Michael Koepech’s Girlfriend Brielle Biermann


Michael Koepech’s girlfriend Brielle Biermann is the 19 year-old daughter of Kim Zolciak. Kim was one of the cast members on the original Real Housewives of Atlanta. As you might expect, the young girl doesn’t have much to say other than “look at me,” and “I like Chickfila.” Call me crazy, but her conversational skills are very likely not the reason Koepech’s dating her. She’s very hot. She knows it too. Brielle has an unnatural obsession with the Snapchat “dog…

Carlos Rodon’s Girlfriend Ashley Paddock

Carlos Rodon's girlfriend Ashley Paddock - Instagram

Carlos Rodon’s girlfriend Ashley Paddock enjoys the outdoor life with Carlos. The two are avid, avid hunters based on what I’ve seen on her Instagram. In fact, there’s more hunting pictures than anything else, and I have a feeling it was Ashley that turned Carlos onto it and not the other way around. The reason I say that is because she was bragging that Carlos killed his first deer and that got him hooked, which…

Frank Thomas’ Wife Megan Thomas

Frank Thomas' wife Megan Thomas - Twitter

Frank Thomas, The Big Hurt. This guy was one of the best baseball players of the 90’s. Frank Thomas’ wife Megan Thomas has had two kids with the man, and she’s not shy to show them off on twitter. Frank is going to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in about a month. This is a pretty significant induction because, along with Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, it marks only the second time…

Alexei Ramirez’s Wife Mildred Ramirez

Alexei Ramirez's wife Mildred Ramirez - ElNuevoDiaio.com

We’re not allowed to trade with you, Cuba, but we will take any baseball player you’d like to give us. That’s our stance on the wonderful wellspring of baseball talent known as Cuba. Alexei Ramirez’s wife Mildred Ramirez is happy he’s here and doing well for the White Sox. The two have two kids and are loving life. A few years ago, though, she joined her husband in being not so happy about some comments…

Jose Abreu’s Wife Maria Abreu

Jose Abreu has thus far proven to be a beast. How often do you hear about a guy joining the Majors out of the blue and lighting everyone up right out of the gate? Jose Abreu’s wife Maria Abreu is probably just happy to be here. The two of them defected from Cuba with their son. They don’t like talking about it, but it’s hard to see the downside other than leaving family and friends….

Carlos Rodon’s Girlfriend Keely Warren

Carlos Rodon's girlfriend Keely Warren - Instagram

Carlos Rodon’s girlfriend Keely Warren is a cheerleader for East Carolina University, but whenever I see her I think she’s a politician. That’s not a bad thing– it’s just she’s got that leadership look about her or something– like she’s running for state representative and needs your vote. “Senator, with all due respect, the legislation regarding strikeouts in North Carolina is clearly a bid to force Carlos Rodon out of contention for the first round…

John Danks’ fiance Ashley Monroe

John Danks girlfriend Ashley Monroe

Chicago White Sox starter John Danks has had a mixed bag of results in his 6 full major league seasons. While showing flashes of brilliance and the talent to jump to the next level, he’s never quite made the leap. Even with that, being a #2 major league starter has it’s own perks and John Danks fiancee Ashley Monroe is proof of that. The woman who will soon be called John Danks wife is a…

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