Blair White’s girlfriend (fiancee) Karlie LeRoy

UPDATE: 05/03/2011: Our readers come through again on this one… From reader Jose, these two are now officially engaged. While no wedding date has been set, Blair was clearly smart to lock this shit up before any vulture teammates started sniffing around. Well played Mr. White. Congratulations, and good luck Big dap to Colts Fan Mark for submitting this one. Seriously, the best reader help we’ve ever had. Huge props. Anyways, meet up and coming…

Brandon Marshall’s wife Michi Nogami-Marshall and the Stabbing Incident

UPDATE: Brandon Marshall told cops he fell on a broken vase. Only problem? No blood near the broken vase. That, and Michi admits she stabbed him. Read the full affidavit here. —– After Brandon Marshall was stabbed in the stomach, the initial story that hit was that his wife threw a lamp at him and was impaled by a piece of it. The doctors were able to quickly determine that Brandon Marshall’s wife, Michi Marshall…

Dwight Freeney’s girlfriend Rachel Roy

Dwight and Rachel have been spotted together over the course of the past couple months, most notably seen dining together in New York, and attending Dwight’s birthday party together. While both parties have declined comment on the relationship, the NY Post quotes a source saying, “Rachel and Dwight have been out for a few dinners and get on well, but it is early days.” Rachel is a fashion designer with various fashion lines, most notably…

Donald Driver’s wife Betina Driver

02-28-2012: Like Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward before him, Donald Driver is the most recent NFL star to appear on Dancing with the Stars. Driver was named to the season 14 cast today, along with Martina Navratilova, Maria Menounos and, best of all, none other than Steve Urkel – Jaleel White. Donald Driver’s wife Betina hails from Cleveland, Mississippi where she graduated from Cleveland High School. After high school, the two attended Alcorn State together,…

Bryant McFadden’s wife Sherry McFadden

The two began dating in 2001 before their 2009 engagement. They were officially married on June 26, 2010. According to their public wedding profile: “Bryant and Sherry are a fun, caring, and outgoing couple. We both love sports preferably “football” and spending time with our baby “YaYa (dog)”…Sherry likes to go shopping, participate in outdoor activities, and spend a plethora of time traveling.”

Shaun Suisham’s wife Erin Suisham

The two met while attending Bowling Green State University together, where Erin was a cross country/track walk on, and Shaun obviously played football. The two got engaged immediately after school and were married on February 26, 2006. They have a two year old daughter named Sienna.

Mason Crosby’s wife Molly Crosby

Mason and Molly were married on June 28, 2010. They have one child together, son Nolan James, born August 15, 2010. The former Molly Ackerman hails from Glenwood Springs, CO. She graduated high school in 2004 before obtaining a degree in Chinese language and culture from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2008. Molly was also a cheerleader in college.