Seattle Mariners Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Robinson Cano's Ex-Girlfriend Jackelin Castro

It's time for another episode of Baby Mama Drama, folks. Robinson Cano's ex-girlfriend and baby mama Jackelin Castro is having some differences of opinion about what their son needs every month. There really is a massive difference between what she is receiving and what she is asking for.

According to Robinson Cano's ex-girlfriend and baby mama Jackelin Castro, Cano is only sending her sporadic payments of $600 per month to take care of their son in the Dominican Republic. Maybe in the Dominican Republic nutritious meals costs like 40 cents? Not according to Jackelin and her lawyer, who are now allegedly seeking a whopping $25,000 per month. That is some intense kid costs right there. Jackelin has also taken issue with Robinson's foundation, the RC24 Foundation. The main purpose for its existence is to help poor kids, but she says he's barely doing enough to help his own son. You can see where the incongruities start popping up, if she's to be believed. Long ago I learned to stop trying to decode such cases, as both parties end up exaggerating things. Only the courts can really get to the bottom of things. Still, it does sound like Robinson may have shorted her a bit, based on her account of his lawyer that visited her home and tried to have her sign a contract for $600 for the next ten years.

Robinson Cano's baby mama Jackelin Castro was also served with a confidentiality agreement about the proposed deal from Cano and his lawyers. The deal said that Jackelin would have to pay Robinson $47,000 if she said anything about the agreement to anyone. See, that right there is pretty fishy. Cano's official statement was, "I have gone above and beyond to care for my child, including an agreed upon monthly stipend, a house, a car, insurance, school and other essentials for the baby and his mother as well as many other things including toys and clothing. This is a private matter and I will not fight it in the media, nor will I say anything disparaging about the mother of my child or comment any further. I look forward to an amicable resolution that will allow me time with my son." That's some solid PR control right there. I feel like I'm watching House of Cards after that one.


Hisashi Iwakuma's Wife Madoka Iwakuma

Hisashi Iwakuma's wife Madoka Iwakuma has created a children's book with Hisashi in order to give it as a present at a Ronald McDonald House of Charity in Sendai, Japan (also known as an RMH in Japan). An RMH is a place where very sick children go to try and recover from their illnesses. So Hisashi and Madoka get major kudos for helping out the sick kids. This wasn't even their first time, as they're widely known to help at orphanages and provide help to children with disabilities. Man, there's no better way to score humanitarian points than helping out kids. Now I won't be able to say anything bad about these two.

Hisashi and his cute wife Madoka have got two little tots of their own, Towa and Uta. They've rarely been photographed in public but were visible during a parade through Manhattan. The parade apparently was for a bunch of all-stars and led up to the all-star game. Madoka herself is the daughter of Koju Hirohashi, who is some guy who used to coach a professional baseball team in Japan called the Seibu Lions. Baseball's a big deal in Japan, just like here and some of those little islands in the Caribbean where people can't wait to leave.

Madoka is probably counting her lucky stars that Hisashi has avoided the nonsense of social media. No tweets and instagram for him. That's not to say he isn't using some Japanese social media apps that I'm unaware of. I always feel like Japan has the upper hand on the States as far as technology goes-- as if whatever they're using there will be shipped over here in a few years. Luckily, their best baseball talent is shipped over, and Seattle sort of has a history of getting the best Japanese players now. A nod to Ichiro.


Fernando Rodney's Wife Helen Rodney

Fernando Rodney's wife Helen Rodney can hit his changeup. She's been hitting it in life ever since she married a professional baseball player. I sometimes think the women married to baseball players have it the roughest because of their punishing schedules, frequency of trading, and relatively low mean salary. Fernando and Helen have four kids ages 2 to 13. That right there will keep the lady busy for much of the day.

Little is known about Fernando's wife Helen other than she is from the Dominican Republic and she has a curvy bod. She used to work at The Chamber of Deputies in the Dominican Republic, which I think is their actual governmental headquarters. So maybe she was takin' some notes for a Dominican representative or something. Anyway, now all she's got to worry about is what kind of mansion she wants to live in. Fernando's scheduled to finish up a 2-year fifteen million dollar contract in 2015, and he'll probably keep right on going after that.

The man's got himself over 200 lifetime saves and was an all-star for the second time in his career this year. He's already got 62 strikeouts and may finish with more than he's ever had in any season. He throws a serious fastball (somewhere upwards of 96) but everybody talks about his palmball changeup that hovers in the low 80's. I imagine it's an absolutely awful combo to try and hit, and this is one of the reasons he's been able to provide for his lovely wife Helen. Helen, meanwhile, is walking posing for pictures in some pretty legit MTV Cribs pads. The few photographs I've seen of her feature a column in the background. The last time I saw a column in someone's home, I was in a restored castle on a tourist tour through Spain.