Bryant McFadden’s wife Sherry McFadden

The two began dating in 2001 before their 2009 engagement. They were officially married on June 26, 2010. According to their public wedding profile: “Bryant and Sherry are a fun, caring, and outgoing couple. We both love sports preferably “football” and spending time with our baby “YaYa (dog)”…Sherry likes to go shopping, participate in outdoor activities, and spend a plethora of time traveling.”

Shaun Suisham’s wife Erin Suisham

The two met while attending Bowling Green State University together, where Erin was a cross country/track walk on, and Shaun obviously played football. The two got engaged immediately after school and were married on February 26, 2006. They have a two year old daughter named Sienna.

Mason Crosby’s wife Molly Crosby

Mason and Molly were married on June 28, 2010. They have one child together, son Nolan James, born August 15, 2010. The former Molly Ackerman hails from Glenwood Springs, CO. She graduated high school in 2004 before obtaining a degree in Chinese language and culture from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2008. Molly was also a cheerleader in college.

Dan Rooney’s wife Patricia Rooney

Officially the longest tenured relationship on the site. Dan married the former Patricia Reagan in 1952, and went on to have 9 children together.

Nick Barnett’s wife Amanda Barnett

The two met through mutual friends while attending different colleges in Oregon. After eventually meeting at the continued insistence of their friends, the couple was married in June, 2009. They have two children together, sons Kaden and Kruz.

Brett Keisel’s wife Sarah Keisel

UPDATE: 02-10-2012: These days, it seems like a pretty rare occurrence when an athlete in the mainstream news for something good. For the second year in a row Brett Keisel has made the news while shaving his beard to raise money for charity. The second annual “Shear The Beard”, when Keisel shaves his massive beard, was a huge success – raising more than the $40,000 that the event raised last year. The beard-shaving/fundraiser supports the…