NFL Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

04/10/15 (Updated)

Will Allen's Ex-Wife Nakeyia Worley

Will Allen's ex-wife Nakeya Worley were married on February 20th of 2009 and got divorced sometime between 2012 and 2014, according to the information I've gathered around the net. They've apparently been spotted once or twice after the divorce in and around Dayton, Ohio and Tampa, Florida but it seems that they haven't been officially together for some time. They were allegedly high school sweethearts growing up in Dayton, Ohio though I don't really see how that's possible since Nakeyia attended a different high school called Chaminade Julienne, but we'll go with what was reported by the Dayton Daily News back in 2011. They probably just knew each other and dated while they attended different school. Nakeyia attended the University of Akron from 2002 to 2008 and got a bachelor's in psychology, and I guess she never tried to pursue that any further since she's apparently got a health club in the Miami area called Key Fit. Good luck trying to find it on the internet, though.

I mentioned the internet forums have said Will Allen's ex-wife Nakeyia Worley has been spotted around Dayton. That definitely makes sense since they're both from there. We should be certain not to confuse this Will Allen with the other Will Allen, who is now said to have been involved in a ponzi scheme, the Securities and Exchange Committee is saying. So let's avoid making that mistake and get back to Nakeyia. Back in 2010, Nakeyia competed in something called the NPC Dexter Jackson Classic, which is an amateur bodybuilding contest and qualifies people to move on to higher competitions, from what I understand. So for all those women that are really into fitness (like Nakeyia) you can buff up those muscles and get out there on the stage and show them off. Nowadays I think she's probably more concentrated on her business. It's still unconfirmed whether she spends more time in Florida or Dayton now.


Odell Beckham's Girlfriend Sophie Campise

Odell Beckham's girlfriend Sophie Campise is a sweet, young globetrotting beauty with a love for her mangy but snuggable dog Roo. Sophie really does have a striking face, and I'd be shocked if she hasn't done some professional modeling, but she was a serious athletic competitor in the good old sport of soccer.

Sophie attended Ursuline Academy in Dallas, Texas and was named an All-American Academic (whatever that is). Sophie was a freshman at the University of Texas in 2009, which at first I thought meant she must have met Odell after graduating around 2012 or 2013 (sometimes if you work your ass off in college you can do a three-year graduation. This is not the case, however, since Odell Beckham's girlfriend Sophie Campise has been with him since at least July of 2012-- when the first known photograph of him shows up in her Instagram account. She was still in college when they were dating, so I'm very curious how they met. Maybe she was just a friend of a friend of a friend or something. Also, it should be noted that Sophie transferred to the University of Alabama midway through her college career.

Sophie was a solid midfield starter from 2012 to 2013 at Alabama, and she graduated in 2013. That means she's been independent from school for less than two years. Since her hometown is Dallas, she frequently goes to all kinds of Texas-type activities like the Austin City Limits music festival. But by far the most impressive stuff she's posted on the net is her travel photos. This has included wrestling a baby tiger, visiting hyper-exotic places like Bali, hot springs in Singaraja, and some beautiful place called Seminyak. We've got to keep in mind that our girl is still only about 23 years old here. She's having one hell of a life so far. Of course, she's also making plenty of trips to New York City to see Odell play for the Giants. That's certainly a priority.

03/26/15 (Updated)

Ryan Kalil's Wife Natalie Kalil

Ryan Kalil's wife Natalie Kalil was once Natalie Nelson, an internet meme sensation. I'm talking about something almost no one remembers, including myself. Apparently back in 2006 while Natalie was a USC Song Bird (cheerleader), USC was playing Texas for the BCS National Championship, and Natalie exploded with an enthusiastic cheer for the wrong team after Texas made a big play, and the image was captured and photoshopped into all kinds of goofy memes. So basically Natalie Nelson was known as a super cheerleading airhead for awhile. In the picture, you can see two of the other cheerleaders looking over at Natalie like, "Uhh, no that's the wrong team, honey."

These days, Ryan Kalil's wife Natalie Kalil is simply known as "mommy," as she has birthed two kids so far. One of them is a young girl named Kenadi, and another is her younger brother Chandler. Natalie married Ryan in March of 2008, shortly after her cheering career came to an end, but it does live on unofficially whenever she watches the big guy do his thing for the Panthers. I want to add a few notable asides here about Ryan himself: 1) he worked on a football training spoof with Will Ferrell and 2) one of his hobbies includes clay-mation. Yes, you heard that correctly-- animating clay frame by painstaking frame. I think that is totally awesome. Ryan Kalil, professional football battering ram by day, clay animator by night. I wonder if he's ever clay-mated Natalie cheering for the wrong team? God, he really, really should do that at some point and then debut it at a party.

As you might have guessed, Natalie's days are packed with taking care of the kids and running errands to maintain the lovely household that the family keeps. These things take energy, dedication, and the wherewithal to realize who you are helping.