Minnesota Twins Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Byron Buxton's girlfriend Lindsey Tillery

Byron Buxton's girlfriend Lindsey Tillery has a lot of packing to do. Why? Because MLB's #1 prospect is getting the call directly from Double-A to the Show.

Byron Buxton is aged beyond his years. The 21 year old uber prospect is already a father, which makes his drive for baseball success all the more understandable. Byron Buxton's girlfriend Lindsey Tillery gave birth to Brixton Scott Buxton in December, 2013. The family lives in a small town in Georgia where Lindsey says, "There's nothing to do."

Lindsey Tillery is three years older than the star center fielder of the future, having been a senior when he was a freshman at Appling County High School. The two did not get together until after school, and Lindsey claims to the Minnesota Star Tribune, to never know him.

I had heard about him but I never met him. I played softball, and my father knew all about Byron. We walked the same halls every day but never spoke. ... I didn’t meet him as a baseball player. He was very quiet, but fun at the same time, always doing something active. He was funny, too, in his way. Then I realized, the more I got to know him, about his love for the game and how important it was to him, and because I played ball I respected that. We had a lot in common.”

Byron and Lindsey decided to kick things up a notch in September, 2014. Byron proposed and Lindsey said yes saying "I said YES, cannot wait to marry my best friend!"

Congrats to Byron and Lindsey on and off the diamond.


Brian Dozier's Wife Renee Dozier

Brian Dozier's wife Renee Dozier lives in Minneapolis with Brian and takes full advantage of the city's reputation as the Cycling Capital of America. The reason I say that is I've seen her meetup.com profile where she states the reason for joining the Twin Cities Social Cycling was "to become a better cyclist and not do it alone!"

Brian Dozier's wife Renee Dozier was formerly Renee Hrapmann, and she was a midfielder for Southern Mississippi's soccer squad back in the mid 2000's. She's originally from New Orleans, and they often fly between the cities. My guess is that she's just as religious as Brian Dozier, who Bleacher Report once sort of described as an evangelist. I know what you're thinking: ugh-- those types are the worst. Well, I wouldn't disagree with you, but Renee herself looks like she has a fine time with Mr. Dozier. They've vacationed at places like Nicaragua, where they ran up and down a volcano. They often go hunting for pheasants with Renee's father, and this generally means bringing a host of dogs along. She's also a fan of fishing and she also does this with her Dad. She seems to really enjoy being outside, and she has competed in the "tough mudder" 11 mile obstacle race with her friends in Wisconsin. I think her brother either is or is trying to become a professional bull rider since she posted a happy birthday photo of him riding a bull with one of those protective headpieces they use now, describing him as a "little cowboy."

So you get the idea that Brian Dozier's wife Renee Dozier likes to get out there and join in activities. It seems like a charmed life. The number one activity is, of course, attending a lot of baseball games. Minneapolis is one of the nicest cities in America (when it's not a million degrees below zero) and she's got a solid place to live it up.


Trevor Plouffe's Wife Olivia Plouffe

Trevor Plouffe's wife Olivia Plouffe lags just behind Trevor on their hikes, and Trevor documents her hiking progress. I am referring to the funny double entendre that Trevor posted with a picture on Twitter looking down at her and saying "these mountains bring a tear to my eye," her cleavage visible from above.

Last year, Trevor expressed the disappointment he felt about Ryan Braun testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs and getting slapped with a 65-game suspension, effectively ending his friend's season. He'd known Ryan for quite a while, and he was more than bummed out about the bashing he was receiving from the media and fans after the suspension. The thing that jumped out at me was what Trevor said regarding his progress in the weight room. He basically told reporters that he'd struggled with weights and "go through the progression I have to go through too." So are we to translate this as "the 'roids didn't really even help him that much," or perhaps "if that was him on 'roids, than I'd hate to have seen him without them"? Probably not, but the message is that he wasn't in the weight room doing military press reps with 300 pounds. You'll never find Plouffes wife Olivia 'roiding up before a big day out at the salon or shopping mall. She does all of her cardio on the mountain range.

So if we focus on Trevor for a moment-- he's been pretty mediocre, to say the most, his entire career in the Majors. In five season and 436 games played, the best he's ever batted for a season is .254. The year before he put up that average, he his a career-high 24 homers and 55 RBI's. There's been rumors for awhile that he'd get replaced at third baseman for some time, and in 2012 he was actually the worst fielding third baseman in the AL, committing 19 errors. You'd think with such a hot wife like Olivia he'd be able to settle down and focus on sharpening up some of his glovesmanship.