Todd Bowles’ Wife Taneka Bowles

There’s a couple things I should point out to you guys that you probably don’t know. First off, Todd Bowles’ wife Taneka Bowles is the mother of Sydni Paige Russell. Sydni is Tyrann Mathieu’s girlfriend.  I remember reading about how cool of a guy Todd was…

Antonio Cromartie’s Wife Terricka Cromartie

Antonio Cromartie's Wife Terricka Cromartie

Antonio Cromartie’s wife Terricka Cromartie is pregnant with twins. Alright, I assume you’ve heard all the jokes by now. It’s big news because Antonio already has ten kids and got snipped awhile back. You heard right. He had a vasectomy and still managed to get Terricka pregnant….

Sheldon Richardson’s girlfriend Sydnie Green

Sheldon Richardson's girlfriend Sydnie Green

Sheldon Richardson’s girlfriend Sydnie Green ​is a senior at the University of Houston and a soccer player for her entire stay there. According to her biography page, the most noteworthy item from her junior year in 2014 was that she “played a key role in…

Jason Babin’s Wife Sara Babin

Jason Babin's wife Sara Babin - Facebook

Jason Babin’s wife Sara Babin is your garden variety kid-raiser. She stays at home, helps with kids, makes the house, looks on the internet and uses Pinterest to bookmark hairstyles, drink mixes, dessert recipes, fashion, and fitness. The couple have three kids, all under 10…

Damien Woody’s Wife Nicole Woody

Damien Woody's wife Nicole Woody - Instagram

This may sound mean, but Damien Woody’s wife Nicole Woody might want to join Damien on The Biggest Loser. He’s going to be competing against former quarterback Scott Mitchell. It’s just an issue of being healthy and comfortable. It’s not healthy to be putting that…

Geno Smith’s girlfriend Kristen Stubbs

Geon Smith's girlfriend Kristen Stubbs - Instagram

The king is dead, long live the king. Obviously we are being rather generous with the term “king” when referring to Mark Sanchez. But it does finally appear that his days are numbered given the Jets recent draft pick of Geno Smith. No offense to…

Nick Mangold’s wife Jennifer Richmond

Nick Mangold's wife Jennifer Richmond

The New York Jets are a terrible football team. And that’s coming from a Jets fan (despite previous edits to the contrary by our astute editor). Take a look at that roster for a sec. The starting QB (Sanchez) should be a backup but despite…

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