New York Jets Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jason Babin's Wife Sara Babin

Jason Babin's wife Sara Babin is your garden variety kid-raiser. She stays at home, helps with kids, makes the house, looks on the internet and uses Pinterest to bookmark hairstyles, drink mixes, dessert recipes, fashion, and fitness. The couple have three kids, all under 10 years old. She's into Ellen Degeneres and Modern Family, and most of her time is spent with the kids and listening to country music in the background.

Jason met his wife Sara in college, and they've been together ever since. Sara is fine with Jason teaching their five year-old how to shoot a gun. They own a 500 acre ranch in Texas where there's zebra, deer, elk, and all sorts of wild animal just waiting to be hunted down for the pleasure of it. I'm not really into it at all, but it's legal. PETA has sent a number of letters to Jason about his hunting ranch, and Jason says he "loves to antagonize them." He sounds like an oaf to me. In an interview from, the interviewer seems particularly concerned about Babin teaching his 3 year-old how to clean a handgun. He says his wife Sara is on board with it. I get the sense Sara isn't too bright either, and allow me to explain why.

Sara once lashed out at Reuben Frank for asking where Cole and Babin were all year in 2012-- referencing their unproductive start to a season. Babin's wife Sara said "Shame on you I'm a lady and I understand more about football." Reuben's response was "Oh so 7 sacks in 5 games is good? Wow, you really know the game!" What bothers me about her response the most is that she's playing up her gender role, perpetuating the idea that women can't understand sports. It's actually pretty ignorant, but I don't think she's sophisticated enough to pick up on it. Sorry, Sara, you're not invited to my book club.


Damien Woody's Wife Nicole Woody

This may sound mean, but Damien Woody's wife Nicole Woody might want to join Damien on The Biggest Loser. He's going to be competing against former quarterback Scott Mitchell. It's just an issue of being healthy and comfortable. It's not healthy to be putting that kind of strain on your body. These two are very large folks. Combined, they easily weigh 550 pounds. Damien himself weighs 388 pounds (according to The Biggest Loser) and you can make your own estimates about Nicole's weight... it's pretty intense.

Damien and wife Nicole have created a charity called PROS, which stands for People Reaching Out To Someone. They recently threw a big party where Damien and Nicole danced and raised a bunch of money for PROS. Now it seems The Biggest Loser is going to try and give back to Damien. We've witnessed former football players on the show before, but this season is pretty serious with the former athletes. There's going to be a total of five former world-class athletes, some of which are Olympic gold medalists like Zina Garrison, who was a killer tennis player back before she devoted her time to tubs of ice cream.

Nicole will be a supportive wife for Damien, cheering him on and talking to him on Skype or whatever it is they use to contact family members during the grueling weeks of the show. My guess is Damien will lose a massive amount of weight in the first few weeks, and Nicole will likely be training at home (because lord knows there's nothing worse than losing 200 pounds and coming home to a still-huge wife). Well, there's plenty worse things, but it helps both parties if they're actively involved in a healthy lifestyle. I mean, imagine if Damien lost 200 pounds, came home weighing 188, and the entire time he was on the show Nicole had been stuffing her face with Wendy's and put on 50 pounds. There's no coming back from that one...


Geno Smith's girlfriend Kristen Stubbs

The king is dead, long live the king.

Obviously we are being rather generous with the term "king" when referring to Mark Sanchez. But it does finally appear that his days are numbered given the Jets recent draft pick of Geno Smith. No offense to Mark, but holy shit he is a fucking horrible quarterback. Even when he got protection last year, he forced it into coverage... or fumbled. Who can forget the infamous butt fumble? Pretty much summed up the state of the Jets franchise. It appears the Jets are willing to give Sanchez one last shot, but his leash will be shorter than his "relationship" with Kate Upton.

Given the low (underground?) expectations set last year, the thought of Geno Smith starting genuinely excites me. Dude's clearly not afraid to make throws, or even take off running when needed. That being said, he appears grounded when it comes to dating. Thanks to a reader tip, we have learned that Geno Smith's girlfriend is Kristen Stubbs.

While not completely obvious at first glance, Kristen Stubbs' Instagram account all but confirms that she is dating Geno Smith. The connection first can be made actually by a drawing of Smith that Stubbs made. Stubbs has also posted pictures of herself in a Jets shirt as well as wearing a Jets hat flying home from New York. Probably the most solid evidence though comes from a picture of her in the Jets locker room with the comment "Getting an official tour of the training facility".

According to our reader, they both went to the same high school in Florida, so presumably they met before Smith became a big timer. Other than that, we'll have to wait until more info comes out once Smith grabs the starting spot. Thankfully, we probably won't have to wait too long for that...