San Francisco 49ers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Lawrence Okoye's wife Philippa Okoye

Lawrence Okoye's wife Philippa Okoye is in the middle of a lawsuite against a Manhattan investment firm. ‚ÄčAccording to the suit, there was a barrage of not-so-nice things were said to Philippa in regards to her being engaged to Lawrence. She was demoted and then fired by the company, and she's claiming it was because she complained about the way she was treated. I never really understood the whole wall street bro persona where dudes think they can drop all social norms and stop being civil. After all, they're just guys in suits placing wagers on companies and economies. They don't add anything to the world; it's not like they're manufacturing solar panels. Maybe if they were manufacturing tanks the testosterized bro persona might make a little more sense or something, but they mine as well call themselves professional gamblers. Anyway, every job has its place, I suppose.

Philippa likes to go by "Pippa," and she is originally from Britain. She is now living in California. Since Lawrence Okoye's wife Philippa Okoye was working on Wall Street while he was on the 'Niners, The suit alleges that there were a lot of people saying offensive stuff to her about how she shouldn't change her last name after she gets married to Lawrence because it'd be bad for business if people thought she was black, and one guy even said to her face that he thought it was "disgusting when white women go out with black guys." Maybe keep that thought to yourself.

I have no idea whether Pippa was good at her job, but the corporate culture definitely seemed to have gotten under her skin. According to her her boss wanted the place to be modeled after the movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street.' I don't really see that happening in 2015. Even if it were to happen, you're going to have all kinds of bad publicity come your way (not to mention lawsuits). If you're serious about having a successful business, maybe grow up and don't act like jerks.


Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend Brittany Renner

Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend Brittany Renner is an animated young model and fitness fanatic who maintains an extensive Instagram, cataloging her many moods and jokes. There is one pretty funny video she made where she reacts to some dude rapping on a Sirius station. The guy says something like "She dinner if she favor Brittany Renner," which I don't even know what that means but the video cuts to Brittany Renner making a funny "flattered face." The video goes on with some pretty goofy rapping and Brittany responding to it. Actually, the more videos on her Instagram that you watch, the more you will like her, I promise. She's pretty darn funny. She reminds me of a Disney character or something. She's got a lot of personality.

Anyway, very recently Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend Brittany Renner was talked about on Terez Owens for having been photographed nude in the showed by Trey Songz at some point. Apparently they believe she herself sent in the photos, but whether that's true or not, who cares? It seems if you're at all associated with anyone remotely famous, the internet will engulf you in some way sooner or later. She seems like one of the most charismatic player wives/girlfriends that we've seen in some time, so I'm going to be in her corner in any argument.

And there was a brief fake argument, it seems, back in 2014 when Brittany said she was "preggers" by Colin Kaepernick. Of course, she was just messing around. She's built herself up a huge following on Instagram, and I think it has more to do with her personality than her looks, though she is certainly very attractive. She also has a kind of clothing line called "Fit.Thick.Army" that she reps on IG, and she's frequently photographed wearing or sporting their caps. I'm not entirely sure if she's exclusive to Colin because there's never been photographs included on her account, but I have a hunch they are close to it. Her account is more for looking at girls in bikinis and watching her funny videos then anything else. I get the sense that Brittany spends way too much time with her phone in front of her taking videos of herself making faces.


Ray McDonald's girlfriend Kendra Scott

Ray McDonald's girlfriend Kendra Scott has broken up with him after a series of altercations, most recently when he allegedly smashed down a bedroom door, and got physical with her in a drunken rage. At this time, Scott has since filed a restraining order against him. Well, they went from getting engaged in February of 2014 to having a restraining order filed. Nice work, Ray.

Kendra has a baby whom she grabbed to protect during all of this, and that adds to the tragic element of it. McDonald is already getting a 6-game suspension, though after the Bears immediately cut bait, that 6 games may wind up being a lifetime. That still doesn't seem that tough of a penalty to me but I guess it's so common in the NFL now that the league couldn't function if they took these things more seriously. I don't know if you guys remember but Ray McDonald's girlfriend Kendra Scott apparently gave him a few chances because he was arrested back in 2014 for domestic abuse again, but that time he wasn't convicted of anything because there wasn't enough evidence and eyewitnesses. We wrote about it back then. Scott claims that in August of 2014 he came home drunk and choked her, dragged her, and kneed her in the stomach (while she was pregnant). I seem to recall him saying something like "I'm a good-hearted person and the truth will come out" back when that happened. That's certainly an interesting statement to make after the same stuff apparently keeps happening, Old McDonald.

So Kendra is moving on and hoping to find someone who won't abuse her whether sober or drunk. One of the old arguments involving Kendra and Ray allegedly involved her holding a gun by her side for protection and then running out of the home. I'd say carrying a gun for protection against your own boyfriend may be reason to call off a marriage.