Chris Sale’s wife Brianne Aron Sale


Chris Sale’s wife Brianne Aron Sale has done some modeling work, with a pretty extensive portfolio of print work. According to her Model Mayhem profile page, she is a 5’3″, 111lb model who is looking for more paid work. She aspires to be a massage therapist and hates conceited liars. I doubt that this still applies, now that Sale is a big time pitcher. Chris Sale is an unlikely, albeit qualified, name emerging as a candidate in…

Dustin Pedroia’s Wife Kelli Pedroia


Dustin Pedroia’s wife Kelli Pedroia is an institution in Boston, almost as much as her husband. The former Kelli Hatley is one of the more visible Red Sox wives. She battled melanoma when she was only 18. Kelli returned home from a week-long Spring Break trip with a melanoma diagnosis. During this trip, she had been in the sun almost non-stop. Though she had a killer tan, she also had a literally killer skin condition. Kelli is now a spokeswoman for the…

Clay Buchholz’s Wife Lindsay Clubine Buchholz


Clay Buchholz’s wife Lindsay Buchholz met him at a Donald Trump event. In fact, Trump personally introduced them. In case you were wondering if they support Trump, they do! Well, you don’t need common sense to be a baseball player, am I right? Clay and Lindsay have two girls and a boy on the way. After marrying in 2009, Lindsay gave birth to the first, Colbie, in August of 2010. Now, it’s all smooth sailing for…

David Price’s girlfriend Tiffany Nicole Smith


David Price’s girlfriend Tiffany Nicole Smith loves to get on social media and talk. She is the mother of two boys. She classifies herself as “big city smart and small-town friendly” in her Twitter profile. Before I checked in on her social media activities, I prepared myself to attempt to like her internet persona. She is annoying, though. She complains about everything under the sun. Scan through her social media feed and count how many…

David Ortiz’ Wife Tiffany Ortiz


David Ortiz’ wife Tiffany Ortiz first met her future husband in Wisconsin, where she lived at the time. At the time, David played for the Seattle Mariners minor league system. The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers were located in, surprise, Wisconsin. Interestingly, the Mariners listed him as “David Arias” (something he later changed). This fact is important and ultimately probably doesn’t sit well with Boston fans. You see, Tiffany convinced Ortiz to be a Packers fan. Ortiz went on to play for…

Steven Wright’s Wife Shannon Wright

Steven Wright's Wife Shannon Wright - Instagram

Steven Wright’s wife Shannon Wright just gave birth to their second baby, James. He’s already decked out in Red Sox gear. His older sister is named Ella. She’s just getting into dolls now. So I’d peg her at about three years old. Poor Shannon made a joke about how un-pretty she felt rocking the blue paper gown during a checkup at Mass General in May. They took good care of her there and she now appears…

Blake Swihart’s Girlfriend Shelby Lucero

Blake Swihart's Girlfriend Shelby Lucero -Instagram

Time for a sunshine girl! Blake Swihart’s girlfriend Shelby Lucero is one of those beautiful women who is seemingly downing super-powered happiness pills all day long. So it only makes sense that Blake and Shelby are very close friends with Mookie Betts and his girlfriend. These two Red Sox couples are the last word in maintaining shockingly annoying levels of happiness at all times. You’ll never find a picture of Shelby where she’s not smiling….

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