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Garin Cecchini's girlfriend Katie Ivey



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Red Sox Nation is buzzing as top-prospect Garin Cecchini got the call to the big league club today. With Cecchini getting into the game after Dustin Pedroia was ejected in the third inning, you can only imagine the excitement for Garin Cecchini's girlfriend Katie Ivey.

Garin Cecchini and Katie Ivey both hail from Louisiana and have clearly been together for a couple years. Ivey recently graduated college, and is making the regular treks from home to the northeast to be with Garin. Not entirely clear if she's in Boston today to take in the debut, but if he sticks around, we imagine she'd be here soon as well. While not much else is known about Garin's girl, Katie does have a dog with the coolest name ever,... Sox.

Cecchini wasn't the only Sox prospect to make his debut today. Local kid Alex Hassan also joined the big league squad on what's expected to be a short assignment. Hassan and Cecchini are roommates in Pawtuckett, where it appears the two may be crossing paths for the next few months on the AAAA shuttle between the big club and the minors. Congratulations to both Cecchini and Hassan for finally getting their cup of coffee.


Xander Bogaerts' Girlfriend Janelly Martinez



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I really hope Xander Bogaerts girlfriend Janelly Martinez didn't follow him on Twitter.

The 21 year old Red Sox rookie is a sensation in Boston with legions of fans despite less than half a season with the big club. It should be no surprise that Xander has plenty of suitors when it comes to the ladies. Unfortunately while opportunity may be thrown at him regularly, Xander needed a little more discretion when it comes to his public Twitter account.

On April 16, Xander tweeted a picture of a woman who was not Janelly Martinez in a damn revealing outfit (OK, fine, it was a short shirt and a long, long disappeared thong). After the recent controversy with a similarly unintended tweet from US Air, Xander did what most people in a relationship would do: Sprinted to delete his Twitter account.

It's not the worst thing for Xander to do. Managing social media when you're probably inundated with pictures of a similar theme is likely challenging. It's very possible that Xander truly made a mistake in his public tweet and decided his infrequently used Twitter account just wasn't worth the headaches it caused.

Xander faced the issue head on, explaining to the Boston Globe why he acted so quickly,

Once I found out, I had to do the right thing and correct it. One thing’s for sure: I don’t want any distraction on the team or for me. No one’s perfect, you know? Be a man and just face the situation. Once I found out, I took it out.”

Not much is known about Janelly Martinez (and frankly, we had to search high and low to come down with a name). We know that she traveled to Aruba with him as he was welcomed home a hero and a World Series champion last November. She was also in Boston with the rest of his family when Xander received his World Series ring in April.

No doubt that Xander has learned a quick lesson about the dangers of social media. In the Globe article he hasn't ruled out a return saying:

Why not? It was a mistake. Everyone learns from their mistakes.

02/06/14 (Updated)

Curt Schilling's wife Shonda Schilling



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In the evolution of the professional athlete wife and girlfriend, Curt Schilling's wife Shonda Schilling has played a pivotal role in advancing their status.   From arm candy and simple groupies, Schilling helped evolve the WAG into independent women who wield their influence to help make a difference.

In 2001, Shonda was diagnosed with Stage 2 Malignant Melanoma.  After multiple surgeries and dozens of scars, Shonda survived, but realized she could help to promote the dangers of the disease.  After going on a media spree including national TV and print interview, Shonda invited Good Morning America into the OR during her final surgery.  Shortly after beating the disease, Shonda became a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology.

After overwhelming positive responses from others having survived, Shonda launched the Shade Foundation of America.  Children's Skin Care Education & Prevention.  Shonda has traveled the country promoting skin care protection, and efforts to prevent sun related diseases.  As part of her awareness, Shonda has run in every Boston Marathon since 2005, promoting the Shade Foundation.

In addition to Shade, Shonda Schilling has helped to raise awareness for the ALS Foundation, as well as Aspergers Syndrome.  One of Curt and Shonda's sons, Grants, has this condition, causing Shonda to dive into the effort.  The Schillings were married in 1992 and have four children, Grant, Gehrig, Gabriella, and Garrison.  While Schilling joined the Red Sox late in his career, the family is happy in the greater Boston area, residing there today.

Shonda's experience with battling cancer, as well as her dedication to helping others is sure to come in handy.  Through an ESPN statement on February 5, 2014, Schilling announced he has been diagnosed with an unspecified form of cancer.  Ever the warrior on the field, the Schilling family will no doubt give the disease one hell of a fight.  While saying thoughts and prayers is often overused, given everything the Schillings have already been through and everything they've already given back, our thoughts and prayers are with them.