Philadelphia Eagles Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Zach Ertz's girlfriend Julie Johnston

Zach Ertz's girlfriend Julie Johnston is a defender on the World Cup winning USA team (or is it that Julie Johnston's boyfriend Zach Ertz is a Tight End for the Eagles). She is flying pretty damn high right now after the defeated Japan. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that the pinnacle of soccer. I'm no expert but I'm sure it's a very big deal for her. Zach was in Vancouver watching her play for her team against Japan, and he told a New Jersey paper, "She's great. She probably runs more than anyone on the field. She has to sprint up for a set piece and then sprint back on defense. I kind of laugh when I see her blond hair streaking across the field." Actually blond hair streaking across fields is sort of funny, so I'm with him I guess.

Zach Ertz's girlfriend Julie Johnston met him at a Stanford baseball game. He was with a couple buddies, and he saw her sitting in the student section and decided to go hit on her, or in his words "just decided I wanted to meet her." They hit it off pretty fast too. They saw each other a few more times and that was it. I'm telling you, athletes who date athletes are always the best off. When both parties have the same career and are always busy playing their sport, they can relate amazingly well to each other. Now that Julie won the Cup with her team, she's the big cheese in the relationship too. Ertz said watching her achieve what she has is a big motivating thing for him.

Julie lives in Chicago and plays for the Chicago Red Stars in the National Women's Soccer League. Julie said she was "heartbroken" over the men's loss in the World Cup, but I kind of don't believe that. I mean, they were outclassed by whatever team that was that handed them the first loss (I think it was Belgium) the entire game, and Germany controlled them like puppets. Of course, it sucks when you yourself are a World Cup player and you have to watch the men's side lose. Americans aren't used to being mediocre in sports. These days when they're not playing, they go out and do fun stuff like wine tasting Vegas vacations.

03/19/15 (Updated)

Evan Mathis' Wife Katie Mathis

When you are in the zone, you are in The Zone. Evan Mathis' wife Katie Mathis works at Evan's hardcore fitness and training facility, simply called The Zone. Have a look at their site if you're in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. I'm not aficionado, but it looks like some kind of high-tech Avengers headquarters where they test out how many inches of steel the Hulk can bend or how many concrete walls Captain America's shield can be thrown through. It's pretty awesome.

Katie is just about the most in-shape woman I've ever seen. She's really scary and intimidating for a normal dude, but being the girlfriend of Evan Mathis is a bit different since Evan himself is a hulking beast. Evan is one of the very best guards in the NFL. He was named both a Pro-Bowler and a first team All-Pro for his 2013 season, and of course it's hard to quantify his value since his position dictates that he battering rams through defense and protects his quarterback and running backs. Suffice to say he does a good job of it.

Let's get back to Evan's girlfriend Katie for a second, though. Katie's hard to pin down. She's clearly got a beautiful face. She's obviously very bright and funny, but again, the thing that really jumps out at you when you look through her Instagram is the tremendous level of dedication she gives to working the hell out. I mean, we've seen a lot of athlete wives who like to get really really skinny in the gym and maybe get a little toned, but this woman goes way beyond that. I definitely believe her when she says she can help you work out. She's also got this weird kind of creepy boyish vibe-- exhibit A is the photo of her pretending to take a whiz like a man with a Calvinesque (from Calvin & Hobbes) look on her face. I like her viewpoint on how everyone has their own idea about what their perfect body is. One of the prerequisites for her seems to be zero body fat and visible, veiny, ripped muscles.

03/20/15 (Updated)

LeSean McCoy's Girlfriend Porsha Williams

Get ready for some classic "uneek" first names: LeSean and Porsha. That's right, German sports cars be damned! I'm talking about LeSean McCoy's girlfriend Porsha Williams. Porsha is best known as Kordell Stewart's ex-wife. Now she is known for going to clubs with LaSean and kissing him in public. You can not escape the public eye, you can only hope to....contain it?

There's quite a weird little tale about Porsha's divorce with Kordell. At the time of their divorce, Porsha was a star on the show Real Housewives of Atlanta. By the way, Real Housewives is not on the BBC's list of approved educational and enriching programs. Porsha and Kordell had been having problems in the marriage, but Porsha decided she'd stick with it because Kordell told her he'd work on the marriage and try to work out whatever problems they were having. Then, Porsha found out on the internet that Kordell had filed for divorce before he even got around to telling her. Ouch! They had a prenuptial agreement already in place 'cuz Mama din'nt raise no fool mmhmmm! I get a kick out of the comments under the news of Stewart divorcing Porsha: "He sucked at football and he sucks at marriage." Touché.

Now Porsha is once again cruising the autobahn of love, and LeSean is her co-pilot. LaSean McCoy definitely doesn't suck at football too. Last year he recorded 1607 rushing yards, a career-high for him. His new girlfriend Porsha will probably not want to televise their wedding if they get to that point. Again, that was another weird thing that her and Kordell did. The television show was called "Platinum Weddings." Portions of the show are viewable on Youtube. I have watched them, and I implore you not to. The whole thing is soundtracked by the most nauseating R&B music you have ever heard, and the entire production radiates a glossy superficiality. For a dude that spent like a jillion dollars on a wedding, the prenup was the real money move.