Houston Astros Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jeff Bagwell's girlfriend Rachel Brown

You may have heard about Jeff Bagwell's girlfriend Rachel Brown getting publicly groped up by the Astros great. The video was pretty funny: she was doing a weird swimming pantomime while pushing the heads of the two guys she was with (Bagwell included). Bagwell then firmly grabbed her left breast and gave it a big squeeze. These kinds of things make for funny internet fodder, but the real story behind Rachel's past doesn't really involve Jeff at all. They get very interesting when you learn about her ex-husband, the mysterious hand surgeon, Michael Brown.

You can't really talk about Jeff Bagwell's girlfriend Rachel Brown without mentioning her ex husband. Michael Brown was at one time the leader of a hand surgery empire, which he started in 1988 and grew into a number of clinics across the country. It's almost completely gone now, and Brown himself is dead after committing suicide following one of many violent and strange outbursts. He hung himself a day before he was supposed to go to federal prison for choking a flight attendant on a flight. The guy was married four times, and Rachel was his fourth wife, but the wife before Rachel filed a lawsuit alleging that he beat her with a bedpost while she was seven months pregnant. Yikes! Clearly, Jeff Bagwell is a huge step up for Rachel if she was married to that guy. There's also self-taped videos of him holding a pistol up to his dome and talking about trying to escape "the hell his wife put him through."

But let's not dwell on Rachel's totally bananas ex-husband. She first went to Cabo San Lucas with Bagwell while she was married to the crazy hand doctor back in 2010. In fact, both Bagwell and Brown were separated but still married to their respective spouses. I also learned that Rachel got a voice message from an accidental call from her then-husband in which he can be heard talking to some other woman he was with. She missed the call because she was napping. The stories never stop with Rachel. Rachel also scratched the words "fuck you" into the crazy doctor's Lamborghini hood, but seriously, enough about that. Rachel and Jeff are clearly having a great time together, going to Astros games and getting their grope on.

08/04/15 (Updated)

Dallas Keuchel's girlfriend Mackenzie Valk

Dallas Keuchel's girlfriend Mackenzie Valk works for a business called Golden Sport Collectibles that specializes in 24 karat gold baseballs that are usually signed by well-known baseball players. Gold Sport is an Official Rawlings licensee, which is privately owned, and Valk is a Sales Manager for the brand.

Mackenzie herself released a short video promoting one of the baseballs signed by Christian Yelich. Dallas Keuchel's girlfriend appears to be as sweet as can be and says something to the effect of "If you like gold baseballs follow Golden Sport Collectibles, and if you like blondes who like baseball, follow me." In this day of social media marketing, I guess you've gotta' put a little pep into your Twitter spots.

So, here's where this post gets interesting.
One of the most interesting things she posted was a picture of long panels of what appears to be strips of leather that have been painted gold. In the original version of this post, we asked a few questions about how this all works. Luckily for us in 2015, we can get those questions answered directly from the source. Mackenzie Valk was way cool in filling us in on how the gold baseballs work.

We utilize a unique nanotechnology which allows 24kt gold to be broken down into tiny nanoparticles and ingrained into leather. Unlike gold plating or gold foil, our treatment does not alter the natural texture of the leather. Our gold hides are then shipped down to the Rawlings factory in Costa Rica where they are hand stitched into Official Major League baseballs.

And in response to our questions about what if you need the gold back one day? How do you get it off of your goofy collectible baseball so that you can barter for food? Well, Mackenzie was quick to fill us in.

The gold may be reclaimed from the leather by visiting a refinery, no need use the "goofy collectible baseball to barter for food."

Mackenzie Valk lives and works in New York City, but understandably spends a lot of time in Houston. Our initial post questioned if it's not a drag for some women to have to go to the games when their boyfriend is a pitcher and doesn't play most of the time. Like, I get that she's a fan, but that's a massive time commitment if you're hitting up most of the home games. Valk wrapped up her email by letting us know,

Starting pitchers typically pitch every 5 games. For the record, it is not a "drag" to watch games Dallas isn't pitching. The Astros are having an amazing season and we hope to keep that momentum going into the playoffs. Although #60 is always my #1, I also fully support and cheer on the rest of the team.

Thanks for the details, Mackenzie. Color us new Keuchel fans because of you.


Jeff Luhnow's wife Gina Luhnow

Jeff Luhnow's wife Gina Luhnow is a big fan of Jose Altuve and the 'Stros in general, based on her Twitter feed. I think about 90-95% of everything you'll find there is her talking about the team and the players, and it often revolves around Jeff in some way. It's interesting to see how often a general manager can be talked about as it relates to the team. I guess the guys behind the scenes really do matter.

The couple was married in January of 2012, and Gina was formerly Gina Hagopian living in Los Angeles at the time (where she was born). It was a hectic time, as she stated in an interview, after Jeff got the job for Houston because it was right around the time of their wedding, and while Jeff Luhnow's wife Gina Luhnow started planning for their wedding, Jeff began living in a hotel in Houston and working as the GM. It still annoys me that American weddings take so long to plan, but I guess in America every princess has to have her princess day.

Gina described growing up in a family where her dad worked extremely hard as a businessman, and she says, "the harder Jeff works, the more inclined I am to do everything possible to keep his personal life happy and calm."​ ​She'll have to juggle keeping two people happy and calm now, because Gina and Jeff just had a baby boy in September of last year. His name's Henry Luhnow. She still attends many of the home games with baby Henry though, and she's taken a lot of pictures with him sitting next to his dad during the games. She calls them "the braintrust." During the summer, Jeff's kids from his previous marriage spend time with Gina and Jeff and occasionally go on road trips with Jeff and the team. Gina says if she's not at a game, she's watching it on television. That's a pretty huge commitment for a sport that takes like 4 hours per game.