Los Angeles Dodgers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Kenley Jansen's Girlfriend Candace Cotton

Don't ever say that Kenley Jansen's girlfriend Candace Cotton doesn't have aspirations and activities on her side. The young lady not only runs her own bath & body bakery, but she also writes screenplays and directs short films. First, let's discuss what exactly a bath & body bakery is, because it's not the most intuitive thing, though it is just what it sounds like. She sells sweets and then she sells body stuff. This includes "cotton candy shaving cream," "coffee scrub," and "bubble gum body wash." Hey, if it sells, keep on doing it. There's actually a couple of creepy pictures of a woman with the scrub all over her, and I'd say it doesn't completely give a cleanly vibe, but it does illustrate how the product is used (in case someone doesn't know you have to literally scrub it onto your body).

The other activity that Kenley Jansen's girlfriend has spent a lot of time on is screenwriting and short film directing. She completed a short film called "What Goes Around" in 2013, and while the trailer I watched was not appealing, I applaud Candace for giving it a go. She concept of the movie was a romance and crime mystery set in 1942. One of the characters in the movie was Josephine Baker. I don't exactly know what Candace hoped to accomplish with her short film, but the trailer is full of old-timey tropes, so I think she was trying to capture that vibe. Anyway, she's recently posted a picture of a script she's written called "Twenty5." I read the opening first bits, and they include clips of the following items: pyramids, the back of a dollar bill, the statue of liberty, skull and crossbones, knights, freemasons hall, a picture of Adam Weishaupt, etc. So Candace seems to have a fascination with the Illuminati and secret organizations. She also seems to have a fascination with heavy-handedness?


AJ Ellis' Wife Cindy Ellis

AJ Ellis' wife Cindy Ellis has three kids, and the youngest one was delivered by none other than AJ himself. That's right, and not only that, but AJ delivered her in a moving automobile. It's sort of like one of those 90's goofball comedies that's supposed to appeal to families. You know, one with Robin Williams or Hugh Grant bumbling through stuff and getting into wacky situations.

Well, Cindy Ellis created "In Labor!" signs that she posted on the windows of the car as they were speeding along the freeway. How awesome is that? You can get away with driving like a GTA4 player when you've got those bad-boys on your windows. They were also using some kind of labor timing app to determine how far apart her contractions were happening. This was all happening in New York City at the time. This was also the first time AJ was present at the actual birthing process, as he'd missed his previous chillun's popping out of the ole' kidpipe both times.

Cindy's water actually broke on 79th Street in Manhattan, and they were on their way to the NYU Hospital which is located at 30th Street. That's sort of troubling because Manhattan, if you've never been, is a veritable stop-and-go breaking test along the avenues. For whatever reason, AJ's wife Cindy really could not keep that baby from coming. He figured that they'd have plenty of time, but as their trip continued, she got real close. He asked one traffic cop for help, was ignored, and then asked another. The second cop jumped in his cruiser and switched on the sirens. At that point her contractions were every fifteen seconds. You can guess what happened from there. By the time they pulled up to the NYU Hospital, Cindy's sister was assisting their baby's exit from Goop Canal, and a crowd had gathered to see the "car baby."

For a guy used to catching things for a living, this was no doubt the best catch in his family's history.


Don Mattingly's wife Lori Mattingly

Don Mattingly's wife Lori Mattingly comes first and that fact was never more evident than on their wedding day, December 10, 2010.

Mattingly was on board and set to begin his first season with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Naturally, part of managing involves having say in personnel decisions, but rather than attending the all important winter meetings that season, Donnie Baseball returned to his hometown of Evansville, Indiana to marry Lori. Lori brought two sons to their marriage, ages 15 and 13. Not much else is known about Lori Mattingly, but the proud wife has occasionally tweeted support for her husband and the entire Dodgers squad.

Mattingly has been through this before. Don Mattingly married his first wife, Kim Sexton in September of 1979. The couple has three adult sons, two of whom had brief minor league stints before hanging up the spikes.