Jacoby Brissett’s girlfriend Sloan Young


Jacoby Brissett’s girlfriend Sloan Young is his daily inspiration.  His words.  Not ours. Since arriving in New England, and taking on the Patriot Way, Brissett’s social media has gone dark.  In light of going dark, we assumed that Brissett was single.  In haste, we actually initially recommended that Jacoby Brissett begin dating Aly Raisman (assuming either party was interested).   Welp.  We were wrong.  It happens. Many an astute reader pointed out that we were wrong….

Jordan Matthews’ Girlfriend Cheyna Williams


Jordan Matthews’ girlfriend Cheyna Williams is a professional soccer player for the Washington Spirit. That’s slightly problematic for the couple since they play in different cities. However, it is better to have a girlfriend with a real career than one who has nothing going for her. Cheyna certainly keeps a busy schedule. First, her pro soccer responsibilities ensure that she is working towards goals all the time. Second, when she is not playing, she is…

Ryan Mathews’ Girlfriend Kayla Slossar

Ryan Mathews' girlfriend Kiki - Instagram

Ryan Mathews’ girlfriend Kayla Slossar may or may not still be his girlfriend. After catching him cheating, Kayla posted the following on Instagram: Ryan Mathews!!! Happy one year anniversary to the biggest lying cheating scumbag I ever met. Hope you have a lovely life with your groupies … thanks for the migraine. PHILLY GIRLS LOOK WHOSE ON THE MARKET! Flock to him please! what a gem. She eventually deleted the post, but the point stood loud and…

Carson Wentz’s Girlfriend Melissa Uhrich

Carson Wentz's Girlfriend Melissa Uhrich- Instagram

Carson Wentz’s girlfriend Melissa Uhrich looks like she’s super young in most of her pictures. That’s because she’s still very young and dating a big NFL draft prospect. The pair both hail from Bismarck, North Dakota and attended Century High School. The couple are both athletes. Melissa was an all-state runner in high school. She remains a strong runner even after having gone through not one but two torn ACL’s! Any time I hear about a torn ACL, a montage of initial…

Sam Bradford’s wife Emma Lavy Bradford

Sam Bradford's girlfriend Emma Lavy - Twitter

Sam Bradford’s wife Emma Lavy Bradford is quite the athlete herself. She was on the Arkansas golf team and hits a mean golf ball. I know this because I’ve checked her stats. Emma also hangs out with the number one woman golfer in the world, Stacey Lewis. Stacey also attended Arkansas and comes to play with the team occasionally. Emma majored in communications and says her favorite class is sociology. For what it’s worth, I can also attest to the…

Cam Newton’s girlfriend Kia Proctor


Cam Newton’s girlfriend Kia Proctor recently gave birth to a son, the couple’s first child. Cam Newton’s son is named Chosen, which must have been complicated to explain to the family. It turns out that Cam’s “rock the cradle” touchdown dance was a direct reference to their new child. Newton wouldn’t comment on this touchdown dance at the time. He now explains that he didn’t want to take any attention away from his team. Cam even claims that…

DeAngelo Williams’ Wife Risalyn Williams


DeAngelo Williams’ wife Risalyn Williams is the mother of their three kids. They were married on July 23 of 2016, and good god was their wedding party insane. They had themselves, all the bridesmaids, and all the best men dress up in zombie makeup! I watched a video of all the guys chasing him and eating him in a hallway. It’s pretty wacky stuff. I feel kind of bad for Risalyn because in thirty years…

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