Freddy Sanchez’s wife Alissa Dowdy

Freddy Sanchez’s wife Alissa Dowdy was a cheerleader at Burbank High School when she began dating Sanchez. Freddy and Alissa were married August 8, 2002 and have two children together, Evan born in 2005 and Ryan born in 2008. Alissa is the twin sister of Danielle Dowdy who has also made occasional television and movie appearances. Alissa has had a few small roles and random spot appearances on television shows and movies of her own….

Hunter Pence’s girlfriend Terrie B.

Hunter Pence’s girlfriend Terrie B is relatively unknown. All we know is, well honestly… not much.  We’re pretty sure that her name is Terrie B.   Is that enough? Wait, we have more.  We’re also pretty sure that she’s been a bartender in the Houston area (confirmed to have worked at Pub Fiction and Hard Rock at the very least)  She’s also done some very classy and tasteful “bikini” modeling work. OK, now we’re really…

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