sure the rule will be changed within a year or two, as it really belongs in another century, but there's nothing to be done for Josh now, and he mine as well buy Jenna another ticket to Cleveland to do some hanging out.

I also sort of wonder if it's hypothetically possible to go on a date with a professional escort like Jenna without a transaction being involved. Like, what if she actually prefers dating bookish nerds as opposed to millionaire rap stars and athletes?


Ben Tate's Girlfriend Tasha Malek

Ben Tate's girlfriend Tasha Malek is the mother of Ben's child and an expert selfie-taker. Tasha attended the University of Alabama and graduated in 2008, and it's believed that the two met through college connections.

Tasha is also known for a few other things in the trashcan department: one is being a cast member whom was kicked off the show "Bad Girls Club," which is a Mary Ellis-Bunim show (the creator of The Real World). During her time on the show, she complained that another cast member put her belongings in a trashcan to a police officer, then she fought the other cast member and was ejected from the show and issued a summons from the police for disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and theft. Tasha apparently also made the statement "I don't think it's right to be gay." She sounds dumber than a box of rocks, but Ben Tate thought she was good looking enough to scooper her up and make her his trophy girlfriend. Try watching a clip from Bad Girls Club Season 7 on YouTube and tell me it doesn't make you depressed.

Ben was a consistent performer on the Texans, averaging 4.3 yards per rush the last two seasons, and now he'll be looking to excel in Cleveland. He had actually played most of the season with cracked ribs, worrying girlfriend Tasha, and finally succumbed to the injured reserve list in December. His season was finished after that, but he's signed for a little over $6 million with incentives for two years, which should keep Tasha occupied enough in shopping malls and poolside selfie shoots. She has probably never worked a single day in her life outside of possibly doing some homework at Alabama-- probably in the easiest of subjects. I would be willing to bet that she majored in communications and that she's an absolutely atrocious communicator.