Pittsburgh Pirates Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Starling Marte's Wife Noelia Marte

Starling Marte's wife Noelia Marte gave birth to a healthy young son in September of 2013, so ever since then she's been as busy as you could expect a young mother to be with a little tyke. Noelia is from the Dominican Republic just like Starling, and in the same year that Noelia gave birth to their son, they traveled to a special award ceremony in Santo Domingo to receive a custom-made plaque from the mayor of the city. It's a pretty charmed life if you have got the skillset that Mr. Marte possesses.

Starling Marte's wife Noelia Marte still lives in the Dominican Republic at least part of the time, from my understanding, and the two met through one of Starling's cousins. According to a Pittsburgh paper, Noelia and Starling's son is named Starling Jr., and he also spends most of his time in the Dominican. Noelia has a degree in general accounting that she attained in Santo Domingo, and she's a religious lady just like her husband. Incidentally, the story of her husband's recruitment is a fairly standard scout's tale.

According to a scout named Rene Gayo of the Pirates organization, he was passed on at the age of 18 as a short-stop because he had some timing issues. Gayo said he wasn't very good at it, but they tried him out in left-field, and they saw what a cannon he has for an arm. They also saw a good hitter with incredible base-running speed. That was enough for Gayo to offer Starling's manager 75 grand and give him a shot at being a professional in America. It's been a great change for Starling Marte's wife Noelia Marte too. They both grew up in extremely challenging poverty the likes of which very few Americans are exposed to. You can imagine what a step up it's been for their budding family.


Josh Harrison's Wife Brittney Harrison

Josh Harrison's wife Brittney Harrison just gave birth last year to their daughter Mia, and Josh posted some pictures of her birthday celebration in February, which seemed a tad elaborate for a 1 year-old, but hey maybe it'll get filed into her subconscious. Josh and Brittney also partake in the lovely trips to Cabo which have become pretty widespread among athletes. The percentage of baseball players choosing Cabo over other tropical destinations is pretty high recently, and I'm sure Cabo ain't complaining.

Both Josh and and Josh Harrison's wife Brittney Harrison are really religious, and they do a bunch of charity events as all good athletes should. One such event had Josh's name on it and was held as an auction and conversation with Josh at Morton's Steak House in Pittsburgh. The couple also put in time at the Pittsburgh food bank on occasion. That's pretty cool-- a professional ballplayer who goes to the food bank to help serve food to people down on their luck. The couple has also shipped off to Jamaica a few years back, but generally they just like to get out a lot and do as many charity and foundation events as possible. They have one of the highest attendance records for these type of things of any athlete on the Pirates, as far as I can tell.

Brittney tweeted a picture of her holding what looks like a baby cheetah, so you know they're still doing all the activity-based stuff that young couples do. I guess going to the zoo is something every couple should experience. Brittney was also lucky enough to get an All-Star red carpet dress made for her by Nicole Miller for some kind of official function associated with the game, and man did she look good in it. This is definitely a stylish couple. Josh's brother is a barber and gives him cuts sometimes too.


Tony Watson's Wife Cassie Watson

Tony Watson's wife Cassie Watson is part of the couple's leadership council. What's a leadership council, you might ask? Well, to get the bottom of that one, we have to travel to Pittsburgh and go straight into the Pirates' locker room, where only the most esteemed members of the team are chosen for the job.

According to triblive.com, this leadership council is voted on by the players. It's a small group of players, and each one represents a part of the team. So for instance, there's a guy representing relief pitchers, a guy representing starting pitchers, a guy representing regular players. The first council did not include Watson, but he's since been upgraded to councilman. They get together from time to time and talk about how to make the team better. You know, it sounds an awful lot like a coaching staff. Do the Pittsburgh Pirates not have coaches and a manager? Last I checked, they did. The whole thing sounds completely redundant and unnecessary, but I guess the players in Pittsburgh are bored and want to make seniority amongst themselves official. By the way, there is no leadership council between Tony and Cassie, in case you couldn't guess by now.

Tony's been throwing some absolute smoke this year. He's an all-star for the first time, and his record is now at 5-1 with an extremely impressive 1.42 ERA. He throws some nice heat- generally upwards of 95 and 96 mph, and he's got great placement. It was a longtime struggle for Tony to make his way into the Majors. He was drafted in 2007 but had to drudge through years of playing inconsistent ball in the minors. His first good year came in 2012. Man, if you love baseball, you stick around and play it no matter what. He played 41 innings for the Pirates in 2011 after four years in the minors, then he got sent down to AAA for 34 more innings, and then finally he was planted on the Pirates relief roster for good.