Seattle Mariners Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Mike Zunino's Wife Alyssa Zunino



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Mike Zunino's wife Alyssa Zunino married him in Florida in October of 2012 and spent one night celebrating at a hotel on a beach. Then they packed up and left so Mike could go play for some team nobody's ever heard of called the Peoria Javelinas. I wonder if Alyssa ever second-guessed her decision to marry a catcher who wasn't already in the big leagues, because now she doesn't have to worry about getting a nice bump in the bank account.

Mike's known his wife Alyssa since middle school and started dating her when they were sophomores in high school. This is a common theme in a lot of sports relationships. We tend to notice themes as we peruse the halls of hook-ups, long-term daters, and life-supporting marriage partners. Many professional athletes are married to women whom they've known since high school. I think what happens is they choose one girl that provides stability and support so they can focus all their attention on making it into the big leauges. Sounds a bit crass, but it does make sense. Anyway, Alyssa is a good girl. She likes the show 'The Bachelorette,' which I will admit I also watch, though my viewership is probably very different than Alyssa's, whom I will assume buys into the so-called romantic and sentimental aspects of the show.

An unusual sidenote about Alyssa's husband Mike: he wears his wedding ring on a necklace a la Frodo Baggins and the ring of power. This struck us as somewhat odd, as we've never really seen athletes do this. Did his uncle give him the wedding ring and then warn him not to wear it?

Alyssa is also dangerously close to tweezing off the very slim lane of eyebrow hair still remaining on her temple. I caution her to stop. I have a hunch most women overdo their eyebrows because it becomes a kind of anxiety-reducing habit that they can't let off the gas. Mike Zunino does not want to see his wife have to magic-marker on new eyebrows. That's not the cute little lady he remembers from Cape Coral, Florida.

Alyssa's best attempt at a joke on Twitter was putting a picture of her dog laying on some half-folded clothes and saying "I guess she didn't want me to fold laundry right now." Based on this, I'm starting to reconsider the immoderate eyebrow tweezing...


Taijuan Walker's girlfriend Angela Rypien



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Taijuan Walker’s girlfriend Angela Rypien is a Lingerie Football superstar, who just so happens to be the daughter of 2x Pro Bowler and Redskins Super Bowl XXVI MVP Mark Rypien. If this couple ends having children together, they’re going to have some incredibly athletic babies.

Angela Rypien and boyfriend Taijuan Walker have been together since at least October 2013, based on what their social media accounts report. They spent the holidays together and have been seen going to the Seahawks-Saints playoff game, hiking, and much more. Taijuan Walker made his first appearance on Angela Rypien’s Instagram page. It seems she loves to post pics of herself and her sweetie smooching. They are a cute couple after all, and you can tell from the PDA that they seem very happy together.

But when left to her own devices, Angela Sue Rypien can hold her own all by herself. The 6-foot and 149lb beauty plays quarterback for the Baltimore Charm of the “Legends Football League.” Her stats for the most recent season were 16-for-36 for 152 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions. She also rushed for a touchdown. In fact, Angela Rypien can hold more than her own. For example, during the Mist's opening win in November 2011, Angela got tackled in the first quarter and punched the woman who did it to her, drawing a 15-yard unsportswomanlike penalty. Of course, being the daughter of a former Washington Redskins quarterback and a former Redskinette Cheerleader probably got Angela Rypien off to a good start in her career.

But the single mother of a 4-year-old isn’t totally jazzed that for women’s football to take off, the players are wearing scantily clad uniforms. And, although they are fans of the league, apparently neither are her parents. But, she’s a tough cookie. "I've heard all kinds of things,” Angela Rypien told “How I'm belittling myself. How I'm taking away from the name my dad built up. How I'm disrespecting my family. But my dad taught me at a young age not to worry about what other people say."

More recently, the 23 year old from Reston Virginia has been seen doing some media work, while Taijuan Walker is busy with spring training. In January, she appeared as a guest on Jim Rome’s show on Showtime. She received support from Taijuan Walker who tweeted, “Make sure you guys check my gorgeous lady @Angela_Rypien on @jimrome @SHOsports tonight at 10pm ET #gobabe hahaha.” It looks like the couple has found true love in each other. Let’s hope it only improves their already stellar games.


Logan Morrison's wife Christie Morrison



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Lomo may not have been his healthiest these last couple of seasons, but at least he had Christie by his side.

Logan Morrison’s wife Christie Morrison has seen him through the hardest times of his life, even before she was Mrs. Morrison. When Logan Morrison’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer, Christie Morrison was there to comfort him. And after his father’s death in 2010 when he wanted to form a charity, she supported his effort.

"I feel like he really turned into a different person," Christie Morrison told ESPN. "After he was diagnosed, it's like he realized life is too short to be so angry."

Logan Morrison now hosts an annual baseball camp in his father's honor with all proceeds benefiting the American Lung Association. And during its first three years, Logan Morrison raised over $300,000 for the American Lung Association.

But, unfortunately, Logan Morrison’s father did not get to see his son marry. Christie Morrison (formerly Sofocleous) and Miami Marlins first baseman/left fielder Logan Morrison were married in 2011. The couple lives in West Palm Beach, Florida where since 2012 Christie Morrison appears to have owned an unclassified, privately held business called Christie Sofocleous. But Christie Morrison’s day job actually entails tending to more important things: hairdos. Christie Morrison, originally from Boardman Ohio, is a hairstylist at Edmond James Salon in Palm Beach Gardens, where she specializes in coloring, extension and bridal design. Hey, if she can tolerate her clients’ daily gossip, she must have enough patience for the witty and outspoken Logan Morrison as he continues to live his life through social media.