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Tony Gwynn's wife Alicia Gwynn



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The baseball world is in mourning this week after the death of a third legend in recent days. Following the passing of Don Zimmer and Bob Welch earlier in June, Tony Gwynn passed away today at the age of 54. Tony Gwynn's wife Alicia, son Tony Jr and daughter Anisha Nicole survive him.

Gwynn had been battling cancer since 2010 after having an operation to remove multiple cancerous lymph nodes as well as a malignant tumor inside his right cheek. In recent weeks, Gwynn was forced to take a leave of absence from his coaching job at San Diego State for treatments.

Gwynn's career may have been turned around in part by Alicia Gwynn. After struggling through a rough second half of the 1983 season, Gwynn asked his wife to begin recording his games for him. Gwynn began studying his own swings and tendencies, which helped to drive his career to new heights. Gwynn became an avid study of game film, which he often cited as one of the greatest tools available to him.

Gwynn was an eight time batting champ, with a career average of .388. His most impressive feats may lie in his strikeout stats, most notably notching a career high season with 40 Ks (something half the guys in baseball do in a couple months). The 15 time All-Star had five Gold Gloves, seven Silver sluggers, and is a member of the 3,000 hit club. While Gwynn's baseball resume is littered with accolades and awards, his legacy continues in his son Tony Gwynn Jr., an outfielder currently playing with the Philadelphia Phillies. Tony Gwynn Jr recorded his first career hit on July 19, 2006, exactly 24 years to the day from his fathers first hit. Both Gwynn men stood on second with a double. Anisha Nicole is an aspiring R&B singer whose debut album was titled "19" after her father's jersey number.

Alicia Gwynn runs the "Tony & Alicia Gwynn Foundation," which they founded in 1995. The TAG Foundation aims to help local children, young adults, parents, and the community with education and economic development.


Carlos Quentin's wife Jeane Goff Quentin



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I started writing this post making every hacky joke and recount of the Carols Quentin vs Zack Greinke brawl.

I took the indignant angle, trying to be mad with a guy for doing probably what I would have done.  I mean, have you ever been hit with a baseball?  It hurts.

I tried to blame him for leaning out over the plate, until pictures started getting tweeted across the web showing him way off the plate on the pitch in question (and ironically of hallway enemy Matt Kemp hanging way out over the same plate the same night).

I even took the ghastly unfunny route of making the bad "he must be "frustrated" at home" jokes, or "sure hope Carlos Quentin's wife Jeane Goff Quentin doesn't hit him with a pitch."  Blech.  Embarrassing.

Instead, we're taking the route we should have taken 40 minutes ago when we false started this damned post three times, so here we go:

San Diego Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin has had an up and down injury filled career.  He's led the majors in HBP every year he's been in the league, and although durability isn't his greatest skill, dude is tough.  While he's yet to see the same power numbers from his best year in Chicago in 2008, he always seems like a nice source of HR, RBI and runs for fantasy owners every year.

Carlos Quentin's wife Jeane Goff Quentin has been around since that great season in Chicago.  The couple was married on November 29, 2008 in Palo Alto, CA.  The couple met while attending Stanford together, where Jeane was an All American in Track & Field.

04/11/13 (Updated)

Chase Headley's wife Casey Headley



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Chase Headley took the long road to the top of Major League Baseball. After being called up and sent down between the majors and AAA early to start his career, he's not going back down after the 2012 season he put together which finally saw Headley achieve the levels of success that his talent always seemed to point to being a possibility.

One can only imagine how challenging the routine has to be for a player who never knows what jersey he'll be putting on the next day. Fortunately for Chase, he was lucky to have his girlfriend along for the ride. Chase Headley's wife Casey Headley was along during the tough years working through the minors. The couple married November 15, 2008 after having met at the University of Tennesseee. Casey currently works as a personal trainer and nutrition counselor.

Chase and Casey liked the theme of names beginning with the letter 'C' and named their only child to date Colt. The family resides in Franklin, Tennessee during the offseason.