Oakland Athletics Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Coco Crisp's wife Maria Crisp



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Normally we'd write a post about Coco Crisp's wife Maria Crisp,... or maybe even Covelli Crisp's wife Maria Crisp (since apparently he's going by Covelli on Twitter). Unfortunately, there's just not a whole lot known about Maria Crisp. Coco complained to his 46,000 Twitter followers that she once talked him out of a private jet. We also know that the couple has three children together, sons Caden and Collin and a daughter Amalie, none of which Coco is particularly concerned about showing off on Twitter.

Beyond that, there's not a whole lot more. So instead of trying fruitlessly to find information, or telling you more about who Coco Crisp is (and you already know),... this time, I'd like to be selfish and direct my message to Coco himself.

Dear Coco:
I'd like to thank you for your blistering hot September. Please note I am a die hard Red Sox fan who desperately needs the A's to lose out so my hometown team has homefield throughout the ALCS. One other thing that I am, is a fantasy champion. I am a 6th place, under .500 fantasy team who had so many injuries in April and May that I gave up on the season. I snuck into the playoffs on one pinch hit late on a Sunday eliminating the 7th place team, and then with your help, and your newfound power, I beat the 3rd, 1st, and 2nd place team over 2 week playoff matchups over a 6 week period. Thank you, Coco, Covelli, Mr. Crisp, or anything you'd like to be called.
Thank you Coco. You've made one arrogant dick of a team manager very happy, and 9 others who bypassed you very annoyed.
A 3 time in 7 year league history fantasy champion


Eric Sogard's wife Kaycee Sogard



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Most of our posts on wives cover athletes who are easily known to the average sports fan. However, in the case of Eric Sogard's wife Kaycee Sogard, we were forced to write based on a Twitter bicker all brought upon by a squeeze bunt.

During the seventh inning of a game pitting divisional rivals Oakland A's and Texas Rangers on August 3, Eric Sogard dropped a squeeze bunt against pitcher Matt Garza. Garza was clearly enraged by the bunt screaming obscenities at Sogard during the play and after the inning. Kaycee Sogard took to Twitter, responding that she found the whole incident funny, saying "Eric is probably the last person to respond to getting called names."

Garza tried taking the high road after the game, telling reporters that he was only asking Sogard for a good place to eat in Oakland. However, Garza's professional, deflecting attitude shifted as soon as he got to his private, locked Twitter page, where he took off after Eric and Kaycee Sogard. A's beat writer Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle captured his Twitter tantrum to the right which included a shot at Eric for hiding behind Kaycee.

The Sogard's are trying to take the high road as they have more important things to worry about. The couple is pregnant with their first child and excitedly tweeted that they've just learned they'll be having a girl. Both Eric and Kaycee attended baseball crazed ASU, which has churned out a couple pretty good AL middle infielders already(Kinsler and Pedroia to name a few).


Bartolo Colon's wife Rosanna Colon



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I have a soft spot for the man with many soft spots (hey, I could drop another 30 pounds too, I'm allowed to make fat jokes).

Bartolo Colon is one of those guys that just defies all logic. The guy that was a perennial Cy Young contender during his days in Montreal and Cleveland all but ate his way out of baseball. Through a myriad of quick stops across the American League which were met with injury and inconsistencies, most people wrote Bartolo off as dead in the water. However, the big man has rebounded in Oakland and is putting up numbers that rival his best days (though Biogensis may have had something to do with this career resurgence). While most fans, and fantasy players wrote Colon off as dead, there was always one who didn't: Bartolo Colon's wife Rosanna Colon.

Truthfully, we admit to not knowing a ton about Rosanna Colon. We do know that the couple has three sons, Bartolo, Emilion & Wilder and live in either Baldwin, New York or Clifton, New Jersey. One might infer they landed there during his stint with the Yankees, but that much remains unclear. We may learn more about the private life and married life of He Who is Big & Fat (trademark Matthew Berry) once Biogenesis punishments come down, and when we do - you'll hear more about it here.