Andrew McCutchen’s wife Maria McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen's girlfriend Maria Hanslovan

Congratulations are in order for Andrew McCutchen’s wife Maria McCutchen. The couple was married on November 22, which aligns nicely with Andrew’s jersey number (which is 22). With McCutchen safe to avoid the drama of hot stove season, the couple is safe to jet out on what’s sure to be a luxury honeymoon. If there’s any question as to whether Andrew McCutchen’s wife would take the McCutchen name – it’s already official on her Twitter account –…

Jeff Locke’s girlfriend Celine MacClean

Jeff Locke's girlfriend Celine MacClean - Facebook

Jeff Locke’s girlfriend Celine MacClean has one of those really memorable, rhyming, cool names that may even exceed her actual level of coolness. Rather than being a cool customer, though, she’s a very nice lady and she keeps up with all of her friends. She made a lot of buddies with the Pirates wives and girlfriends, and I saw a picture of her hanging with all of them outside the team shop at PNC Park….

Travis Snider’s wife Isabel Snider

Travis Snider's wife Isabel B. Snider- Instagram

Travis Snider’s wife Isabel Snider is a lovely Latina who enjoys tropical weather and beachy views as much as the next player wife and maybe more. She’s originally from Mexico, and she hails specifically from Cabo San Lucas, making her a Choyera. Based on a Twitter photograph on her profile, I believe the couple was married on Baja California and possibly in her home town. Baja California is a pretty nice place, from what I…

Charlie Morton’s wife Cindy Morton

Charlie Morton's wife Cindy Morton - mlb

Charlie Morton’s wife Cindy Morton just gave birth to their second child this year. The birth put Cindy mostly out of action for a good six-weeks, limiting her movement. Their older son, Cam, is now around two years of age. The birth coincided with some surgeries that Charlie himself had to go through to help out his pitching mechanics. Charlie’s known Cindy for a long time, and they’ve been together since at least 2009. Charlie…

Sean Rodriguez’ wife Giselle Rodriguez

Sean Rodriguez's wife Giselle Rodriguez- Instagram

Sean Rodriguez’ wife Giselle Rodriguez had her fourth child with him last year. The kid is named Zekiel, and I’m curious if they’re going to keep the kid train right on moving. Raising four kids when their dad is so often traveling is a huge task, but the couple at least has the means for help. That’s fortunate for them now that they are in Pittsburgh, but what will they do when Sean inevitably gets…

Francisco Cervelli’s girlfriend Migbelis Castellanos

Francisco Cervelli's girlfriend Migbelis Castellanos - Instagram

Ah, to be a Venezuelan baseball star. Francisco Cervelli’s girlfriend Migbelis Castellanos picks up where his ex-girlfriend, Patricia De Leon, leaves off. As you may or may not know, Patrica De Leon was a beauty queen from Panama. Well, Migbelis is Miss Venezuela 2013. So not only is she way younger than Patricia, but she’s from Francisco’s home country. Score! I wonder how Patricia felt when she learned he was dating her. If I was…

Francisco Cervelli’s girlfriend Patricia De Leon

Francisco Cervelli's ex girlfriend Patricia De Leon - Instagram

Francisco Cervelli’s girlfriend Patricia De Leon is actually his ex-girlfriend. Patricia, a well-known actress and television host from the Central American country of Panama (known for Panama Canal fame), and the Pirates backstop broke up a couple years ago. Panama is a pretty dangerous country to visit right now, but I’m sure they’d treat Patricia De Leon like absolute royalty there, as she was crowned Miss Panama 1995 and then went on to start an…

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