Toronto Blue Jays Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Daniel Norris' sister Melanie Norris

We don't usually talk about ​players' sisters​ here at Player Wives​, but Daniel Norris' sister Melanie Norris seems like a pretty cool lady, and she's a talented painter. We need to be clear, because people seem to get these posts confused. Melanie Norris is NOT Daniel Norris' wife, and not Daniel Norris' girlfriend.

Anyways, I was checking out some of her work on her website, and she's definitely a serious and ambitious painter. I like her work. Its pretty apparent that Daniel Norris is very proud of her too.

Daniel Norris' sister Melanie ​Norris ​got married on September 06 of 2014​, so technically she's now Melanie Norris Delaney​. She says of her new husband, "he is love." Perfect hippie quote right there. That's sort of the vibe I get from Daniel as well​-- a well-intentioned hippie who likes to go on adventures in his free time​. They both grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee, and Melanie now calls Asheville, North Carolina home. Of all the places in the area to live, Asheville is one of the nicest. I've been to a number of towns in North Carolina, and I really dug it there. She says of her work: 'I pare down environment and objects from my compositions, leaving a bare being. I use watercolor at times because it naturally reflects the understated transience of our bodies. By nature, it is fragile and easily lost. With that, however, comes great freedom.'​ Those are definitely the words of a young artist, but someone who's really interested in digging in to their craft.

Daniel Norris' sister Melanie Norris recently got to give something called a Tedx Talk, which I think is like the junior-league of actual Ted Talks, but I'm not sure that's how it's technically described. Anyway, Melanie's certainly into talking about herself and her craft. I'm not sure I'd want to sit through a ten-minute speech from someone in her 20's that didn't yet have a huge career or history in art yet, but I guess there's plenty of patient people in Asheville who want to listen to Melanie talk about painting and doing what you like. At one point she talks about an old guy named Bill who she "fell completely in love with" after spending three hours with him. She talks about how she "painted him obsessively" and wanted to paint him in every which way. Anyhow, I wonder what Bill thought of this woman. She's certainly not your average ball player's sister.


Edwin Encarnacion's Girlfriend Jennifer Pena

The royal baseball bloodlines must proceed in purity! Edwin Encarnacion's girlfriend Jennifer Pena is the daughter of Tony Pena, the catcher who seemingly played a billion years in the MLB. I remember when Tony was on the Red Sox. I had his baseball card. He was okay, but he'd already passed his prime, having been a five-time all-star prior to getting dealt to the Sox.

Let's keep it about the lovebirds though-- Jennifer's actually a former beauty queen of some sort. There's one picture of her out there with a crown being huddled by a bunch of other beauty pageant chicks like some kind of oracle of pageantry or something. She's a hottie, sure, but she's not to be confused with the other Jennifer Pena, who is a big Mexican pop singer and has no relation to Tony Pena. The Jennifer Pena that Edwin dates, however, is engaged to him as of this year. So that's cool.

Edwin's had a pretty cool ride to being the slugger that he's become. Now hitting .281 with 26 homers at the break, he's been with Toronto since 2009 and had to be relegated to the minors for having lost his mojo at one time a few years back. He went on a tear and was quickly called back, and ever since then his value has continued to climb. He's gotten advice from Robinson Cano about power-hitting, and he's been a premier power-hitter for the past three seasons. He even spanked 42 back in 2012, although he was snubbed for an all-star appearance that year.

One of the weirdest things that happened to Eddy-boy was a fireworks accident in which him and his brother were lighting up some bottle rockets, and one of them flew straight into Encarnacion's face, burning him and causing him to miss a week of action. The doctors told him to stay out of the sun so that he could recover. They were probably drunk or something. If that happened to Jennifer, she'd probably get beauty pageant insurance money, and her army of pageant minions would come after Edwin's brother.


Josh Johnson's wife Heidi Johnson

In what will sadly be known as the second greatest fire sale in team history (first being after the 1997 title), the Miami Marlins moved basically every big name except Giancarlo Stanton to Toronto for prospects. One of the players was Josh Johnson, who is coming off a somewhat disappointing season but none the less is a hard throwing 2 time All Star who lead the majors in ERA in 2010.

Although his stint in Toronto has gotten off to a rocky start, we're confident that Josh Johnson's wife Heidi Johnson believes he will turn it around (Blue Jay fans sure hope he does). Johnson has ties to Canada as his parents actually were both raised in Canada and Josh himself was born close by in Minneapolis.

Heidi Johnson on the other hand might not be as used to the cold weather having grown up in Covina, CA (nearby Anaheim). This however turned out well in 2010 when Josh appeared in the All Star Game in Anaheim as Heidi and her family were able to see him pitch in person.

Josh and Heidi first met while on separate but coinciding trips to Vegas. The couple must have really enjoyed their time there as they vacationed the same weekend in Vegas for several years after. They know how two sons, Cash (age 5) and Cruz (age 2). Finally, as we all know the 2012 Marlins season was a failure, but one redeeming aspect was the show The Franchise which aired on Showtime. Heidi shined in her big stage debut which included a fishing trip to catch (what else) marlins.