Dexter Fowler’s wife Darya Aliya Fowler

Dexter Fowler's wife Aliya Fowler

Dexter Fowler’s wife Darya Aliya Fowler is the mother of their daughter, Naya. These are two cool people, from what I can see. They also appear to try very hard at parenting. However, their daughter gets a bad rap from Darya. In September, she shared, “Today, I genuinely disliked my child. She hit me, yelled at me, told me to ‘go away,’ and wouldn’t stop whining. Dropped her off to school and looked forward to it….

Anthony Rizzo’s girlfriend Chelsea Smith


Finding out who Anthony Rizzo was dating involved the all-important team & wives fashion show. These things are gold mines for figuring out who’s dating who, and that’s what we do. Anthony Rizzo’s girlfriend is a young, family-oriented girl. While I get that on first glance, let’s delve deeper. And in a moment of candor, we’ll admit off the bat that it does appear we’re operating on older information here, and that Mr. Rizzo &…

Aroldis Chapman’s Girlfriend Cristina Barnea

Aroldis Chapmans Girlfriend Tina Barnea

Aroldis Chapman’s Girlfriend Cristina Barnea once called 911 on him. On October 30, 2015, police were called to Chapman’s home for a domestic disturbance call. Christina and Aroldis were engaged in a heated argument that took an alleged violent turn. The argument started when Cristina asked Aroldis about another woman’s photo on his phone. The argument allegedly turned into shoving and choking and ended with Aroldis firing his gun into a pile of trash in his garage. In all, Chapman fired his gun eight times. The entire…

Jason Heyward’s Girlfriend Grace Heller


Jason Heyward’s girlfriend Grace Heller just met him recently. In early May, it looked like she was dating him. I still had doubts because there was no social media confirmation. That all changed in late May when she posted a picture of her sidled up to Mr. Heyward. I had my doubts because I thought it was just a “fan picture,” but if all my fans looked like her, I’d go after each and every one…

Kris Bryant’s Girlfriend Jessica Delp

Kris Bryant's girlfriend Jessica Delp - Twitter

Kris Bryant’s girlfriend Jessica Delp is on the verge of becoming Kris Bryant’s wife. But, after 8 years of dating, the Las Vegas natives closed out 2015 by making it official. Only took me 8 years, but I can’t wait to marry my best friend! Perfect way to end an unforgettable year!💍 — Kris Bryant (@KrisBryant_23) December 30, 2015 An engagement is exciting, but there are time it conjures up some difficult emotions. Family,…

David Ross’ Wife Hyla Ross


David Ross’ Wife Hyla Ross is a pediatric ICU nurse. This just so happens to be the perfect profession for a major event in their lives recently. In March of 2014, David Ross’ son Cole Ross was rushed to the emergency room. The boy couldn’t breathe and his mouth was turning blue. Ross saw his wife, again a pediatric ICU nurse, remain calm during the ordeal. This gave him the strength to also remain calm, as he tells it:…

Jake Arrieta’s wife Brittany Arrieta


Jake Arrieta’s wife Brittany Arrieta knew this was coming. After middling seasons in Baltimore, Jake Arrieta has transformed himself into the ace of his Cubs squad. Which says a lot, considering Jon Lester is also on the team. Jake also beat out Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw for NL Cy Young. In an article with the Baltimore Sun, Jake Arrieta’s wife Brittany Arrieta explained Jake by saying “You can’t explain him. He is his own breed of person.”…

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