Boston Red Sox Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Brock Holt's wife Lakyn Holt

Brock Holt's wife Lakyn Holt married him on November 9th of 2013. I would watch the wedding video, but I'm not actually sure one exists online (though with the perfect couples they tend to always surface). Now I know no couple is perfect, but these guys seem to have things pretty squared away.

I particularly enjoy Brock Holt's wife's name: Lakyn Holt is a cool name. It sounds kind of unique but not in the made up way; more like in the George Costanza way when he comes up with interesting names out of thing air like "Seven." So Lakyn and Brock like to put up pictures of their adorable chocolate labrador Tank on their respective accounts, and I cannot get enough of this dog. You see, smart athletes and their wives put up meaningless drivel that people nonetheless still enjoy, and definitely keeps them out of trouble. Putting up pictures of your cute labrador is a perfect example. They also hang out with Brock's sister's kid a lot, and I think the idea is just to spoil him and maybe train up for when they have kids themselves. That's the day that Tank the dog gets moved to second fiddle position.

Lakyn's activities pretty much are just her doing whatever she wants: traveling around, hanging out with friends and Red Sox wives, watching games at Fenway, hanging out with Tank the dog. She puts videos of Tank snoring while she watches the game (the 19-inning one versus the Yankees). She also put up a video of Tank eating ice, and I admit I too enjoy watching dogs eat ice. In fact, both Lakyn and Brock's Instagram feeds are sort of like shows based on Tank's life. Another favorite taht Lakyn posted was when Thank the dog stole the remote control and ran outside. I think Tank gets a little spoiled, but who cares it makes for some fun videos.


Wade Miley's Wife Katy Miley

Wade Miley's wife Katy Miley is a self-described country girl, and I definitely get that sense from the few pictures available of her. Going to the rodeo and going four-wheeling in the woods are very fun and very country. I've done both of these things, and it's not so much simply engaging in these activities that makes you country so much as the frequency with which you engage in them. I'd say a solid two off-roadings per month and one rodeo every two months makes you certified "country."

Wade Miley's wife Katy Miley was also in attendance with Wade last year in March to help support money for the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation. Simply attending this event is a good thing, in my eyes. Athletes and their wives doing what they can to help others less professionally-inclined to sports is what it's all about. Well, there'll be no more of that this year. This year's all about the Boston Red Sox. Boston is a radical shift for Katy moving from Arizona. There's probably not a more violent cultural and geographical shift possible for a player's wife than that one, though New York City from Arizona is also pretty different.

Katy has also gone hunting with Wade a bunch, as evidenced by their photograph in the woods on the four-wheeler. Apparently Wade got some kickback from the Diamondbacks organization about his preparation habits and eating habits in the past-- enough so to cause a bit of a rift between him and the training staff. Katy doesn't seem to have any problem with keeping her weight in check, Wade. Let's get on the ball now that you're on the Red Sox. It may be that Katy simply lives in Louisiana where she's from year-round or possibly travels to games when she feels like it. I can't blame her for foregoing the constant traveling if that's true.


Brandon Workman's Girlfriend Taylor Caswell

Brandon Workman's girlfriend Taylor Caswell just said yes to his proposal a few days ago on the beach in Florida. Taylor is a religious girl from the south, an occasional model, and coolest of all-- a discus thrower. How often do you meet a discus thrower as good looking as her? My guess is never, since I myself have never met a collegiate discus thrower of any kind [Editor's note: Dude, I threw disc in college. You know I'm good looking.]

I'm fairly certain Brandon Workman's girlfriend originally hails from Dallas, since she was very excited to hear about Rajon Rondo of the Celtics being traded to the Dallas Mavericks. Not only is Taylor a Baylor University discus thrower, but she participated in the Baylor homecoming parade as some kind of beauty queen. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Taylor of Baylor! She also has a habit of calling Mr. Workman "babe," which gets a little excruciating after awhile if you read her tweets to him. I mean, come on folks, if you're not an interested party hearing people call each other "babe" turns saccharine real fast. But Taylor is loving her life with the Sox pitcher and definitely cheers him on and announces when and where he'll be pitching. She's one of those ladies who really gets into what their boyfriend is doing on the field.

When Workman was playing his first season at Boston's Fenway Park, Taylor participated in the Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon. I guess all the rookie wives and girlfriends participated as well, because Taylor took pictures with them as they worked to raise money to help the Jimmy Fund, which is a cancer research and treatment foundation. She's a nice girl with good intentions, and she certainly gets into whatever Brandon is doing. Brandon Workman's girlfriend Taylor Caswell sees him as a gift from God, and now she's got the diamond ring from God.