David Ortiz’ Wife Tiffany Ortiz


David Ortiz’ wife Tiffany Ortiz first met her future husband in Wisconsin, where she lived at the time. At the time, David played for the Seattle Mariners minor league system. The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers were located in, surprise, Wisconsin. Interestingly, the Mariners listed him as “David Arias” (something he later changed). This fact is important and ultimately probably doesn’t sit well with Boston fans. You see, Tiffany convinced Ortiz to be a Packers fan. Ortiz went on to play for…

Steven Wright’s Wife Shannon Wright

Steven Wright's Wife Shannon Wright - Instagram

Steven Wright’s wife Shannon Wright just gave birth to their second baby, James. He’s already decked out in Red Sox gear. His older sister is named Ella. She’s just getting into dolls now. So I’d peg her at about three years old. Poor Shannon made a joke about how un-pretty she felt rocking the blue paper gown during a checkup at Mass General in May. They took good care of her there and she now appears…

Blake Swihart’s Girlfriend Shelby Lucero

Blake Swihart's Girlfriend Shelby Lucero -Instagram

Time for a sunshine girl! Blake Swihart’s girlfriend Shelby Lucero is one of those beautiful women who is seemingly downing super-powered happiness pills all day long. So it only makes sense that Blake and Shelby are very close friends with Mookie Betts and his girlfriend. These two Red Sox couples are the last word in maintaining shockingly annoying levels of happiness at all times. You’ll never find a picture of Shelby where she’s not smiling….

Mookie Betts’ Girlfriend Brianna Hammonds

Mookie Betts girlfriend Brianna Hammonds - Instagram

Mookie Betts’ girlfriend Brianna Hammonds has been engaged to the young, smiley fellow for years. Right off the bat I want to say that when I think of people who seem to have the happiness meter on lock, I think of this couple. You know those rare individuals who are always smiling and always full of sunshine? That’s Mookie and his lady. I know this probably isn’t completely true, but take a gander at this guy’s social…

Is John Farrell’s Girlfriend Jess Moran?

John Farrell's girlfriend Jess Moran - Twitter

John Farrell’s girlfriend Jess Moran isn’t actually confirmed yet as his actual girlfriend, but rumors are swirling around and circling the alleged couple. Jess resigned from working at Comcast SportsNet on March 4 because, as she said, it was in her “best personal and professional interest to do so.” While it looks very much like she’s involved in a relationship with Mr. Farrell, we cannot promise that is the reason she has resigned. It does look extremely…

Torey Lovullo’s wife Kristen Lovullo

Torey Lovullo's wife Kristen Lovullo

Torey Lovullo’s wife Kristen Lovullo was a former employee of a minor league triple A baseball club called the Buffalo Bisons. Torey was on the team for a number of years and that’s how the two met. I’m not sure in what capacity Kristen served the organization, but this was back in the 90’s when Torey was basically a coach in waiting. Occasionally players will meet a woman working for their organization in the offices…

Dave Dombrowski’s wife Karie​ Dombrowski

Dave Dombrowski's wife Karie​ Dombrowski

Dave Dombrowski’s wife Karie​ Dombrowski graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1982 with a bachelor’s in journalism, and she quickly hopped on the real news reporting bus. She went from being a news anchor in Oklahoma City to becoming a sports reporter and face on television in Columbus, Ohio. That’s how she got hired for ESPN and became the very first anchor hired by them. It didn’t long before a sexual harassment suit was…

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