Texas Rangers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

03/19/15 (Updated)

Yu Darvish's wife Saeko Darvish (soon to be ex-wife)

For those not familiar with the name above you soon will be. Yu Darvish is the next great Japanese pitcher (stop me if you've heard that before) who could be coming to America next season. Currently it is considered 50-50 that he posts or basically sold to the highest bidder. But enough about Yu, as this post is really aout Yu Darvish's wife, or soon to be ex-wife Saeko. For those not familiar with Saeko she is a movie and media darling in Japan. There are a lot of rumors as to how the two meet but it does appear everyone agrees we have ourself a case of a shotgun wedding here. After dating Saeko got pregnant and the couple married quickly on 11/11,/2007 which was picked because that is Yu's number. Their first child arrive just four months later, born March 25, 2008. Saeko is considered by many to be the hottest wife in Japan, and it has recently come out the couple are in the process of getting a divorce.

What we know about the divorce and how it may hurt Yu's transition to MLB:
Now the PG version of why they are getting divorced is that the couple spent too much time apart. However it has been widely reported that Yu is a big fan of the red light district and may have been sought the company of other women while Saeko was pregnant with the couple's second child. Why is this divorce a big deal? Besides the couple being one of the most famous couples in Japan it could have a huge impact on when and if Yu posts for MLB. The divorce would involve splitting assets and money. If Yu signs with a MLB team before the divorce is finalized the money split would be based off that number, which will be a lot higher than his current contract in Japan. Some say that with the divorce looming, and unlikely to be completed during this Hot Stove season, Yu might wait until next year when the divorce is done so he doesn't give up as much money.

11/29/13 (Updated)

Mike Maddux' Wife Lise Maddux

11-15-201: After being a big part of the World Series runner-up Texas Rangers, Mike Maddux is being offered some high-profile manager positions all around the league. Despite the attention, Maddux is being pretty selective and doesn't seem all that interested. For instance, before even being interviewed, Maddux removed his name from consideration for the Boston Red Sox vacant manager position. You might think that he did this because the Red Sox are a mess - but you'd be wrong. He took his name out of the running based on what he calls a "family decision". Mike Maddux' wife Lise Maddux and their two daughters are, in his words, "together in the same state for the first time in three years and words cannot describe my happiness". Mike feels that the distance between the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and Boston is just too much. Chicago, though, is apparently close enough - as he has interviewed with the Cubs and is considered a finalist at this point.

Mike Maddux and his wife, Lise Maddux, have two daughters attending college near Dallas-Ft. Worth. Makayla Maddux attends at Texas Christian while her sister Lexie Maddux attends Southern Methodist.

Lise Maddux grew up near Portland, Oregon, attending Laurelwood Academy and Portland State University. Mike Maddux was born in Ohio and attended college in Texas - no word on when and where the two met. Lise is the secretary for the Mike Maddux Foundation, based out of Las Vegas, NV. Maddux founded the Maddux Foundation in October 2000 to help under-privileged children receive dental and vision care. “The Maddux Foundation works to support the underserved youth of Southern Nevada,” Maddux said. “We recognize and are committed to Southern Nevada’s most valuable resource, our children.”


Jon Daniels wife Robyn Daniels

General Manager of the Texas Rangers, Jon Daniels married his longtime girlfriend Robyn in November of 2003. Together, Jon and Robyn have two children; son Lincoln, and daughter, Harper Jane. They are expecting their third child any day now, scheduled to be born during the World Series. Amy K. Nelson reported that if the birth takes place during the World Series, Daniels will hop on a Rangers owner's private jet to return home for the birth.

Jon Daniels was at one point rumored to be in the running for the next Mets GM, which would have brought him home to his native New York City. However, Daniels made it clear that he and his wife were happy in Texas, and had no interest in pursuing other positions. The family resides in Southlake, TX.

Did you know, that Jon Daniels was youngest General Manager in the history of Major League Baseball at 28 years and 41 days?