Chicago Cubs Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Kris Bryant's Girlfriend Jessica Delp

Kris Bryant's girlfriend Jessica Delp is from Las Vegas just like him. What this almost always means is that they attended the same high school and have been together ever since, and that is also the case with them. I immediately think to myself "how in God's name can a professional athlete be satisfied with just one woman from the time he's in high school for seven years until he's in his mid twenties?" but I, of course, must be a lesser man than the incomparable Kris Bryant. For though he be just a man, he's got the skills to pays the bills.

Now then, we're mostly talking your standard well-balanced relationship complete with young-person activities like going to the zoo, going on hikes in Arizona, and going to Disneyland. Jessica seems like a cool girlfriend. The two live in Arizona and are fans of both the Suns and the Coyotes. I'm not entirely sure how the living arrangements will change or have changed due to Bryant being a Cubs player now, but as far as I can tell they're both still living in Arizona. I'm curious what Kris Bryant's girlfriend reaction was to Kris' strong words about being sent to the minors after spring training. News flash: no matter how good you think you are, it's common practice to test players in the minors before they step up, big boy, especially when the Cubs can delay your free agency another year. No but he's a really talented player, and he's a nice guy to fans, so I'll go a little easier on him.

Jessica celebrated her birthday on March 4th at a driving range with Kris and some of their friends. They frequently all get together and do the couples jaunts. One of the best things about staying relatively planted in the same area (though Phoenix is not Las Vegas) is that you can kind of keep your circle of friends together, and that's exactly what Kris and Jessica seem to be doing.


Ernie Banks wife Liz Elzey Banks

Chicago Cubs hall of fame Ernie Banks has passed away. Banks wife Liz Elzey, their adopted daughter and Banks' three adult children survive him.

Mr. Cub was married three times previously before marrying his current wife in 2007. In 2008, at the age of 77, Ernie and Liz Banks adopted a baby girl born in California where the couple had a home. Banks proposed to his first wife in 1951 while serving for the United States in the Korean War. He married Mollye Ector in 1953. While the couple split in 1955, brief attempts at reconciliation failed and the couple parted ways.

In 1959, Banks met, and eloped with Eloyce Johnson, with whom he had twin sons and a daughter before the couple divorced in 1981. In 1993, Ernie Banks married Marjorie Banks, who he later divorced immediately prior to his current marriage to Liz Elzey Banks in 1997. Marjorie Banks played a pivotal role in the Marge Schott scandal, serving as part of a group who met with Major League Baseball executives in light of the racial slurs from the Cincinnati Reds owner.

The cause of Banks death is unknown, after passing away at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. A man who lived his whole life in Cubs pinstripes was never fortunate to see them win a World Series title. A young club on the brink of a run of success, Banks was at the forefront of veterans excited to see a title come to the Windy City.

Ernie Banks was 83 years old.


Joe Maddon's Wife Jaye Maddon

It's all but totally confirmed that Joe Maddon will be the Cubs' new manager, and Joe Maddon's wife Jaye Maddon is knows exactly how to transport her dogs to Chicago. The couple had a house in California where their three dogs lived, but they decided last year to move them to Florida where Joe was coaching the Rays. Jaye could not stomach moving her Great Dane and English Bulldog via plane since the Great Dane suffers from bloat and putting dogs in a cargo hold is generally pretty horrible. So their solution was to buy a recreational vehicle-- a home on wheels.

Now it looks like Joe and wife Jaye will put that badboy to use once again. Jaye and Joe met in California, and they've actually already got three separate homes in Pennsylvania, Tampa, and California. That will likely change now, but the California home is certainly not going anywhere since Jaye spends most of her time there teaching law at the University of Phoenix. The couple met back in 1995 when they were both married to other people, and it was only in 2008 when they finally tied the knot. Jaye was working as an accountant at an athletic club that Joe used to go when he was the Angels coach, and he used to leave her tickets to the games since she was and remains a huge baseball fan. Must be pretty cool to have a wife who actually digs baseball when you're a baseball manager. Too bad she's an Angels fan and not a Cubs fan. The two teams don't really even play each other.

The couple also both like fast cars, according to the Tampa Tribue. They apparently have quite a lot in common, and their living arrangement seems to be working out for them quite well (they apparently don't seem a whole lot of each other since Jaye prefers to stay in California. Jaye's best friend says of the couple: "I would say they are perfectly matched."