San Francisco 49ers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Ray McDonald's girlfriend Kendra Scott

Ray McDonald's girlfriend Kendra Scott has broken up with him after a series of altercations, most recently when he allegedly smashed down a bedroom door, and got physical with her in a drunken rage. At this time, Scott has since filed a restraining order against him. Well, they went from getting engaged in February of 2014 to having a restraining order filed. Nice work, Ray.

Kendra has a baby whom she grabbed to protect during all of this, and that adds to the tragic element of it. McDonald is already getting a 6-game suspension, though after the Bears immediately cut bait, that 6 games may wind up being a lifetime. That still doesn't seem that tough of a penalty to me but I guess it's so common in the NFL now that the league couldn't function if they took these things more seriously. I don't know if you guys remember but Ray McDonald's girlfriend Kendra Scott apparently gave him a few chances because he was arrested back in 2014 for domestic abuse again, but that time he wasn't convicted of anything because there wasn't enough evidence and eyewitnesses. We wrote about it back then. Scott claims that in August of 2014 he came home drunk and choked her, dragged her, and kneed her in the stomach (while she was pregnant). I seem to recall him saying something like "I'm a good-hearted person and the truth will come out" back when that happened. That's certainly an interesting statement to make after the same stuff apparently keeps happening, Old McDonald.

So Kendra is moving on and hoping to find someone who won't abuse her whether sober or drunk. One of the old arguments involving Kendra and Ray allegedly involved her holding a gun by her side for protection and then running out of the home. I'd say carrying a gun for protection against your own boyfriend may be reason to call off a marriage.


Bruce Miller's girlfriend Leanne Massey

San Francisco running back Bruce Miller was arrested last week for spousal battery. It is currently unclear if Bruce Miller's girlfriend Leanne Massey was the victim in the alleged incident.

In a disturbing uptrend, Miller becomes the latest in a long line of NFL players accused of domestic violence. This isn't the 49ers first rodeo when it comes to domestic violence accusations, and have handled with a boilerplate public statement:

“The San Francisco 49ers organization is aware of the matter involving Bruce Miller. We were disappointed to learn of these reports and will do our due diligence in collecting all relevant information.”

Bruce Miller and Leanne Massey appear to have been engaged in August of 2014 after at least a couple years of dating. The Chico State grad has a successful career as a financial representative, and appears to enjoy her time traveling the globe with the former 7th round pick. Massey seems like a genuinely cool girl who certainly appears to appreciate the life she's living. If allegations against Miller are true, and Massey is in fact the victim, it's another upsetting incident in the NFL.

Hey, guys in the NFL.... No wait... Guys in general. STOP HITTING WOMEN. How's that sound?


Antoine Bethea's Wife Samantha Romantini Bethea

Sometimes when you give birth, you are given presents to celebrate the joyous occasion, and for Antoine Bethea's wife Samantha Romantini Bethea, that present was a tricked out BMW X6. Man, this thing is cool. I'm not a big car mods guy, but Mr. Bethea had them do some work on this bad boy. It's got this really classy black and white look to it, and there's all kinds of cool add-ons. Anyway, that was about a year ago after they had their baby girl, and their wedding took place this past summer on June 28. Their wedding website, which is exactly what every wedding website should be like, says this of Samantha:

"Ultimately she would like to think of herself as a spiritual & compassionate individual. If nothing else her main goal in life is to use her talents & blessings to better herself and those around her." Sounds good to me. I never know what to think of that "spiritual" word, though. Does that mean she believes in ghosts like Egon Spengler? Does she believe in the actual ghost of Egon Spengler? Antoine seems like a cool guy, based on his biography on their website. He was raised with a "military upbringing" so he's a man of few words. That sounds pretty badass. He's like the Clint Eastwood of wedding biographies, and he plays pro football. The couple both went to Howard University and that's where they met. Samantha was apparently a serious soccer player at the school, and she's now a financial planner. Antoine studied criminal justice.

The couple split up at one point because the long distance relationship thing wasn't working out for them. Samantha was living in New York City while Antoine was living in Indianapolis. So they split for a few years and then started back up again at the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2008. They were both in the crowd dancing to Beyonce. That's what their website says! Samantha moved to Indianapolis soon after.