Oakland Athletics Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Stephen Vogt's wife Alyssa Vogt

If you're a fan of Stephen Vogt, you can thank Stephen Vogt's wife Alyssa Vogt for him staying in the league. The guy wanted to throw in the towel and she said ho ho hooooo, now waita' second pal, you just hold ya' horses. She told him he should give it another year and see how he feels after that season's done because she wouldn't want to live with a guy moping around thinking "what if." Stephen is a really funny guy, in my opinion. I watched a video of him pretending to be an NBA referee and was thoroughly entertained by his confident improvising. He's sort of like a improv guy at the UCB Theater or something.

So naturally Stephen Vogt's wife Alyssa is a cool lady. She describes herself as a stay-at-home mom, Christian, and wife to a professional baseball player. She says she's "always wanting to have fun." Alyssa takes a fairly proactive approach to supporting her husband and baseball in general. She retweets all kinds of community events for kids, and she basically will post anything about any A's athlete that she herself knows. So she's like an online cheerleader for the entire A's organization, and who wouldn't want to be that? The Oakland A's are cool.

I'm sure Alyssa was happy when Stephen was called up by the A's last year. Alyssa was living in an apartment with him in Sacramento at the time. Alyssa had just gotten a job as the head basketball coach at Tumwater High School in Washington. So basically she moved to Washington, Stephen headed to Oakland, and everybody just basically said hey let's make it work. Of course, Stephen watches the games she coaches and says he "tries not to yell at the refs." I actually think Stephen has some kind of regular schtick he does with ESPN broadcasters where he dresses up as a fat man with a headband and acts goofy. I've seen him talking to broadcasters in a fat suit. He should just wear that suit to Washington and watch the games. It really is cool that Alyssa has this coaching career going, and she takes it plenty serious. She even posts pictures of the team and says how proud she is.

04/01/15 (Updated)

Sonny Gray's Girlfriend Jessica

Sonny Gray's girlfriend Jessica is a new mom as of January 27th of 2015. They had previously been spotted at the CMA's (Country Music Awards) with Jess looking fairly well along in the bun-baking process. They ended up naming their son Gunnar, and Sonny's sister Jessica posted a picture of the handsome young lad right after he was born. Isn't it weird how infants have to learn to actually use their eyes and visual cortex? Every time you see a picture of a newborn, they're essentially blind. Jessica's son will learn to focus on Oakland Athletics games soon enough.

Before they had Gunnar, Sonny Gray had a couple of dogs with his girlfriend (a bulldog and mutt) who would lounge and laze around with them, waking them up in the morning by jumping on their bed and licking them. If you find this information unnecessary or frivolous, then you are not appreciating the powers of professional athletes sharing on Twitter, my friends. Jessica and Sonny would also take Oakland infielder Eric Sogard's kid to the rodeo and tweet pictures of her back to Eric telling him how cool she is. Sonny and Jessica have also been known to frequent a WWE Smackdown match or two.

Jessica herself is transitioning into full-time mom mode after the birth, but I have a hunch that won't keep them at home for very long. This is an active couple, and they do enjoy a sporting and entertainment event as often as possible. They take trips all over the place, and they frequently go to Nashville Predators games. One of their best gags was dressing up as the cowboy toys from Toy Story 3 (and possibly Toy Story 1 and 2 though I forget those ones). Jessica always has a smile on her face and looks like she's enjoying life.


Brett Lawrie's Girlfriend Dana Long

Brett Lawrie's girlfriend Dana Long is a hot Canadian girl from Toronto who describes herself as a fitness enthusiast, foodie, and pianist. I really dig the pianist part of that-- it's not every day you get a pro athlete's girlfriend jamming out some Chopin. She's been to the gun range once or twice with Brett, and she complains on her Twitter that it seems odd that you can't ride a roller coaster if you're under three feet tall but you can fire a gun at a gun range. I suppose she's right. I get the sense that Dana is a sweet and sensitive girl who likes to stick up for people that are wronged. Why do I think this? It's sort of the theme of her tweets. She generally finds various downtrodden groups and tries to illuminate their plight. It gets a little depressing sometimes scanning through these types of tweets, but I like that she's looking out.

Brett Lawrie's girlfriend is a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres, and she even wished her happy birthday via tweets and has on numerous occasions shared stuff with Ellen in it. Dana's also deathly afraid of flying and even reads books about how to conquer her fear. She frequently goes to Cleveland Cavaliers games with Brett, though I'm not sure how or why since they're both presumably based in Toronto. Maybe they make road trips? This has puzzled me since I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to go from the awesome bustling metropolis of Toronto to....Cleveland. Sorry, Clevelanders-- I like one or two of your bars though. Brett has also taken Dana to Hawaii and vacations with her in Arizona during the winter offseason. It bares repeating how sweet of a deal it is for her to travel to Arizona during the winter.