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Ty Law's Girlfriend Nicole Haynes



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Ty Law's girlfriend Nicole Haynes just had their child Sydney in September of 2014. I have no idea why Google thinks Ty Law's wife is named some chick named Janine, but he is certainly not with her now (or if he is, things just got really complicated). But all joking aside, Ty is the father of a new baby girl with the lovely Nicole, who does not appear a day over 32, though she recently celebrated her 40th birthday.

There's plenty to talk about with Nicole, since she is a reporter and often does freelance commentary for the NFL Network. She wore a pink blouse during Breast Cancer Month last year to support it, and she can sometimes be seen reporting for FSN West and FSN Prime Ticket in Los Angeles. Apparently she was a really solid heptathlon athlete and came close to making the Olympics. She placed 5th in the 2000 Olympic trials for the heptathlon, according to Wikipedia. I've also spotted Nicole reporting for ESPN on something called "ESPNHS," which is the high school sports part of ESPN, as you might've guessed. The other thing about Ty Law's girlfriend Nicole Haynes is that she's Canadian, and the pictures of her competing in heptathlon feature her wearing red and white tights for good old Canada. I actually don't know much about the heptathlon, but it does include throwing a javelin, and throwing javelins is pretty badass.

So now that we know about Nicole, I'd like to know a little more about the actual status of her relationship with Ty Law. I suppose he could have been married to this lady Janine back in the day and got divorced, but as of now Nicole is the lady in his life. And a charmed life it seems to be. I doubt he'll be topping Willie McGinest in the retired Patriots Mansions Contest though.


Brent Grimes wife Miko Grimes



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Brent Grimes wife Mike Grimes has something to say.

And despite the 140 character constraints of Twitter, she had no issue spreading it out over a few... hundred tweets. Her husband, Brent was definitely in contention for Pro Bowl MVP, and she had some thoughts about why he didn't get the award. Now normally, we'd spend a few words in our post dedicated to talking more about who Brent Grimes' wife Miko is, but this is a special situation. Miko has asked for the floor, so we're ceding the mic. Sit back and enjoy.

"For those of u that dont know, i had emergency oral surgery on Thursday. My husband was concerned for me, so he asked coach Garrett if he could miss practice to be there for me bcuz i was stressed and in a lot of pain. Coach Garrett and and NFL exec excused him from practice to be there for me. Well... Apparently, the right hand of the @nfl didnt tell the left hand he wouldnt be there that day, so they yanked his paid appearances & are not happy with him. What kind of message does that send to the players? Do they think they are above family? WTF was he supposed to do? Stay at a PRO BOWL practice while his wife is in pain that equates child birth? Was him missing a fan autograph session worthy of shitting on him @nfl? Havent u guys shit on him enough? Him missing practice made u guys take the MVP from him?"

"The nfl is the SHITTIEST, SHADIEST, DISRESPECTFUL professional sport in the WORLD!!! & as long as i breathe air, i will talk shit about em! Why the hell cant u guys cut him a fucking BREAK? @nfl do u see how hard he plays? Do u see the dedication? The toughness? U bitches blind? There is NO REASON ALL ALL why Brent Grimes shouldnt have been MVP of the defense!!! NONE!!!! Do u hear me?????? U have these BULLSHIT ass NOMORE campaigns going on about domestic violence and sexual assault when we all know u dont GAF about women! I have friends that were beaten, thrown down stairs WHILE PREGNANT, guys arrested, & @nfl suspended them 1 FUCKING GAME! Now yall care? FOH. They asked helped it stay quiet bcuz its none of their business until Ray Rice clocked his now wife on camera. Then all of a sudden NOMORE?"

The @nfl only gives a fuck about themselves! They dont care about these players and their families. Dont let these assholes fool u! Im contemplating naming SEVERAL players that the @nfl violated the concussion rules with players but that would take down ppl i care about. But dont believe for a SECOND they care about these players injuries. Its all bullshit!! They care about MONEY!!! Thats why i tell every player i talk to GET YO BREAD DOG!!! Fuck all that other shit!!! Get paid!!! There is NO LOYALTY in this business outside of fans. If the @nfl cares about players, why are there TNF games? Have u guys ever thought about that shit? They ask these guys to play a game on Sunday, then turn around and play again on Thursday! Know why? $$$."

Hey @nfl when u ask them to play on thursday night, ur asking them to have 2 car crashes in one week. Why do u do that if u care about them? Do u know how difficult it is to line up the best athletes in the world twice a week for a head on collision? Once a week isnt enough? @nfl. Do u know how incredibly STUPID it is to have a month long training camp full of 2 & 3 a days, including 4 pre-season games each week? @nfl. Do u know most injuries early in the season are bcuz training camp is TOO FUCKING MUCH ON THE BODY, U IDIOTS? @nfl But yall care huh? GTFOH!. All yall care about is MONEY!!! @nfl."

People think players get a percentage of their jersey sales HA!! Not a fucking penny!!!! @nfl gets all of the $$$!Greedy sons a bitches!! @nfl I feel sorry for all the guys that play this sport. Fans get upset at players for holding out. Why????? Why do yall care? They make BILLIONS. Brent signed a 4yr 32M contract with 16M guaranteed. U better beleve he wont see that other 16M! They can opt out after the guaranteed. See how @nfl set that shit up? But if u wanna leave after ur deal is up, they can tag u, TWICE!!! To make u stay! That shit is comedy! Then if u hold out, they fine u $30k a day n shit!!!' Fucking ridiculous! Yall better PRAY i dont get a real voice in these streets or im airing this whole league out! @nfl i know where the bodies are buried! TRUST. Keep fuking my husband over and im gonna put a map out to the world and expose this league for what it truly is! @nfl #TryItBitch"


01/24/15 (Updated)

Robert Turbin's Girlfriend Devin



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Robert Turbin's girlfriend Devin gave some random guy an amazing Christmas present. If you haven't heard this story yet, it really is awesome. There's a video below that documents the entire situation, but in case you'd rather read about it and hear what we have to say about it, please proceed.

Essentially, Turbin's girlfriend Devin has not been captured on camera and has not been completely identified. She's like the yeti or sasquatch of cool and generous NFL girlfriends. She ran into this guy at a Seahawks game who was wearing a Seahawks jacket, and she asked to put on his jacket so she could snap a picture of herself to send to her boyfriend. The guy asked why, and she told him her boyfriend is Robert Turbin. Turbin himself is a solid running back and looks like a bodybuilder. Seriously, have you guys seen the arms on this dude? He's a freak! Anyway, the guy said sure and that it'd be great if he could get something autographed by a player from the game. She agreed, gave him a number to call after the game was over, but his phone died. Long story short, this Devin apparently told Robert what happened, and he had the entire team sign a Seahawks helmet and shipped it to him. Absolutely awesome Christmas present.

Now, I don't know how these types of things work in the Seahawks organization. For all I know, the organization designated a time when the entire team gets together and signs dozens of helmets for gift-giving purposes. If this is the scenario (and I believe it is based on what I know about professional sports organizations) I still find this to be a great story. Think about it-- how many helmets do you think they have the team sign? I'd imagine the upper limit is 200 helmets. Okay, so you've got 200 helmets for anyone in the organization to give as presents, but that's almost nothing when you think about how many actual people work for the Seahawks. That's like 1 helmet per person, and I really don't believe they'd have the players sign 200 helmets anyway. Any way you slice it, this helmet is a freaking amazing gift. And it's all thanks to Robert Turbin and his awesome girlfriend Devin.