Melvin Upton’s wife Stefanie Upton

BJ Upton's girlfriend Stefanie Bernett

Melvin Upton’s wife Stefanie Upton married him on December 5, 2015. Boy, the internet is mean when it comes to Mr. Upton. Lots of people like to talk all manner of trash about the fellow. I am not going to talk at all about his career performance as a baseball player. Instead, I’ll focus on everything we know about Stefanie. I will also casually mention that Melvin used to go by the name B.J., and…

John Smoltz’s wife Kathryn Smoltz

John Smoltz’s wife Kathryn Smoltz is the second he’s taken, and he’s the second husband she’s taken. The two got to both enjoy his first and last induction into the hall of fame in February of this year. Kathryn was present and probably felt pretty cool watching her new husband become a hall-of-famer. I guess 3084 strikeouts, 213 wins, and 150 saves will do that for you. Smoltz and Kathryn have six kids (four from…

John Rocker’s Girlfriend Julie McGee

John Rocker's girlfriend Julie McGee - Facebook

John Rocker’s girlfriend Julie McGee is a spray-tan business owner and future Survivor contestant. That’s a lot of living right there. First of all, owning a spray-tan business is sort of like the Sopranos equivalent of “going straight.” You’re not committing any crimes, but your level of greasiness and low-brow practices continues unabated. Spraying on a tan is sort of baffling to me because it’s very easily spotted and rarely improves one’s looks. Let me…

Tom Glavine’s Wife Christine Glavine

Tom Glavine's wife Christine Glavine - Twitter

Tom Glavine’s wife Christine Glavine is bummed that he never pursued his professional hockey career. Allow me to explain: Tom was actually drafted by the Los Angeles Kings back in 1984. If you don’t believe me, check here. If you go on Christine’s Twitter site, you’ll notice that she’s an absolutely rabid Bruins fan. In particular, she’s an obsessive Patrice Bergeron fan. So basically all this baseball stuff is fine, but I’m thinking Christine would…

Greg Maddux’s Wife Kathy Maddux

Greg Maddux's wife Kathy Maddux - Twitter

Greg Maddux’s wife Kathy Maddux may have turned the tide for his hall of fame logo selection. The legendary pitcher will go without a logo on his cap for his plaque when he’s inducted into the Hall. In his explanation, he states that Kathy and himself “grew up in baseball in Chicago,” which at first I thought meant that his wife was from Chicago, but it turns out his wife is from Fabulous Las Vegas….

Craig Kimbrel’s wife Ashley Kimbrel

Craig Kimbrel's wife Ashley Kimbrel - Twitter

Craig Kimbrel’s wife Ashley Kimbrel seems fun. Besides being a smokeshow baseball loving, charitable Southern Belle, Ashley can also toughen up and hang with the guys. The 2012-2013 offseason was an eventful one for the couple. After marrying on December 1, 2012, the couple took a relaxing honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. After returning home, the Kimbrel’s embarked on a charity speaking engagement for Dr. Tommy John himself, Dr. James Andrews. During that weekend away,…

Freddie Freeman’s girlfriend Chelsea Goff

Freddie Freeman's girlfriend Chelsea Goff - Facebook

UPDATE 02/01/2014:Freddie Freeman’s girlfriend? Nope, Chelsea Goff now gets the distinct title of Freddie Freeman’s fiance. On Sunday, January 19, Freeman took to Twitter to announce the news and included a picture of a sunset boat shot with Freeman down on one knee. Goff is standing clearly shocked, looking like 90% of women when that moment happens. No word on when the wedding may take place. With the baseball season a couple weeks away, it’s…

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