Kenta Maeda’s Wife Saho Narushima


Kenta Maeda’s wife Saho Narushima is a former television reporter from Japan. They married in 2012, and their relationship was news in Japan when it became public. News reporters and baseball players are a classic Japanese coupling. Of course, this is not the first instance of such a pairing. In 2015, Saho actually released a cookbook in 2015 because she loves to cook. Since they moved to Los Angeles, she maintains close contact with many…

Kenley Jansen’s Wife Gianni Jansen


Kenley Jansen’s wife Gianni Jansen calls Kenley her best friend. This sounds kinda weird to me now. Isn’t every wife or husband a best friend by default? Are you really going to marry someone you “kind of get along with”? Please, stop saying “married to my best friend”. I’m not sure the purpose. It sounds like you’re trying to show off, but I know you’re not. I get that it might also express gender equality….

Joc Pederson’s Girlfriend Kelsey Williams


Joc Pederson’s girlfriend Kelsey Williams graduated from Duke University in 2014. She stands a towering 5’11” and played volleyball all four years of college. She was born in North Carolina but grew up in a town called Pleasanton, California. Kelsey is now 23 years old, and she is also the sister of Avery and Marin Williams. Joc showed up at a few events with her like the Dodgers Blue Diamond Gala in July of 2016. She wore…

Yasmani Grandal’s wife Heather Grandal

Yasmani Grandal's wife Heather Grandal

Well the new tradition of high-production wedding videos continues with Yasmani Grandal’s wife Heather Grandal. Heather became a mother four years before she became a wife, and so her kid is about six years old now. And the Grandal’s wedding video now tops the list as the most high-production wedding video we’ve ever seen. It had drones with cameras flying over the wedding site. It had the stringiest of string arrangements and the editing work…

Clayton Kershaw’s wife Ellen Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw's wife Ellen Kershaw - Twitter

Clayton Kershaw’s wife Ellen Kershaw (formerly Ellen Melson) is a graduate of Texas A&M with a degree in communications. She takes annual summer trips to Zambia.  The trips are as part of her association with “Camp Life.”  Camp Life is a religious aid mission, which Ellen happily volunteers. In an interview with MLB, Ellen explains why she’s been to Zambia 5 times, with no plans on slowing down any time soon: “The first time I…

Justin Turner’s girlfriend Kourtney Elizabeth

Justin Turner's girlfriend Kourtney Elizabeth

Justin Turner’s girlfriend Kourtney Elizabeth is the kind of girl guys wish they could hang out with. She’s got a sardonic, cutting kind of sense of humor that catches you a little off-guard. You can tell she knows what’s funny and what’s not.  She pretty much tries to make everything humorous, which is awesome.  A good example is this odd picture she took of herself wearing a Texas cowboy hat.  She’s holding an American flag…

Vin Scully’s wife Sandi Scully


Vin Scully’s wife Sandi Scully listened to Mr. Scully sing a song to the crowd on his last night as a broadcaster. He does indeed have a memorable voice. It may be the most recognizable voice in baseball. Sandi loves him deeply too. She was emotional when he talked about his farewell to the fans, and she had her arm around him when he sang to them. It was a very sweet gesture indeed. Vin…

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