Los Angeles Dodgers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Justin Turner's girlfriend Kourtney Elizabeth

Justin Turner's girlfriend Kourtney Elizabeth is the kind of girl guys wish they could hang out with. She's got a sardonic, cutting kind of sense of humor that catches you a little off-guard. You can tell she knows what's funny and what's not, and she pretty much tries to make everything humorous, which is awesome. A good example is this odd picture she took of herself wearing a Texas cowboy hat, holding an American flag and an armadillo stuffed animal, posing in front of a large picture of Reunion Tower in Dallas, and her caption is "what happens when your man's at work and no one else made the trip to Dallas."

One of my other favorite pictures of Justin Turner's girlfriend Kourtney Elizabeth is her with a baseball mascot and they both have their hands on their hips. She said "If I'd known he was mocking my pose at the time, we would've exchanged words." Because come on, who doesn't like getting into conflicts with baseball mascots? Kourtney also gave her father, who passed away three years ago, a nice tribute on Father's Day, saying she carries him with her and even more when she has road rage. Kourtney has been to a grand total of 18 different baseball parks, which is a helluva' lot. That even seems sort of high for a player wife or girlfriend, but if you dig traveling and seeing your boyfriend play ball, it's not that many, I guess.

Kourtney's dog is a little guy, and I sometimes get the breeds wrong but I'm going to go ahead and say he's a German Hunting Terrier, or a mix of that and a Chihuahua. His name's Pug, and she takes him pretty much everywhere so I think he's a seasoned flyer. My favorite post of Kourtney's regarding her dog was, "Ladies, find someone that looks at you the same way Nug looks at this french fry." Non-stop jokes from the lovely Kourtney with a K. Back in May, Kourtney and Justin went to the Pacquiao Mayweather fight. I wonder how disappointed and bored they were by that one. I guess it'd be alright if you were there to soak up the energy and anticipation, but I imagine after about 7 rounds even that's got to wear out.


Yasmani Grandal's wife Heather Grandal

Well the new tradition of high-production wedding ​videos continues with Yasmani Grandal's wife Heather Grandal. Heather became a mother four years before she became a wife, and so her kid is about six years old now. And the Grandal's wedding video now tops the list as the most high-production wedding video we've ever seen. It had drones with cameras flying over the wedding site. It had the stringiest of string arrangements and the editing work of a Schoonmaker student.

I actually think Yasmani Grandal's wife Heather Grandal is kind of awesome. She had a truly touching speech that she delivered as her vows in which she included the lines "whatever life throws our way, we'll be able to catch it and throw it right back." That's sweet (especially for the wife of a catcher). The video of them preparing themselves for the wedding is sort of like a commercial for a clothing line. During their wedding, Heather and Yasmani broke out in a kind of choreographed dance, and they actually looked cool doing it. They'd definitely practiced it ahead of time, and it definitely paid off. It was kind of like a music video. Yasmani himself seems like a really cool dude, but I am thinking the dance thing was Heather's idea.

Our best estimates land Yasmani meeting Heather sometime around 2013, but we're quick to admit that we could be dead wrong. Yasmani has a dog named Champ that he brought into the relationship, so between the dog and Heather's son, they've got a nice little family unit going. As far as an online presence, Yasmani Grandal's wife Heather Grandal likes to keep a fairly low profile like a lot of baseball wives. One interesting bit of information I learned was that Heather knew about Yasmani's trade to the Dodgers before he did. She woke him up when he was sleeping on the couch and told him "I think you got traded." That's got to suck. You've got the whole thing set up for you and your family wherever you are (in this case San Diego) and then you've got to relocate. I guess the move from San Diego to Los Angeles isn't that big of a culture shift, but it's still a move.


JP Howell's wife Heather Howell

JP Howell's wife Heather Howell is a beautiful blonde lady who used to be a competitive track athlete for USC before she destroyed her body by jumping into Lake Tahoe after finishing a training run in the Sierra Nevadas. First off, when I read about this story at MLB.com, I was struck by the use of the phrase "traditional celebratory cliff-leap." Okay, I get that a lot of people jump 50 feet down into the lake, but if there's a chance that you can suffer compression fractures to your neck and back as Heather did, maybe they should cut that tradition? At least put a sign up next to the cliff that says "Warning: Extreme Trauma to Neck and Back Possible."

Well, JP Howell's wife Heather Howell apparently rehabilitated herself through fourteen grueling years, and now she's a successful children's author. She wrote a book called "Dangles" about a monkey. That's all that I know, and I don't think I'll be heading over to Amazon to read the summary of Dangles, sorry folks [Editor's note: Kids love fun names, and Dangles jumps to the top of that list.... I just bought it for my son. Carry on, author.] Other than having written about Dangles the monkey, Heather actually had a long career as a television sports reporter for FOX, and I watched a Youtube compilation of her doing her thing. Those Youtube compilation of hot broadcasters always kind of creeps me out because first of all who tapes news broadcasts? I'll just pretend the station put it together and not some person sitting at home with a Heather Howell shrine [Editor's note 2: Dude, they all have tapes to send out for future jobs.... I promise on the up and up].

Heather travels around a lot to watch JP at games, and when she's not at the games, she's at home watching with her dog Rose. Heather actually has a website about how she overcame losing her running career. It's an inspirational website about how to find focus for your life, and it's got good production value. It also doubles as her fan website for JP, so I guess Heather sees one productive and positive path as "find a boyfriend in pro sports, marry him, and you've found a solid path." But let's not downplay that Heather was once herself an Olympic hopeful in the 800M.