Cleveland Indians Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Carlos Carrasco's Wife Karelis Carrasco

Carlos Carrasco's wife Karelis Carrasco lives with him in the charming beachfront city of Clearwater, Florida. This is the location where Carlos once returned to while Karelis gave birth to their baby daughter Camila, who is now around three years old. It was one of those "sorry, coach, but I need to get gone for a day or two" occasions since the Cubs were in the middle of spring training. Apparently the doctor at the hospital induced labor but they still had to wait an entire day for the baby to be born. Ouch.

Though Carlos Carrasco's wife is technically named Karelis, she generally goes by Karry to keep things informal and sounding less like a pop starlet. According to Carlos, Karry is a nervous nelly, arriving late to games because she gets too anxious watching him. I don't really get that; I mean, he's not a boxer. Being a pitcher is a pressure-packed job, but if you don't have a good game there's always the next one. Anyway, she tries to attend as many games as she can, and she does so with Camila by her side.

I sort of wonder Karry reacts to Carlos after he gets suspended for hitting batters with pitches. He's done it twice in his career, and both times came directly after giving up home runs. The latest time was two years ago when Carlos got suspended for 8 games for hitting Kevin Youkilis after giving up a homer to Melky Cabrera. I think he got sent down to the minors at that point, but does Karry ever ask him, "Hey so was that intentional or is the league just giving you a hard time?" Based on everything I've seen from player wives, it's unlikely Carlos Carrasco's wife Karelis Carrasco even has such a conversation. In pro sports relationships, the name of the game is full and steady support.


Yan Gomes' Wife Jenna Gomes

Yan Gomes' wife Jenna Gomes is a compassionate and pious young woman. The couple has a baby girl named Brooklyn whom was born in early 2014. Jenna Gomes is a graduate of Tennessee (thus explaining her commitment to Vols athletics) and she frequently tweets about how they're doing in various sports. She's also showed off the MLB season pass on her iPad that she uses to keep up with all of Yan's games. She's well-versed in what's happening in the MLB at all times. Based on the frequency of tweets about her husband's team and goings-on, I doubt she misses any games at all.

One fairly grim thing Yan Gomes' wife Jenna Gomes shared on her social media was a link to a religious article about a physician-assisted suicide and how it was "wrong." Of course, this is the kind of thing that annoys those who are secular and make decisions without the help from the Bible. Jenna was apparently concerned about Brittany Maynard's decision to take her life. Maynard was a young lady with a fatal brain-tumor that was causing unendurable pain and suffering for her, and so she went through with the suicide. This caused a bit of a stir and led some zealots to decry the decision. One is forced to question the compassion of essentially telling someone with a brain tumor to suck it up.

Jenna Gomes visits more baseball stadiums than most wives, but this may slow down because of their new baby girl. The pregnancy certainly didn't stop her from climbing a mountain-- an act that got her a lot of attention from fellow mountain climbers who were quick to give her all sorts of assistance and food. Outside of traveling with Yan to baseball games, the couple also travel to different cities for fun when he's not playing. Jenna has said the best thing about traveling to the southwest is drive-through Mexican food. Well, everyone's allowed to have an opinion.


Michael Brantley's Wife Melissa Brantley

Michael Brantley's wife Melissa Brantley had an understanding head coach help Michael to see his baby delivered in 2013. That was Terry Francona, and since Francona is known for excusing his players for this reason (since he himself missed the birth of one of his kids) it was no problemo.

The couple has since had a baby girl named Mariah and then another son named Michael (in February of 2015). The couple also have a son named Giovanni, who is Michael's stepson. Michael Brantley's wife Melissa Brantley is a full time mom in Ohio, but that doesn't mean she won't attend certain games. Brantley was an all-star reserve in 2014, and not only was Melissa and kids in attendance, but so was the rest of their family. That included Michael's parents, his sister, and Melissa's parents and siblings. It's kind of a big deal to a spouse and family when a guy gets selected for the all-star game in any capacity, you know? Melissa understands this too.

The couple will go to Arashi Steak House in Westlake, Ohio when they go out for dinner. It's a hibachi type joint. Michael Brantley's wife will make him Michael breakfast in the morning, and they'll eat and enjoy the morning together. Michael has mentioned that he usually takes a power nap in the afternoon and then ventures off to the ballpark to work on baseball skills in the offseason. It's a wonderful life now that Melissa is kicking it into overdrive taking care of so many little kids. She's pretty glad to have a husband who is a self-described family man because it means he's home as often as he can be. In the offseason he's always around to help out and raise the kids with her. There's some low-level speculation that they might start calling their new son "Mickey" instead of "Michael," but it's yet to be determined.