Chicago White Sox Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jake Peavy's wife Katie Peavy



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The biggest name likely to be dealt before Wednesday's 2013 MLB Trade Deadline is probably Jake Peavy of the Chicago White Sox. We've always been fascinated by the family implications of the trade deadline, and have to wonder about Jake Peavy's wife Katie Peavy (also listed occasionally as Jake Peavy's wife Katie Alford), and her emotions for the next 96 hours.

Prior to his last home game in Chicago before the deadline, Jake Peavy headed into the White Sox clubhouse with five suitcases in tow, to prepare for new digs in a new city with a new team. By now, Jake, Katie and their two sons are likely able to adapt to new environments. Jake and Katie are both Alabama natives, and were married at 19 years old after dating throughout high school. The couple had their first son in 2001, with two more boys following in 2004 and 2008. Considering that the family has spent the last four seasons in Chicago, they've seen a wide spectrum of what America can offer from Alabama to San Diego and Chicago. Outside of a Boston or New York trade, they're likely to seamlessly adapt (and we only exclude Boston and New York because no one seamlessly adapts).

Both Jake and Katie are proudly country through and through with an affinity for hunting and fishing. The family spends the school year living in a cabin on 200 acres of land in Semmes, AL to provide stability for the children in terms of their education. During the offseason they do travel to be with Jake, but head back home for the start of the school year. Jake is open when it comes to the stability that Katie provides him, quoted as saying "Being married helps you be focused on what you're here to do, and that's play good baseball. I don't want to be average,"

While injuries have derailed him somewhat, when he's on the mound, he's definitely not average and a playoff team is about to learn that for themselves.


John Danks' fiance Ashley Monroe



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Chicago White Sox starter John Danks has had a mixed bag of results in his 6 full major league seasons. While showing flashes of brilliance and the talent to jump to the next level, he's never quite made the leap. Even with that, being a #2 major league starter has it's own perks and John Danks fiancee Ashley Monroe is proof of that.

The woman who will soon be called John Danks wife is a country music artist, and member of the female group Pistol Annies (whose members also include Angaleena Presley and the former Mrs. Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert). On March 5, 2013, Monroe released her second solo album, Like A Rose, which according to a review on is "full of backroad debauchery and heartbreak."

Danks and Monroe were engaged in September, 2012. The announcement was made when Monroe went to Twitter to announce the good news,

"I said yes . . . I'm engaged to my John Danks! Best night of my life!"

The tweet was accompanied with the picture of the proposal laid out in rose petals on the bed, alongside her engagement ring. No word on the couple's planned wedding date.


Chris Sale's wife Brianne Aron Sale



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Chris Sale is an unlikely, albeit qualified, name emerging as a candidate in the tight AL Cy Young Award race. At the start of the 2012 campaign, many wondered how his erratic delivery would hold up under the rigors and demands of a full season as a starter in Major League Baseball.

Sale has answered his critics questions as to whether he can handle this with a resounding response. YES! After being drafted #13 overall in the 2010 amateur draft, Sale spent most of his first pro season on the bus to various minor league seasons. In a surprise move, Sale was called up to the show in August and spent the rest of 2010 and all of 2011 with the White Sox working out of the bullpen before moving to the rotation in 2012.

Now some might see this as a pretty normal progression through the minors, which is a fair assessment. However, Sale admits to struggling with his 2010 season and leaving his wife and newborn son at home in Florida. Chris Sale's wife Brianne Aron Sale gave birth to the couple's first child, Rylan Sale while they were both students at Gulf Coast University, and at age 21. Brianne stayed in Estero, FL while Sale worked his way through the ranks. Before the 2011 season, Sale moved his wife and son to Chicago with him where the family looks to have a comfortable stable place to live for years to come.

Sale clearly loves being a father, as he told the Chicago Sun Times,

“It’s awesome. I love my mom and I love my wife, but there’s no words to explain having a child. It’s been a fun journey so far.’’

Brianne has done some modeling work, with a pretty extensive portfolio of print work. According to her Model Mayhem profile page, she is a 5'3", 111lb model who is looking for more paid work, aspires to be a massage therapist, and hates conceited liars. However, much to the chagrin of a bunch of our readers,... NO NUDE. Sorry guys... but seriously, congratulations to Chris! Well done, sir.