Elvis Andrus’ Girlfriend Cori Febles


Elvis Andrus’ girlfriend Cori Febles is an extremely hot chef. She cleans up so well that she looks like a professional cover girl. Back in mid May of 2016, the couple attended a Rangers event that had something to do with charity. She looked really good in her dress. Likewise, she still looks good in professional kitchen gear. She attends a culinary school called Cordon Bleu, and she cooks all kinds of delights for Elvis….

Martin Perez’s Wife Viclena Perez


Martin Perez’s wife Viclena Perez is a native Venezuelan who hails from Guanare. Back in January, Martin and Viclena traveled to the small village of Las Matas to inaugurate a baseball park. Martin gave a bunch of money to help with the project, and in his speech explained how he grew up a few blocks from the site. While that happened, Viclena looked happy to be there in the photograph. She wore a Texas Rangers t-shirt…

Rougned Odor’s Girlfriend Liusca Criollo


Rougned Odor’s girlfriend Liusca Criollo is a Venezuelan beauty whom he calls “skinny girl.” They travel to Venezuela often, and in addition they both have family there. This is fairly common for pro baseball players from Latin America. Rougnad’s father owns a horse farm, and he likes to show off the horses in his social media. While he goes shooting, she probably stays home. I would say Rougned appears to have an unhealthy obsession with firearms. About…

Sam Dyson’s Girlfriend Alexis Elizabeth


You know what they say: never trust a person with two first names. I’m totally joking, of course. Sam Dyson’s girlfriend Alexis Elizabeth looks like a true sweetheart. They travel everywhere together, and Alexis’ brother lives in Hawaii. She made a joke that it’s always nice to have locals show you around. Recently, Alexis graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelor of science in criminal justice. I’m not sure what she will do with that…

Leonys Martin’s wife Yaimira Martin

Leonys Martin's wife Yaimira Martin - Instagram

It looks like Leonys Martin’s wife Yaimira Martin just gave birth to their second child, which makes their daughter Kristen a big sister now. Yaimira herself pretty much uses her Instagram account exclusively to post pictures of her daughter Kristen, whom she is very proud of and sort of fixated on. She’ll occasionally throw in a video of herself working out doing lunges and squats and stuff. As for activities, it’s the usual going to…

Shawn Tolleson’s wife Lynley Tolleson

Shawn Tolleson's wife Lynley Tolleson - Twitter

Shawn Tolleson’s wife Lynley Tolleson went on some wild expedition with him to none other than Zambia in the fall of 2012. In case your geography is rusty, Zambia is a country in the southern part of the continent of Africa, south of the Democratic Republic of Congo and north of Zimbabwe. If you still don’t know where that is, well, that’s fine. Anyway, it’s not where most major league baseball couples go after the…

Joey Gallo’s girlfriend Shelbi Alyssa

Joey Gallo's girlfriend Shelbi Alyssa

Joey Gallo’s girlfriend Shelbi Alyssa is an official dancer for the Charger Girls, though she’s dating a professional baseball player. I guess that’s a good thing for Joey since it means she’s open to dating pro athletes (who isn’t) and thus would be open to dating one of the San Diego Chargers. So in my mind, Joey Gallo could go to a dinner party and make the claim that he stole his girlfriend from a San Diego Charger. I…

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