Byron Buxton’s girlfriend Lindsey Tillery

Byron Buxton's girlfriend Lindsey Tillery

Byron Buxton’s girlfriend Lindsey Tillery has a lot of packing to do. Why? Because MLB’s #1 prospect is getting the call directly from Double-A to the Show. Byron Buxton is aged beyond his years. The 21 year old uber prospect is already a father, which makes his drive for baseball success all the more understandable. Byron Buxton’s girlfriend Lindsey Tillery gave birth to Brixton Scott Buxton in December, 2013. The family lives in a small…

Brian Dozier’s Wife Renee Dozier

Brian Dozier's Wife Renee Dozier - LinkedIn

Brian Dozier’s wife Renee Dozier lives in Minneapolis with Brian and takes full advantage of the city’s reputation as the Cycling Capital of America. The reason I say that is I’ve seen her profile where she states the reason for joining the Twin Cities Social Cycling was “to become a better cyclist and not do it alone!” Brian Dozier’s wife Renee Dozier was formerly Renee Hrapmann, and she was a midfielder for Southern Mississippi’s…

Trevor Plouffe’s Wife Olivia Plouffe

Trevor Plouffe's wife Olivia Plouffe - Twitter

Trevor Plouffe’s wife Olivia Plouffe lags just behind Trevor on their hikes, and Trevor documents her hiking progress. I am referring to the funny double entendre that Trevor posted with a picture on Twitter looking down at her and saying “these mountains bring a tear to my eye,” her cleavage visible from above. Last year, Trevor expressed the disappointment he felt about Ryan Braun testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs and getting slapped with a 65-game…

Tommy Milone’s Wife Tina Milone

Tommy Milone's wife Tina Milone - Twitter

Tommy Milone’s wife Tina Milone can hit his changeup with ease. Tina is an all-around fun girl, according to her Twitter page. She routinely posts more interesting stuff than most people I follow on Twitter, but I myself am sort of a neanderthal when it comes to getting the most out of Twitter, so my standards aren’t that high. Anyway, the reason I say Tina can hit his changeup with ease is because she handles…

Glen Perkins’ Wife Alisha Perkins

Glen Perkins wife Alisha Perkins - Twitter

Here’s a lovely couple living out their lives in the beautiful and highly underrated city of Minneapolis. It’s highly underrated in the spring and summer, anyhow. The winters are another story entirely, as the place becomes virtually uninhabitable for the warm-blooded among us. Glen Perkins’ wife Alisha Perkins is a runner. She’d run the Serengeti plains if you let her. Alisha recently helped organize a 5K run in the city to raise money for children…

Joe Mauer’s wife Madeline Bisanz

Joe Mauer's wife Madeline Bisanz @

The ladies of Minnesota shed a collective tear Monday, as news broke local boy and Minnesota Twins catching heartthrob Joe Mauer is now officially off the market. After dating for about a year and a half, Joe Mauer dropped to one knee and proposed to girlfriend Madeline Bisanz (she also goes by Maddie). Most reports indicate that while the couple has been together for about a year and a half, they have known each other…

Joe Mauer’s ex girlfriend Chelsea Cooley

Joe Mauer’s ex girlfriend Chelsea Cooley was born on October 30, 1983. Cooley was the 2005 Miss USA, representing North Carolina.  She went on to finish in the top 10 at the 2005 Miss Universe pageant.  After her pageant days, Cooley made occasional television appearances including being a suitcase model on NBC’s “Deal or No Deal.”  She is currently serving as the president of an image consulting firm, StandOut Productions which she founded in 2008….

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