San Francisco 49ers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Antoine Bethea's Wife Samantha Romantini Bethea



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Sometimes when you give birth, you are given presents to celebrate the joyous occasion, and for Antoine Bethea's wife Samantha Romantini Bethea, that present was a tricked out BMW X6. Man, this thing is cool. I'm not a big car mods guy, but Mr. Bethea had them do some work on this bad boy. It's got this really classy black and white look to it, and there's all kinds of cool add-ons. Anyway, that was about a year ago after they had their baby girl, and their wedding took place this past summer on June 28. Their wedding website, which is exactly what every wedding website should be like, says this of Samantha:

"Ultimately she would like to think of herself as a spiritual & compassionate individual. If nothing else her main goal in life is to use her talents & blessings to better herself and those around her." Sounds good to me. I never know what to think of that "spiritual" word, though. Does that mean she believes in ghosts like Egon Spengler? Does she believe in the actual ghost of Egon Spengler? Antoine seems like a cool guy, based on his biography on their website. He was raised with a "military upbringing" so he's a man of few words. That sounds pretty badass. He's like the Clint Eastwood of wedding biographies, and he plays pro football. The couple both went to Howard University and that's where they met. Samantha was apparently a serious soccer player at the school, and she's now a financial planner. Antoine studied criminal justice.

The couple split up at one point because the long distance relationship thing wasn't working out for them. Samantha was living in New York City while Antoine was living in Indianapolis. So they split for a few years and then started back up again at the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2008. They were both in the crowd dancing to Beyonce. That's what their website says! Samantha moved to Indianapolis soon after.


Joe Staley's Wife Carrie Staley



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Joe Staley's wife Carrie Staley has just given birth to a cute little baby girl who is now six months old. I believe the youngins name is Grace Staley-- cool name. You know, browsing through some of the pictures on social media, the couple have some artful wedding photographs, and I am a tough customer when it comes to wedding photos. So if you're looking for a wedding photographer that's a cut above the rest, call Joe and Carrie.

Carrie grew up in Encinitas, California, and she attended Notre Dame and was a star soccer player. The timeline for the relationship is roughly as follows: Joe's wife Carrie became engaged in April of 2013, she then married the big fella in January of this year, and the two had the baby a few months after that, though Carrie was looking mighty nice for her wedding. She calls 2014 the best year of her life, and the marriage+baby combo will often do it for a new bride, especially if they're married to a 300 pound wrecking ball with a good heart. Joe actually hosted a show called "The Joe Show" on the 49ers website. It's pretty much just him goofing around and talking to his teammates, but you get the sense he's a cool guy. Carrie posted a short video of Joe scarfing an entire cotton "weave" or whatever you'd call a full unit of cotton candy. A stick of cotton candy? A web of cotton candy?

The last important thing to know about Joe's wife Carrie is that she actually went on to become a professional soccer player up until around 2011 or so. She played in a league called the National Women's Soccer League, which I'd never heard of before. Man, a pro soccer player and a pro football player as your parents. Their daughter is going to be a powerhouse.

09/19/14 (Updated)

The Latest NFL Victim: Ray McDonald's Girlfriend


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UPDATE 09/18/2014: Details are beginning to emerge about the sordid history of Ray McDonald and his girlfriend, with a spiraling tale of domestic violence from both sides.

According to reports, Ray McDonald's girlfriend was assaulted in an August incident following the 49ers D-Lineman's birthday party at McDonald's home.
Following the incident, McDonald was arrested on felony domestic violence charges, though the 49ers are allowing him to remain active while the legal process play out.

In May, San Jose police were called to McDonald's home previously/, for an altercation between an "engaged couple," on May 25. In that incident, McDonald's girlfriend is alleged to have pulled a gun and held it at her side during an argument, before running out of the home. The gun was not pointed at, or used to threaten anyone.

As a side note to this story, rumors persist that McDonald has now married the still unnamed girlfriend. We'll keep an eye on that as this develops.

Good lord, what is happening with the NFL players? If you've been reading the papers recently, you'd think the National Football League was made up exclusively of ruffians, hooligans, riff-raff, rowdies, and yahoos. The National Hoi Polloi League. Well, giant-of-a-man Ray McDonald's girlfriend is pregnant, and she is the latest victim of the National Riff-Raff League. Let's hope San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh kicks him off the team.

The full story, as we understand it, goes something like this: big birthday bash for Ray McDonald is thrown, Ray McDonald's pregnant girlfriend is in attendance along with many of McDonald's teammates, Ray McDonald allegedly strikes his girlfriend and causes bruising and marks, Ray McDonald gets arrested by the po-po. One of his teammates, tight end Vernon Davis, told ESPN that he was on his way out with the coppers showed up to take him away, and he said he didn't see anything. Davis had actually already posted pictures of the party on Instagram, but took them down because he didn't want to associate with any of the drama that unfolded.

I like Harbaugh's stance on this kind of thing. No tolerance. You hit a kid or a wife or abuse them in some way, you're gone. It's probably only a matter of time before he's off the team. He showed up to practice because it's not yet been determined what exactly went down, and nobody wants to be too hasty pasty and accuse McDonald of beating his girlfriend if that's not actually what happened. I don't know what the alternative scenario would be-- perhaps she walked into a light pole? Immediately after McDonald left jail, he said "The truth will come out, you know. I can't say too much right now but the truth will come out. Everybody knows what kind of person I am. I'm a good-hearted person." Uhhhh.....I think I'm missing something here, but we shall see.