Chicago Cubs Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jason Hammel's wife Elissa Hammel

Jason Hammel's wife Elissa Hammel joined as a guest commentator on the MLB Network to talk about making pork chops for Jason. Yeah, I guess they were running low on stuff to talk about, but she was there to give the recipe. Center cut pork loins, marinated in wine and spices 2-4 hours in the fridge minimum, and then you take them out and put them in a plastic bag with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese with a bunch of spices. She didn't even say what spices they were, though. I feel like they missed the point of the whole segment and didn't get specific enough.

Elissa first started dating Jason when they were both living in Florida. He'd been playing for the Rays, and this pork chop dish was one of the first ones she made for him. Jason Hammel's wife Elissa Hammel now has a son with him, and she's apparently become something of a chef now that she's taken up the cooking duties of the family. She said in the interview that Jason always asks for these magical pork chops every single time she asks him what he'd like to eat for dinner. Elissa went on to talk about how silent Jason was back in 2012 when he was on the verge of being voted in as a write-in all-star. Elissa had been pushing for the votes but he was keeping it cool.

Their son Beckett was born some time around 2012, and before they had their kid, they had their dog, a 40-pound boxer named Sadie who was with them, as Jason reports on his blog, "through the excitement of the World Series with our first team Tampa Bay, a 3 year run with Colorado and a whirlwind year in Baltimore that took us to the Playoffs."​ Incidentally, Jason is one of the only MLB players I've come across that has his own blog. I tell you, pitchers have way too much free time. It's a very un-pro athlete thing to do, but it does give fans a little insight into his life. ​ Elissa Hammel was also present at the Fidos For Freedom non-profit event in Washington DC where they were raising money to help train and provide service dogs for people with special needs. Every time I see one of those dogs, they seem like super dogs to me. Just recently Elissa and Jason had their second child recently and are living happily in Chicago.


Dexter Fowler's wife Aliya Fowler

Big fan of this couple right here. They take great pictures together of themselves hugging dressed-up donkeys, they write great tweets about marriage equality, and they always look good doing it. Dexter Fowler's wife Aliya Fowler is a Persian mother of their young and very cute daughter Nayalman. Aliya has said "I pray I never have to show these two how much they mean to me. I would lay my life...My world revolves around their happiness and I couldn't be happier." That's a good message. It may not exactly be something to share for everyone on the internet, but it's nice nonetheless.

So I referenced a quote about equality earlier, and it had to do with Dexter Fowler's wife Aliya Fowler. Dexter said a few days ago: "In 1967, interracial marriages were legalized. If that had not happened, my wife and I would not be able to in union. Love should ​always win​."​ That's a pretty cool statement for an athlete to make. You gotta' love when athletes have smart opinions about things that matter in society. So points for that one. I'm sure Aliya was digging that message as well. As far as her response to the Supreme Court's decision about gay marriage, she said: "My heart is happy. It's the acceptance of things we don't understand that gives me hope for the future." I happen to think we do understand them and that was sort of the point, but we know what she means.

Of course, Aliya Fowler can talk about less serious stuff too. She says of prepared meals: "Trying this whole meal prep thing. How boring! Being skinny is boring; I want a Shake Shack burger." I totally agree with this sentiment, and I also would like a Shake Shack Burger. Prepared meals don't have to be completely boring though, as many ultra-obsessive athlete's wives can attest to. Aliya isn't really on that sculpting-the-body-like-it's-metal vibe though, and I can dig that too. The player wives with Michelangelo abs sort of intimidate me and confuse me. Aliya is keeping everything balanced in her life. She even goes on road trips with the baby to see some of Dexter's away games.


Anthony Rizzo's girlfriend Chelsea Smith

Finding out who Anthony Rizzo was dating involved the all-important team & wives fashion show. These things are gold mines for figuring out who's dating who, and that's what we do. Anthony Rizzo's girlfriend Chelsea Smith is a young, bubbly family-oriented girl. That's what I get from her on first glance, but let's try to delve a little deeper here. And in a moment of candor, we'll admit off the bat that it does appear we're operating on older information here, and that Mr. Rizzo & Ms. Smith have called things off.

From what I can tell, Anthony Rizzo's girlfriend Chelsea Smith is a recently graduated student who really just spends a lot of time with a few close friends and mostly family. She recently took her first trip with a good friend of hers to Atlanta and posted the photo online, which is indicative of a kind of inexperience with travel. It's also telling when she tags the photo with "shaky knees." Anyway, there's not much else to dig out of her photos since they're all just her smiling, saying little in the description, and always being with either family or a close childhood friend. So there's not much being found out on that front, and Anthony has posted not one picture of her online. However...

Still, Anthony Rizzo's girlfriend Chelsea Smith did get the shoulder-tap for the a fashion show held by David DeJesus and his wife Kim DeJesus. That was a pretty clear sign from Mr. Rizzo that he's taking the relationship to the next level, as only true girlfriends and wives usually take part in fashion shows. It would seem like a pretty significant step for the paid, except it does appear the two have since split as we mentioned above. That sort of makes me wonder what it's like when the longtime girlfriends or wives learn of a breakup among player girlfriends. Like, "Hey, I haven't seen so-and-so in awhile, where is she?" The player has no choice but to say they've moved on, and then that player wife/girlfriend has to just pour some beer or something? I guess they can always just stay friends.