Chicago White Sox Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Carlos Rodon's Girlfriend Ashley Paddock

Carlos Rodon's girlfriend Ashley Paddock enjoys the outdoor life with Carlos. The two are avid, avid hunters based on what I've seen on her Instagram. In fact, there's more hunting pictures than anything else, and I have a feeling it was Ashley that turned Carlos onto it and not the other way around. The reason I say that is because she was bragging that Carlos killed his first deer and that got him hooked, which led me to believe that Ashley had definitely hunted them before him. She also showed off her bow and was talking about the deer in her trail cam that she wanted to go after. Well hey as long as you dress it and eat it, it's sure better meat than you can get anywhere else. I suppose I'm somewhat conflicted about hunting, but I definitely understand why it's an alluring hobby.

In fact, I have reason to believe Ashley Paddock is employed by Open Season TV, which seems to be some kind of channel about hunting starring a bunch of dudes with goatees and a lot of dead animals. But speaking of animals, one very alive animal that was just added to the family is Lefty. Carlos Rodon's girlfriend Ashley Paddock has also taken to a very active outdoor life exploring the deserts in Arizona. I have to say, I'm kind of jealous of these types of activities, being a city rat in Brooklyn, New York. Arizona is a really cool looking place. Ashley even posted a video of herself holding giraffe food in her mouth and letting the giraffe take it from her. In case you don't know, giraffes have insanely long, black tongues that they use to slurp food up like some kind of prehensile mouth-tail. Luckily for Ashley she didn't get too much giraffe tongue.


Frank Thomas' Wife Megan Thomas

Frank Thomas, The Big Hurt. This guy was one of the best baseball players of the 90's. Frank Thomas' wife Megan Thomas has had two kids with the man, and she's not shy to show them off on twitter. Frank is going to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in about a month. This is a pretty significant induction because, along with Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, it marks only the second time in the history of the Hall of Fame that three players will be inducted in their very first year of eligibility. In case you're wondering, the other time was Nolan Ryan, George Brett, and Robin Yount back in 1999. Craig Biggio missed the cutoff this year. Sorry, Craig-- maybe next year.

If you look at Frank Thomas' numbers from the 90's, it's easy to understand why he's been elected. He was a consecutive MVP in 1993 and 1994, hitting .317 and .353 with 41 and 38 homers, respectively. Over the course of 19 years, he was able to keep his lifetime batting average at .301, and he had 521 home runs and 2468 hits in his career. From 2001 to his retirement in 2008, he was kind of lackluster. He started petering off just as everyone else was injecting bodybuilder-size rations of steroids into their guns. Thomas is notable as one of the guys to speak out against the use of hormones and steroids as early as 1995. He was the only active player to be interviewed for the Mitchell Report, according to Wikipedia, and he did so voluntarily. I do believe him that he never used steroids, as he claims. I remember one year back in the late 90's when steroids became a thing, and out of nowhere Brady Anderson somehow became a guy that hit 50 home runs in a season. It's so obvious what was going on. Look at Brady Anderson's career stats, and you'll see a guy who hit 15-20 home runs per season, and then you'll see a guy who became Mark McGwire for a season.

Frank has also started a beer company called BHB (Big Hurt Beer), and his wife frequently posts pictures of people guzzling the stuff on her twitter. Megan seems like a fine, caring wife and mother. Frank also began a stint as a baseball analyst this year. Always nice to hear commentary from some of the best.


Alexei Ramirez's Wife Mildred Ramirez

We're not allowed to trade with you, Cuba, but we will take any baseball player you'd like to give us. That's our stance on the wonderful wellspring of baseball talent known as Cuba. Alexei Ramirez's wife Mildred Ramirez is happy he's here and doing well for the White Sox. The two have two kids and are loving life. A few years ago, though, she joined her husband in being not so happy about some comments Alexei's old manager uttered about the dictator Alexei fleed from.

That former manager is Ozzie Guillen. We all know Mr. Guillen as someone who occasionally flies off the handle and says dumb stuff to reporters. He's had a few controversies centered around the gay and lesbian community and Asians, but none so big as the cauldron of bad vibes he brewed up in Miami just five games into his job. In April of 2012, he told a reporter that he admired Fidel Castro. He's the manager of the Florida Marlins! He just poisoned the well of good feelings from pretty much the entire Cuban community in Miami, and guess what-- it's a very large community-- and most of them don't admire Fidel Castro. The same is true of Alexei Ramirez. Though Ozzie was his manager for some time and even gave him the nickname the "Cuban Missile," Alexei was fairly perturbed by Guillen's comments. He handled it with class, pretty much just saying he was entitled to his opinion but that he didn't share the same feelings, and that an apology would be a good way to start for making up for his comments.

Well, it's 2014 now, and Ozzie Guillen is no longer a manager. He was let go of by the Marlins despite having had something like three years left on his contract. Gee, they seemed to have changed their opinion of him. Alexei, on the other hand, is an all-star now. He's proven himself to be an excellent fielder and good asset to the Chi-Sox. He's had a bit of a rough time since the start of June, hitting in the low .200's since June 1, but he's still ready to roll.