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Cam Thomas' girlfriend Adrienne


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Cam Thomas' girlfriend Adrienne wants the judicial system to know that Cam Thomas gave her herpes.

Cam Thomas wants the world to know that he absolutely did not.

Now that we've gotten the attention grabbers out of the way, let's rewind a bit. Cam Thomas's ex-girlfriend Adrienne filed suit against the Steelers D-Lineman alleging that he gave her herpes, and that he is the only person capable of giving them to her.

After the two began dating in 2010, the plaintiff noticed "puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh" and sores on his genitalia, both of which Thomas allegedly explained away either football or zipper related issues. Adrienne initially tested negative for herpes in 2010, but later tested positive for the disease in early 2012.

Thomas' lawyers responded by calling Adrienne a bitter, telling TMZ Sports, "She's angry, vindictive and mean because he has another woman, and a baby in his life." According to Thomas' lawyers timeline, Adrienne tested positive five months after the couple split up, and it's impossible to prove him as the source.

Seeking unspecified damages, Adrienne is suing for sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud through intentional concealment and negligence.


DeSean Jackson's girlfriend Natalia Garibotto



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DeSean Jackson’s girlfriend Natalia Garibotto is a student at Miami University, and she’s attractive enough to impulsively whisk away to a tropical island for vacation, which is just what DeSean did this year. Garibotto was formerly NBA point guard Kyrie Irving’s girlfriend. Irving himself got into some hot water with Natalia after a picture of him was posted cozying up to two models in a club. This is standard fare in the world of rich tweeting athletes. Natalia knows this, but Natalia is now an NFL woman! She appreciates DeSean Jackson and is at least partially aware that he has skills.

We’ll leave it to the fans to wholly appreciate Jackson’s gridiron talents. He’s a three-time pro-bowler with 16.2 yards per reception for 2013, ranking 9th in the league this year while racking up 1332 receiving yards. That’s more than you or I could tally, friend. Jackson is also the first player ever selected to the Pro Bowl for two positions the same year in 2010 (for wide receiver and return specialist). Jerry Rice said of Jackson, “He has all the talent in the world. There’s no reason he can’t be everything he wants to be at the next level.” High praise coming from a generous legend.

Thus, young Desean is living well and enjoying himself. In fact, it was just last night, April 20th, that the young gentleman was photographed swiftly approaching Rihanna in her Escalade to chat her up. He’s apparently a sociable guy late at night and especially outside of clubs, it seems. Who better to run over to a car window to talk to then Rihanna? If it had been John Madden in that Escalade, Desean Jackson might not have run, but he still might have wanted to talk...maybe. We’ll leave that for his girlfriend to ponder.


Larry English's Girlfriend Nicole Williams



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In the world of low-stakes sports reporting, finding out a little gem like the one about Larry English's girlfriend Nicole Williams is always odd. It was reported by Larry Brown Sports that Nicole folds Larry's underwear. What an odd, stupid thing to report on. Larry, do you have a mother complex, perhaps? Or maybe Nicole just digs folding underwear. Imagine if the question came up out of the blue from the paparazzi or whoever asked it, without context. "You're looking real nice today, Nicole, what are you up to today? Oh, that's cool; do you fold Larry English's underwear by chance?" Weird stuff comes out of peoples' mouths when they're talking to women as hot as Nicole.

Well let's get to the thing I've become obsessed with recently- the pre-draft measurables. Now, I know- Larry has been in the league for quite some time, but I wouldn't be talking about this if there weren't something to talk about. First off, he scored a 34 on the Wonderlic test. He's a linebacker, folks. He's supposed to be a drone hunter-killer, not a strategic wiz. For those of you who forgot, the Wonderlic test is supposed to tell people how good someone is at problem solving. Secondly, the dude jumped 36 inches for his vertical test. He's 6'2" and 255 pounds. What a monster. Imagine me, a 5'9" 160 pound guy, walking up to Larry English and telling him to his face that he has a mother complex. Maybe if I was wearing full protective NFL gear. I'd still get multiple bones broken, but it'd be less messy. I wouldn't sue him either; I know I had it coming.

I have to say: Nicole Williams is legit model material. Very beautiful woman. When you used to hear the word "model" in the late 80's (not 90's because of the weird grunge girl craze that happened in conjunction with grunge music taking over everyone's soul) this is the woman you would picture. Just a legitimately beautiful woman. She has the classy air about her too. Larry English knows he's lucky.