Houston Texans Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Hakeem Nicks girlfriend Ariel Meredith



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UPDATE 07/14/2014: One gigantic diamond ring later, and Hakeem Nicks girlfriend Ariel Meredith is technically no longer his girlfriend. The new Colts wide receiver dropped to one knee and proposed to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. In a happy ending, the bombshell said yes.

While no official wedding date has been set, a couple that's never been afraid of the flashbulbs of the paparazzi, we're sure to know more details before things go down. With a stacked team in Indy and hopeful postseason plans, Hak would be wise to wait until the spring to lock things down.. Until then.....

Hakeem Nicks has had a tough couple years on the field. Despite an injury plagued stretch, life off the gridiron is going well for the Giants receiver. For proof, please consult the pictures of Hakeem Nicks' girlfriend Ariel Meredith to the right.

Ariel Meredith is a 28 year old model, who has appeared in four Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, in 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2014. She began modeling in part time capacity in 1998 while in school before turning to full time in 2005. Ariel and Hakeem were first seen at the 2013 SI Swimsuit 50th Anniversary kick off event in February, and have reportedly been dating since late 2012.

Geographically, the relationship makes sense. Hakeem Nicks has been in New York since the Giants drafted him in 2009, and Meredith moved to the modeling capital of America in 2005. Unfortunately, Nicks is a free agent and the chances he returns to the Giants seem slimmer by the day. With the cross town Jets in need of offensive weapons, Ariel Meredith may be the motivating factor to keep him in New York. Hell, with millions of dollars and being able to come home to her - it would be enough to keep me in town too. Congrats Hak!


Arian Foster's Girlfriend Brittany Norwood



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UPDATE 06/24/2014 Brittany Norwood, the woman alleging that Arian Foster knocked her up and then tried to convince her to get an abortion, has given birth to the child in question. Norwood was quick to tell TMZ that the baby looks just like his father.

Gatsby Alexander Norwood Foster was born June 23 and told TMZ that he looks, "identical to my biological father's baby pictures."

For his part, Foster claims to have recordings proving that Norwood is lying about pressuring her into an abortion. As of Tuesday, Foster was unaware of the birth of his alleged son.

A messy situation that doesn't look to be getting any better any time soon.

Arian Foster's girlfriend Brittany Norwood (or at least former girlfriend) is allegedly claiming that Foster is trying to pressure her to get an abortion. In turn, Foster has filed court documents attempting to get a gag order on Brittany Norwood, claiming that she is attempting to utilize her pregnancy to obtain a reality show. In the evidence that he submit along with this court order was a tweet from Norwood saying, "Shooting interviews for the last casting reel for my family’s reality show #blondashians". No word yet on whether the judge has granted the gag order on Norwood, the self-proclaimed "blondashian" who is 17 weeks pregnant.

Either way, Arian Foster's wife Romina Reinhert can't be happy with how this is unfolding. Brittany Norwood, a 20-year-old University of Houston senior, claims that she wasn't aware that Foster was married with two children while they were having sex - though one has to question the validity of that, if the reality show rumors are true. Norwood is seeking damages for emotional distress along with child support and a restraining order.

This news really isn't totally surprising though, considering how many games that Foster missed due to injury this year. He wasn't playing (and therefore not helping my fantasy team), so he had to be doing something. Apparently that something was a 20-year old University of Houston senior named Brittany Norwood, who looks a LOT like a skinny Jessica Simpson.


Deandre Hopkins girlfriend Jennifer Lemmons



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"Instagram was hacked , this is his girlfriend he's in meetings with no phone , have some respect ppl."

Deandre Hopkins' girlfriend Jennifer Lemmons wanted to let the world know it was fake. After the internet went crazy with the graphic, handheld very NSFW selfie that showed up on Hopkins' Instagram account early on November 13, 2013, Lemmons let us know he was hacked. As the picture made it's rounds online, and most of the internet buzzed that this was another example of questionable behavior from Hopkins (go Google the story about his smeared hotel room at the NFL combine), Hopkins was more than lucky to have a defender in his corner who quickly helped to diffuse the brewing situation.

But coming out of this, people quickly wanted to know: Who is Deandre Hopkins girlfriend, the Twitter savior?

Deandre Hopkins and Jennifer Lemmons both went to Clemson together, though she does not appear to be living in Houston during Hopkins rookie season. Lemmons originally hails from Lexington, SC before taking on college at Clemson where she is currently a sophomore.