Atlanta Falcons Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Harry Douglas' Wife Kierra Douglas

Harry Douglas' wife Kierra Douglas was a professional cheerleader for the Atlanta Hawks. Despite the anti-fraternization rule, you still gotta' figure the players are going to end up dating at least half of the cheerleaders that cheer for their team, right? Well, This time the Falcons swooped in. It's weird that the two biggest Atlanta teams are named after predatory birds.

I've looked through Douglas and his wife Kierra's online wedding album, and it was one of those large-and-in-charge weddings held at a huge building called 200 Peachtree in downtown Atlanta. I guess the lady that organized it had her work cut out for her since both Harry and Kierra's schedules are hectic, though it did look like it was well executed. My only complaint is that the wedding cake was all glittery. It was a "bling" cake with fake diamonds and shiny pieces of something bedazzling it. It wasn't very appetizing, if you ask me. Though I really dig how the wedding after party was a casino after party, complete with dealers, blackjack tables, the works.

October 2014 saw Douglas and his wife Kierra at the March of Dimes Bowling for Babies charity event. Not only that, but Kierra got crowned Mrs. Georgia shortly after she was wed to Harry. I guess "Mrs." Georgia is pretty self-explanatory. It's lower stakes since the lady is hitched and the excitement of knowing she's still single is gone, but this happened in June, only a few months after her wedding in March. Kierra has been busy with her new business as a performing arts teacher in Douglasville, Georgia. She picked a nice town to set up shop, seeing that her last name is now Douglas. The name of the studio is Just Dance, if you're looking to enroll your kid in some hip hop or jazz dance classes or if you yourself are looking to improve your move-busting technique.

03/19/15 (Updated)

The Casting Call Battle Between Tony Gonzalez's Wife October Gonzalez and Ex-Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez

Tony Gonzalez's wife October Gonzalez is engaged in a battle for one of the most coveted chairs in all the gossip land. I'm talking about an open seat in the daily congress of diverse women-- The View! Apparently "the latino seat" is open for casting, and October is actually battling against Tony Gonzalez's ex-girlfriend Lauren Sanchez (and the mother of one of Tony's children). Doesn't that strike you as weird? Like, is Tony Gonzalez some kind of Latin women's oracle for television? He only attracts the most broadly-appealing Latina's for daytime television, apparently.

Well, it's going to be a rough ride for Tony's wife October because Lauren has already co-hosted an episode and has been in the running for the spot for quite awhile. At least that's what TMZ Sports was told when they reported on the story a few days ago. It doesn't seem like something you can really nail down with numbers. It must be that the studio does tests with various combinations of cast members and then asks people what they think. Like, "Hey folks, do you like the way October banters with Whoopi more than the way Lauren takes pot-shots at Barbara?" Being a television producer must be really interesting in this respect.

October Gonzalez is not afraid of the media spotlight. When we last took a look at Tony Gonzalez's wife, she was in the middle of a wildly successful PETA campaign that certainly had people around the Shield talking.

Tony Gonzalez's ex girlfriend Lauren Sanchez is a media veteran herself. The host of Fox 11 LA, and Good Day LA also has experience on a national stage as the weekend Co-Host for Extra. In 2013, Sanchez summited Kilimanjaro which is an amazing feat, only matched by the fact that she's a licensed pilot. I mean, come on - Latina or not, she's already 10 times more interesting than anyone else on The View.

A quick shout about Tony Gonzalez, who might be the best tight end the NFL has ever had. He has the record for most touchdowns by a tight end, most yards by a tight end, and was a 14-time Pro Bowler. So yeah, he had a good career, and now he's just another former pro in a suit, blabbing about football for NFL Today. His wife October has the chance to eclipse him-- come on October! You can do it! So rarely does this kind of opportunity come along where an athlete's wife genuinely has a chance to become more popular and well-known than her husband.

09/23/13 (Updated)

Roddy White's girlfriend (ex) Stacey Hott

Roddy White makes a lot of money.

And so it should come as no surprise that the woman formerly identified as Roddy White's girlfriend Stacey Hott would expect Roddy to cough up some change to take care of their child. While their relationship didn't really work out, the two did have a child together, and a child support negotiation took place. White filed papers in December, 2011 acknowledging paternity to the child, but was not prepared to pay the full amount Hott demanded in her court request.

in December, 2011, Hott filed legal documents against White to request child support stating that White "is a professional athlete capable of providing generous support for the minor child commensurate with his earnings.' In February, 2012, the support suit was settled for $3,200 a month, as well as White paying for Hott's legal fees and taking out a significant life insurance policy naming their son as the beneficiary.

Stacey Hott has been working for a national bank chain in Atlanta since 2006 and originally hails from San Leandro, California. While she's probably doing pretty well for herself, White is also making roughly $695,000 a month (back of the napkin math based on his 6 year $50M deal - and yes I know all about guaranteed, incentives, and bonuses), so $3,200 seems like a very conservative support figure. I guess you can hand it to Hott for not chasing every cent, and simply ensuring her son is provided for.