Seattle Mariners Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Taijuan Walker's girlfriend Heather Restrepo

Taijuan Walker's girlfriend Heather Restrepo just recently graduated from Western Washington University with a business and marketing bachelor's, and she started a big long blog about her experiences with learning digital marketing. The blog itself is sort of like a journal for her future employers so that they can get a sense of what she knows about online and digital marketing. I read a bunch of it, and I think it's more of a conceptual thing for Heather at this point just starting out in the working world. It's mostly talks about creating content and why it's important to let potential customers have as much information about a company's product or service as possible. Then she gets into Google Analytics and my eyes glaze over.

Heather is also in that stage of her life where she loves going out to clubs dressed in show-offy dresses and her hair all done up. She has a whole crew of young lady friends who dress up with her and show off at various restaurants and clubs, and it's all a pretty impressive production when you see the pictures of them in a row. Up until recently, Taijuan Walker's girlfriend Heather Restrepo was dating some entrepreneur named Eric, but she traded up to the big leagues, apparently. I'm fairly certain Heather wasn't going to any Seattle Mariners games one year ago, and I'd bet they met at a club somewhere in Seattle. That may have been the plan all along. I notice that Heather hasn't updated her online marketing journal blog thingy since March of this year. That may have been when they started getting serious.

About 5 months ago, in fact, Taijuan Walker's girlfriend Heather Restrepo attended her first baseball game with Taijuan Walker's brother Dayshaun Walker. So I would be willing to bet they haven't known each other for more than six months. I can tell Heather had a lot of interesting men around her as her friends, but that she's quite tough to charm and get out of the friend zone with. She's got one of those beautiful smiles that says "I know I'm in the big leagues, so you better prove to me you're a big leaguer too or you'll be stuck as a friendly acquaintance having to gaze upon my beauty."


Randy Johnson's wife Lisa Johnson

Randy Johnson's wife Lisa Johnson has been married to him for something like twenty years, and ​met during a charity event when he was a youngin' on the Montreal Expos. This was back in the raging 80's, and the charity event had something to do with golfing. Lisa herself is 6'0", though I suppose that's kind of a strong characteristic to be coupled with a guy that's 6'10".

Lisa married Randy in 1993 and had a bunch of kids with him (Sammy in '94, Tanner in '96, Willow in '98, and Alexandria in '99). Of the four kids, Randy Johnson's wife Lisa Johnson managed to birth a daughter who happens to be a major volleyball talent-- Willow. Apparently she's rated as one of the top 25 underclassmen in the country and can kill the ball.

As far as Lisa's life has gone, she's been the consummate mother of Johnson spawn and supporter of Johnson injuries, and there's been a few doozies. There are reports that Johnson also had a child with a woman named Healther Roszell, with those same reports suggesting he's never met the child. I'd be curious to know what Lisa thinks about Randy's ancient past with Roszell, since he was demanding she repay him over $70,000 in child support payments back in 2006 (important note, Randy was making $16,000,000 a year back in 06). The Smoking Gun reported it as him "getting stingy," but hey, seventy-grand is seventy-grand. Randy Johnson's wife Lisa Johnson was formerly a photo shop manager before she got hitched with the Big U. Back in the late 90's it was reported that Lisa and Randy were building a "house for tall people," where all the doorways were 8 feet tall and all the countertops were at his waist rather than his knees. You've got to remember that's not a big deal for Lisa since she's 6'0" too. Hobbits like myself would scurry between the cabinets and survive on their scraps.

07/02/15 (Updated)

Edgar Martinez's wife Holli Martinez

Edgar Martinez's wife Holli Martinez is a giving member to her community along with Edgar. The couple started the Martinez Foundation in 2009, and they do a lot of good stuff with it. One such example is what they did in 2010 by giving 15 masters in teaching fellowships to deserving people of color. I think the idea was that they're sponsored by the Martinez Foundation because they want to see more people of color in the teaching profession. The whole idea of the Foundation itself is to bolster education in America.

Holli graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 1991. She was studying music at SPU and had planned to move on to a conservatory. She was quoted as saying "when I met Edgar, my life changed completely." The pair met on a blind date that a mutual friend set up, and Holli didn't want to do it because she knows how baseball players are (and all pro athletes for that matter). She explained how she grilled him while they were on their date-- attempting to find some downsides. Well Holli, the downside is that you don't get to see the guy for a lot of the time, but you get to go to a ton of Mariners games! Edgar Martinez's wife Holli Martinez actually sang the national anthem one night at the Mariners stadium in front of the home crowd.

The couple was married in 1992, and Holli describes the life of a married baseball wife like being in the military. She was quoted by Seattle Pacific University's website saying, "I'm a single married person because the team is on the road so much of the year. I had to learn to cope the hard way." Ouch! The couple eventually had three kids, and Holli started off by homeschooling their first one, Alex. Her hobbies include horseback riding, canning her own fruit and working out.