Houston Texans Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Rick Smith's wife Tiffany Smith

Rick Smith's wife Tiffany Smith is the co-chair of a charity called the Pro-Vision Academy Cornerstone Luncheon, which happens every year now that they've started it. Basically a bunch of athletes and rich people (about 350 of them) get together for a price to raise money for young people who have it tough. Tiffany actually came up with the idea to theme the event around Mother's Day and mothers. This was no slouch effort-- they raised $300,000 in one night! Texans head coach Bill O'Brien was there along with Jeff Van Gundy, Astros Manager Bo Porter, Brian Ching, Craig Biggio, and Mario Elie.

On numerous occasions, Rick Smith's wife Tiffany Smith has been mentioned as a stylish person or someone that knows fashion. I have to agree with these assessments. The outfits I've seen her wearing are fashion-forward, and she is written up about just for her fashion sense and nothing else. It may be said that being the wife of the Houston Texans' manager helps her get noticed, but people look up to her for her taste. The Houston Chronicle called her "best dressed" at one point. It might also surprise you to know that Tiffany was a senior television producer working at the Judge Judy Show in Los Angeles. I actually know a dude who was on that show to dispute some sort of tenant living situation. If it's on, I'll usually take a peek for a few minutes to see what the problem is.

We've already mentioned the Pro-Vision Academy charity that Rick Smith's wife Tiffany Smith co-chaired, but she's also been involved Susan Bean (children with mental illness) and the Children's Museum of Houston (as a board member). This takes a lot of time and effort, and people ought to recognize others like Tiffany when they do these activities. Tiffany also works out three times a week with a trainer and says her guilty pleasures are McDonald's french fries. I cannot argue with her there. Tough to beat those fries-- if you even want to call them fries. They're closer to chemically-engineered food items.


Mike Vrabel's wife Jen Vrabel

So Mike Vrabel's wife Jen Vrabel threw her hat in the Twitter trash-talking circle recently and talked some smack to the wife of Bret Bielema (the coach of Arkansas). The whole reason for this is sort of convoluted, but basically it's because Bielema's wife was saying Wisconsin losing against Arizona State was "karma." So when Rutgers beat Arkansas, Jen Vrabel said it was "karma." So there you have it-- they managed to make news out of a very subtle jab that was re-purposed to needle the wife of Bret Bielema. Nice work, Jen.

Jen and Mike have two kids, and they both look exactly like Jen. Their names are Tyler and Carter. I guess there's some resemblance to Mike as well, but I definitely think Jen has the more dominant genes. They all live in Bellaire, Texas, and they do Texas type stuff. That includes going to lots and lots of football games, naturally, but they also seem to like vacationing and hitting the beach. Jen has posted some old tropical Caribbean photos from back in the day on her Twitter. Mike Vrabel's wife Jen Vrabel is understandably happy to be living in sunshine now. She's told her friends that she doesn't want to be in Boston, and after humongous snow storms, you can guess why. Both Jen and Mike are Ohio State fans, which is an easy fate after playing and coaching for the school.

There's sort of a lot going on in Jen's life. She frequently updates her Twitter with news about her family, she's always talking about Ohio State, and she loves to update the world about what Mike is up to. She recently shared a picture of her son Tyler with his young date for some kind of homecoming game. I have no idea what she was talking about when she said "homecoming mums and garters for all you non-Texans" but then she said "it's a Texas thing." Texans always seem to have their own thing going on, and it never really makes much sense to any of the other states, but c'est la vi. Mike and Jen definitely strike me as family types, and they're always getting together to go on outings or dinners and whatnot to celebrate various life events for themselves or their kids.


Cecil Shorts' wife Chanel Shorts

Cecil Shorts' wife Chanel Shorts is the mother of their two children, Cecil Jr. and their little girl Payton, whom they share photos of on their social media all the time. Their son Cecil Jr. just started going to elementary school, and their daughter is probably two years younger than he is so she'll have to wait. Though she did accompany Cecil Jr. to the school to take pictures with him. I get the impression Chanel is a very traditional mom in the sense that she celebrates wholesome and family activities as much as she can. Junior's first day at school is a good example of that.

I am guessing that Cecil Shorts' wife Chanel Shorts is originally from Cleveland because she's a big fan of the Cavaliers and has said things like "'til I die" in reference to her fandom. Now, this could also just mean she's simply a Lebron James fan, but I'll go with the team theory here. Chanel also started a business called Chanel's Closet, which is a clothes store that also sells used and vintage clothes along with handmade accessories. I'm fairly certain there's no actual location and the store itself is just her selling the items online. She's dipping her toes into the capitalist's pond so that's a good thing.

Chanel is also a very religious person, and she often includes little phrases like "god is good" and "we are so blessed" and whatever little nugget of religious zeal people use to say they enjoy the church these days. I've yet to come across a player wife or girlfriend that worships Satan, but you can bet it will be an excited and enthusiastic post when I find one.