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Jonathan Dwyer's wife Kayla Dwyer



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According to multiple reports, Jonathan Dwyer's wife Kayla Dwyer was the victim of domestic violence in two separate incidents, ultimately leading to the running back's arrest.

According to police reports, Dwyer allegedly assaulted his wife Kayla at their home on July 21, only to return and do the same on July 22. Police list two victims in the assaults, his 27 year old wife and their 18 month old child. The assaults have reportedly led to multiple broken bones, though unclear which, and who suffered the breaks.

Kayla Dwyer left the state of Arizona with their son shortly after the altercations.

Interestingly, a police report was not filed for nearly two months, until September 11, 2014. It could be inferred that with all the media swirling around the domestic violence incidents involving Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, a victim may have potentially felt empowered to report her own suffering.

Jonathan Dwyer has been interviewed by police, but denies any physical assault. He is currently being booked on 6 charges, including assault, aggravated assault causing a fracture, aggravated assault involving a minor, criminal damage and preventing the use of phone in an emergency. The Cardinals have deactivated Dwyer and banned him from team facilities and all functions while the process plays out.

Jonathan and Kayla Dwyer were married September, 2012 and have one child, Jonathan Dwyer Jr. Dwyer once talked about his family saying,

Those two people are my motivation every day to do what I’ve got to do. They make me wake up every day and go work my butt off.

We will withhold commentary until the facts come out and a resolution is found. And when they do, we anticipate having plenty to say.


Jay Cutler's Wife Kristin Cavallari Cutler



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There's really quite a lot to talk about with these two. Jay Cutler's wife Kristin Cutler was formerly Kristin Cavallari, a scripted-reality television star on both Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills. Cutler is a quarterback and 126 million-dollar man who generally just has a cloud of shit follow him and his reputation around. Let's get to it...

First off, Jay Cutler's wife Kristin is known far and wide for being on those two shows (both of which seem like the absolute bottom of the barrel of reality television). The whole thing is scripted and made up-- to the point where the love triangles, personas, and plotlines are all not actually real. There was a skit that Comedy Bang Bang did recently about this very subject: the unreality of reality television. In this segment called "Date-zaster," they set up a blind date to go terribly wrong, but they overproduce it to the point where it actually becomes a traditional television comedy (featuring Weird Al Yankovic). This skit/segment is exactly what Jay's wife Kristin Cutler was talking about when she revealed how fake her old show The Hills was. It may be absolute trash, but it's sort of keen production. Her producers would actually text them lines. I'm sure I would loathe watching it, but hey-- it got ratings.

Now then, on to Kristin's husband for a moment. David Fleming wrote a nice piece for ESPN saying this of Jay Cutler:

You might think, in a season opener at home against the bottom-feeding Bills, that a newly minted, $126 million, franchise quarterback with a single career playoff win who has had an entire franchise ripped apart and rebuilt to his exact specifications would, maybe, be to blame for throwing two picks that led to 10 easy points for Buffalo in a shocking 23-20 overtime loss. And, like I said, you'd be wrong. Nothing is ever Blameless Jay's fault.

Ouch! Seriously. Double-ouch. And aside from whatever you've read and heard about this guy, there was also the ever-so-shitty way he got engaged to his wife Kristin Cutler back when she was Kristin Cavallari. According to her, he casually asked if they should get married while in an airport, and she said she thought that'd be cool. Then, she got the ring in the mail, and she said she waited a few weeks before she put it on. This is all came after they broke up for a few months. I find it all pretty fascinating. Part of me wonders what hanging out with these people would be like. They sort of both seem horrible and yet strangely compelling.


The Latest NFL Victim: Ray McDonald's Girlfriend


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Good lord, what is happening with the NFL players? If you've been reading the papers recently, you'd think the National Football League was made up exclusively of ruffians, hooligans, riff-raff, rowdies, and yahoos. The National Hoi Polloi League. Well, giant-of-a-man Ray McDonald's girlfriend is pregnant, and she is the latest victim of the National Riff-Raff League. Let's hope San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh kicks him off the team.

The full story, as we understand it, goes something like this: big birthday bash for Ray McDonald is thrown, Ray McDonald's pregnant girlfriend is in attendance along with many of McDonald's teammates, Ray McDonald allegedly strikes his girlfriend and causes bruising and marks, Ray McDonald gets arrested by the po-po. One of his teammates, tight end Vernon Davis, told ESPN that he was on his way out with the coppers showed up to take him away, and he said he didn't see anything. Davis had actually already posted pictures of the party on Instagram, but took them down because he didn't want to associate with any of the drama that unfolded.

I like Harbaugh's stance on this kind of thing. No tolerance. You hit a kid or a wife or abuse them in some way, you're gone. It's probably only a matter of time before he's off the team. He showed up to practice because it's not yet been determined what exactly went down, and nobody wants to be too hasty pasty and accuse McDonald of beating his girlfriend if that's not actually what happened. I don't know what the alternative scenario would be-- perhaps she walked into a light pole? Immediately after McDonald left jail, he said "The truth will come out, you know. I can't say too much right now but the truth will come out. Everybody knows what kind of person I am. I'm a good-hearted person." Uhhhh.....I think I'm missing something here, but we shall see.