Joe Maddon’s Wife Jaye Sousoures Maddon

Joe Maddon's wife Jaye Maddon - Twitter

Joe Maddon’s wife Jaye Sousoures Maddon feels very strongly about the wellbeing of their dogs. The couple had a house in California where their three dogs lived. When Joe was coaching the Rays, the couple decided to move to Florida. Jaye could not stomach the thought of moving her Great Dane (Athena) via plane. The Great Dane suffers from bloat and putting dogs in a cargo hold is generally pretty horrible. So their solution was to…

Theo Epstein’s wife Marie Whitney


Theo Epstein’s wife Marie Whitney celebrated with her husband after the Cubs finished off the Dodgers on the way to the World Series. Theo Epstein and Marie Whitney, along with the entire city of Chicago, have a lot to celebrate. You see, the Cubs have been in something of a World Series drought. After winning back-to-back World Series championships in 1907 and 1908, the Cubs haven’t won one since. They made it to the World Series eight times since then, most…

Javier Baez’s Girlfriend Irmarie Marquez


Javier Baez’s girlfriend Irmarie Marquez is a die-hard fan of her husband’s team. Since she grew up with a Christian upbringing, she often cites God as the team’s protector. “With God on our side” is a phrase she uses in conjunction with her hopes for the Cubs winning. Irmarie, you realize this isn’t the Holy Crusades, right? Prior to the playoffs starting, Javier brought Irmarie to Wrigley for Family Day. Is Irmarie Marquez on the verge…

Jon Lester’s Wife Farrah Johnson Lester


I’ll be honest, we’re going to miss Jon Lester’s Wife Farrah Johnson Lester (formerly Farrah Stone Johnson). Jon Lester and wife Farrah Lester became regulars in the Boston landscape, frequently involved in charitable endeavors, and hosting their own events for Jon’s NVRQT Foundation. Though, with the Lester clan being dealt to Oakland, we’ll miss the entire family as much as the playoff bulldog ace of the staff.  Sox fans held out hope for Jon Lester’s return…

Ben Zobrist’s wife Julianna Zobrist

Ben Zobrist’s wife Julianna Zobrist sings and writes music in her spare time. That’s a difficult thing to do when you have three kids. Ben wrote her a post on his social media telling her how proud of her he is. It annoys me when people fail to use proper grammar in these posts. If I want to tell you what he said, I have to fix his grammar! Basically, he told her she follows…

Dexter Fowler’s wife Darya Aliya Fowler

Dexter Fowler's wife Aliya Fowler

Dexter Fowler’s wife Darya Aliya Fowler is the mother of their daughter, Naya. These are two cool people, from what I can see. They also appear to try very hard at parenting. However, their daughter gets a bad rap from Darya. In September, she shared, “Today, I genuinely disliked my child. She hit me, yelled at me, told me to ‘go away,’ and wouldn’t stop whining. Dropped her off to school and looked forward to it….

Anthony Rizzo’s girlfriend Chelsea Smith


Finding out who Anthony Rizzo was dating involved the all-important team & wives fashion show. These things are gold mines for figuring out who’s dating who, and that’s what we do. Anthony Rizzo’s girlfriend is a young, family-oriented girl. While I get that on first glance, let’s delve deeper. And in a moment of candor, we’ll admit off the bat that it does appear we’re operating on older information here, and that Mr. Rizzo &…

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